Sunday, February 26, 2012

Relationship - Part I

Relations in human life are very important. Right from the childhood, the relations of mother, sister, father, brother, grandparents, cousins etc start impacting our life.  As we grow, we find ourselves surrounded with extended relations coming from the society and through our social circles. Some of these relations are with us from our birth and go through our life and others are chosen by us.  Some are imposed on us and others are by only and only our choice.  However, none of the Chosen relations are the ones that impact us through our life except for our better half (husband and wife).

The reason the relation between a husband and wife is the most important from the chosen set of relations, because they have to live their life together and also ensure that the good camaraderie that they carry helps nourish their kids with the values and culture and the societal norms.

When a girl accepts a guy as her husband, she actually is ready to trade her future for her past. She leaves her comfort zone, her parental home to be accepted in her new home. It is like venturing in an unknown territory and setting up a new house from scratch.  She leaves behind all her comfort at her parent's home and moves to her Husband's home to make it her new abode with her new family and another set of parents. 
(The reason I chose not to write in-laws is I hate the concept and I believe that Parents need to be referred as Parents only irrespective of whether they are girl's own or her husband's.)

The girl when moving from her Parents place where she was always treated like a Princess, certainly would start her journey of wedded life with apprehensions. Her husband has to ensure that she gets the same level of treatment as she was getting at her Parent's place.  Her husband's Parents need to treat the new member in their house as their own daughter.  The girl also needs to accept her new abode as her house for the rest of the life and should work towards adopting the values and culture of the new family she has joined. Certainly this does not mean that She forgets the values and culture that she was taught by her Parents.  

On the other hand, the guy has to be also treated like a Prince Charming by the girl, irrespective of his Pro's and Con's.  She might have been waiting for the Knight in Shining Armor, but she needs to now ensure that she treats her husband as one.  If her husband is treating her like a Princess, he also deserves to be treated like a Prince.  The girl should also treat her husband's Parents as she treated her own Parents.  And if she treats them with a little extra respect, the world would be hers.

Monday, February 13, 2012

No One Killed Jessica - Thoughts Ignited

Background to the Movie "No One Killed Jessica" -

Jessica Lal (1965–1999) was a model in New Delhi, who was working as a celebrity barmaid at a crowded socialite party when she was shot dead on 29 April 1999. Dozens of witnesses pointed to Siddharth Vashisht, a.k.a. Manu Sharma, the son of Venod Sharma, a wealthy and influential Congress-nominated Member of Parliament from Haryana, as the murderer.
In the ensuing trial, Manu Sharma and a number of others were acquitted on 21 February 2006.
Following intense media and public pressure, the prosecution appealed and the Delhi High Court conducted proceedings on a fast track with daily hearings conducted over 25 days. The trial court judgment was overturned, and Manu Sharma was found guilty of having murdered Lal. He was sentenced to life imprisonment on 20 December 2006.
**References taken from various sources before the post was written
No one Killed Jessica, a movie that carries a social message, but I guess most of us would not even have watched the movie and most out of those who have watched the movie would have either not understood the message or would have conveniently forgotten the message after coming out of the theater.

If I talk about myself, I was not interested in watching the movie itself, because the case of Jessica Lal Murder had given rise to many questions that include –
  1. Do you consider Justice Delayed as Justice Denied?
  2. Do you think that the Law Enforcement Agencies and the Judicial System in India is up for Sale? Associated question here is – Do you think Justice in India can be bought?
  3. Do we think that the Justice in India is dependent on how high or low profile case is? 
  4. Do you think If the case gets highlighted in media and gains momentum with the Masses, the Justice is actually delivered, otherwise the Powerful buy the Justice in their favor?
There are many such questions that came to my mind and I avoided watching the movie for quite some time.  But today when I was on the flight, my colleague and Boss suggested me to watch the movie. Incidentally or Interestingly, the set of questions that were already in my mind got emboldened after I watched the movie.

Another aspect that has been very subtly highlighted in the movie is the Role of Media. Very Specifically the movie highlights the Interest areas of today’s journalists.  Yeah, they are not interested in a news or a case, unless it is a Sensational news or a controversial topic.   Specifically when the NDTV Correspondent (as in the movie), Meera, makes a statement on the typical “Open & Shut” case of the Murder, but 6 years later realizes that there is a lot of chance to create some name and get some fame on the name of Getting Justice Delivered.

The third aspect to the movie and pretty interesting one, The Judicial System of India is based on the laws that were enacted by Britishers around 1860s and the system is still based on the same set of laws with least or may be a few amendments here and there.  And that clearly states that those who can manipulate the laws and twist them in their favor would get the justice delivered in their favor irrespective of who’s right or who’s wrong.

One Big Question that I have been seeking answer for and that I let you all decide if you would like to dwell in your thoughts to get the answer –

“Does India require to take on the Streets, organize Candle Light Vigils or conduct Fast Unto Death to get the Justice or to ensure that the Right Wins? Is it that to get the justice, we need to sensationalize our case and then get media support to organize the rest of events?"

I don’t know, but after watching the movie, I got the feel as if Media needs to be used as the Cushion / Comforter or may be an Event Management organization to get Justice Delivered!!!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Research Redefined

Not knowing the knowledge
is not the lack of knowledge
but knowing the known knowledge
is not the addition to the knowledge
so in search of the knowledge
it came to my little knowledge
that is to know the unknown is 

the core of knowing the knowledge

or the other way round -

knowing the known knowledge is not the gain of knowledge, but knowing the unknown knowledge is the discovery of knowledge

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dassault Rafale Deal with Indian Airforce

So Finally French Company Dassault succeeded to reach the final stage of negotiations with Indian Defense for the Rafale Fighter Jets.  And there we hear all the hue and cry from the various quarters. Reminds me of the time when this deal was in the initial stage and US companies Boeing and Lockheed Martin were ousted from the race for F-16s and the F-18s hornets.  Though the news that came to the Media is the selection of Rafale on the basis of Lowest Bid, it would be interesting to know the technicalities involved.    

My own research on Rafale v/s Eurofighter Typhoon v/s F16s and F18 hornets reveals that overall Rafael is quite a good deal for the Indian Airforce.  Interestingly in the one-to-one dogfight with the other mentioned fighter jets, Rafale had been proven the best of the lot. 

In another comparison with the identified fighter Jets by Dutch Royal Airforce, Rafale had received the score of 6.95, second only to the F35s which got 6.97. Certainly that is the close shave between F35s and Rafale.  So, when F35s were nowhere in the race, Rafale stands out to be the best when it comes to the maneuverability, flying capabilities and the other specifications as per the Indian Defense Organization.  

Certainly, one things needs to be agreed on and that would be around the Training of the Fighter Pilots and  the maintenance team for the purpose of ensuring that the Fighter Jets are engaged and maintained in the same fashion as the highest order in quality.

The one thing that I would like to remember ultimately - A fighter Jet is as good as the Fighter Pilot handling it!!