Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love v/s Lust

Love and Lust, the two facets of life.  Love the way it presents itself, is more divine and Lust the way it appears if more devilish.  But is that true?  For me I don't think so, because Love in certain form leads to Lust or say, Love in certain forms is called Lust. 

I guess you would be thinking as if I have gone crazy to write what I wrote above, but just evaluate it this way - Lust is more associated with Physiological needs and Physiological attractions than Psychological.  Love on the contrary is more of a Psychological need of human beings.  For instance when people say "Love at First Sight", they are more attracted towards the Physical Appearance of the person they think they are in love with.  Love in this case from my viewpoint is nothing but Lust, because what you loved is the Physical Body and not the Actual Personal or the Personnel Traits.

People say Lust is animalistic and incidentally they at the same time make a comment "Making Love" when they actually mean sexual involvement.  Now, isn't that a form of Love associated with the Physiological need?  Yeah what is attached to it is the Lust.  Making Love or Having Sex are just two different way to refer to the same act and there is no difference, unless there are facets of tenderness, care and passion involved in it.  Without these three, Making Love is nothing but satisfying one's Lust.

Love on the contrary is too broad and there is no limitation or boundary to the feeling of Love.  It can just transform from one kind to other but it never ends.  Love is simply a divine feeling that just increases for someone with good camaraderie and with whom you have a good "Chemistry".  The reason I used the word Chemistry is for the sole reason that when you find someone pleasing and someone really nice, your body reacts in a particular fashion to generate Hormones that increase your energy levels and that result in more positive attitude within yourself.  Love for that reason is divine as it increases the positive attitude than the negative and it keep you more healthy than not.

Lust and Love both have their own place in our lives, but we need to keep them where they belong.  It does happen at times that Lust takes over Love and we later think that we did something wrong. Socially or morally it could be considered wrong, but we need to understand that Lust is integral part of our life and our Physiological needs.

However, I am not suggesting that live for Lust :)) because Lust would not get you a Companion to lead your life, Love definitely would.  I say so because Love is also associated with Trust, Belief and Respect, which Lust might not even consider :)


  1. A good and quite accurate analyze sweets! As usual, you show great understanding and consideration in your world of thoughts, I enjoy the way your mind works :) Hope life is treating you good dearest!

  2. Thanks Elin, your words are really nice and encouraging....

    I would also try to translate few from Hindi to English for your read...some :)

    meanwhile, you may catch up some English Poems on I have had that created sometime back to give a dedicated space to my poems :)