Monday, February 6, 2012

Research Redefined

Not knowing the knowledge
is not the lack of knowledge
but knowing the known knowledge
is not the addition to the knowledge
so in search of the knowledge
it came to my little knowledge
that is to know the unknown is 

the core of knowing the knowledge

or the other way round -

knowing the known knowledge is not the gain of knowledge, but knowing the unknown knowledge is the discovery of knowledge

1 comment:

  1. Some Conversation somewhere -

    Mishi: Brilliant Dude!! U finally got the CRUX of whats technically known as Exploratory Research!! ;)
    29 minutes ago

    Mayank Trivedi: Eh yeah that had to be the happening as it just happened to the have happened in the happening way it happened as you should know that I happened to have known you in a not so happening manner
    8 minutes ago ·

    Mishi: I guess then that means that whatever knowledge gain happened due to that not so happening meeting of ours was knowledge enough to give u an understanding of the happening that happened to give you that happening knowledge... :P
    4 minutes ago ·

    Mayank Trivedi: Mishi I would suggest to move this discussion to the Blog please because considering the consideration that you are trying to make me consider about the not so happening knowledge through the not so happening happening, I would consider to consider the considerate consideration that you want me to consider and make things considerable for the sake of knowing the knowledge from the not so happening happening of knowing you from the time of knowing the known knowledge at the place where they consider to sell the considerable knowledge!!
    2 seconds ago