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War Heroes and the Blind Government

Received another Comment from a Reader for my previous post "Sad State of Affairs for Family of Lance Nayak Albert Ekka". The Comment itself qualifies more as a Separate Post.  This post belongs to You my Dear Friend and Reader.  Thanks for helping me continue my work though the sentiments and thoughts are your.

Have been reading up the updates that you have been posting on the efforts of the Indian Army as well as those about the apathy of the Indian Government and this is just another in the series...

Indian Army should take pride in the fact that its not just the courage of the soldier here that counts but the courage of a mother who is willing to sacrifice her child for the country... For her the Nation holds more importance than herself or her family... 

When war strikes, it does not do so on land, air or water, but in the hearts of those mothers who have borne these soldiers and by not acknowledging their sacrifice for the country the Indian Government simply shows its apathy towards these brave mothers... और शायद हर मुल्क के हर वासी के लिए माता पूजनीय होती है???तो क्या यह माताएं कुछ अलग हैं??

This is just one case that reached the media... what about those who don't even have that option... Some are awarded gallantry awards with all pomp and show at the Republic day in full view of the Nation... what happens thereafter to those families - the wives, mothers, daughters, sisters?? What about those who go untraced??? No one is freaking bothered here... There are many soldiers who may not have died at the war but have died in abject poverty leaving a struggling family behind... 

Why is it that the Soldiers of the Armed forces and their families are given all kinds of special treatments and facilities; discounts; food, clothing, beverages, allowances; higher salaries; residential quarters, than the civilians for parallel positions, but the same soldiers and their families are forgotten as soon as they sacrifice their lives for the Nation?? Isn't it the duty of the same armed force to make sure that the families are not lost and forgotten??


शहादत हुई नसीब उन्हें एक अनजान दुश्मन को गिरा...
पर मौत तब आई जब जिन दोस्तों के लिए लड़े वो ही छोड़ चले...

They won the "War" against the unknown enemy... but lost another "War" to a known friend... The Indian Government!!

Sad State of Affairs for Family of Lance Nayak Albert Ekka

Soul of Lance Nayak Albert Ekka, who was awarded the highest war time gallantry award (posthumously) for ensuring that the Enemy bites the dust in 1971 war, must crying in pain today.  He has a cross road named after him in Ranchi for his war time heroics in 1971 war where he along with his company had exposed the enemy flanks by capturing bunker after bunker and silencing light and medium machine guns that might have inflicted casualties to his company.

However, naming the cross road doesn't help the family, they still need to feed themselves and the Indian Government is such that years after promising 5 Acre land to the family of Paramveer Albert Ekka, they are still fighting for the survival.  Read the Article as published in Hindustan, Ranchi - 

What can be more shameful that the government is not even inclined to help the family of the Soldier who sacrificed for the honor of the country.  What would be more shameful for the country to honor sportsmen and politicians when the Families of the defenders of the country lie in such shattered state.  All around the country, we fight for our rights and our requirements, but can't we rise to fight for the family who is suffering?  Would these news get published on some page of some newspaper in some remote corner of the country and that's it?  Would media rather than chasing the Masala news, like to highlight these sort of plights?

I read this news on Facebook and trust me, didn't even dare to read the comments, because the comments would have been written either cursing the government or sympathizing with the family, but would anyone raise up and shake the system, No.  Same goes with my blog, but I hope that some influential personality would read this and get the requisite help to the family.
This news raises a lot of questions, some of them have been raised above, but still What would be the outcome of this?  Would Family get its rights on the Land that was allotted to them?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Plight of Kashmiri Pandits - Possible Reasons

Working Further on the Plight of Kashmiri Pandits, I landed on the set of information that I had known for sometime but had avoided to write on my blogs.  But, I guess these pointers / information is vital why we have this serious Problem of Kashmiri Pandits being treated as Refugees by the State of J&K. That too when one of the Most Influential Family in Indian Politics CLAIMS to be descendent of Kashmiri Pandits.  Strange isn't it?

Well, this is where the whole case started flagging off a series of thoughts into a whirlwind to send the entire thought process for a spin.  Just mark these words "The So Called Kashmiri Pandit Family" doe not have any direct or indirect relation with Kashmiri Pandits. When I turned the pages of Indian History and specifically that family, I identified that the History of Family had been kept under wraps from most of us and the Family's Kashmir Connection is not older than "3 Generations".  You would understand the point if you look for the answers to following questions - 
  1. Who was the Father of Motilal Nehru? - The Simplest Answer you would get is "Ganga Dhar"
  2. What was the Occupation of Motilal Nehru's Father? - The City Kotwal of Delhi under Bahadur Shah Jafar - IIs reign
  3. Why Would a Mogul Emperor Appoint a Hindu at this ALL important position in a Moghul Empire?
  4. When the British troops entered Delhi and started Moghul Genocide, how many Moghuls & Muslims changed their names and wrapped up under Hindu Names?
  5. Why did Ganga Dhar Fled Delhi and moved to Agra which had a good Muslim Population there? Why didn't he move to Kashmir from were his ancestors might have traveled to Delhi?
So all in all what I am highlighting here is, the Association of dynasty has nothing to do with Kashmiri Pandits and that they would never understand the plight of Kashmiri Pandits who have the Refugee status in that state.  None of them even reside there.  The answers to the questions raised above would help you understand why they have so soft stand on Kashmir, because they can't go against their Links and their own belief.  More can be read in the Biography or Jawaharlal Nehru on this side where he somewhere had been indirectly accepting the Links and the facts...

Kashmir problem is More so DEEP Rooted in the Religious matters rather than the Geo-Political Stuff.  Incidentally I got access to one of the "Fatwas" in which Kashmiri Pandits have been identified as Undesirable in the Valley. So f the heads of the State have not done anything for 60+ years, Does it mean that they themselves are Scared of the "Fatwa" because they belong to that community / Religion.

Note** - Please do not read this as a Hate Post or a Religious post.  I have just highlighted the possible problems and pointers to those possibilities.  These could be debated, but certainly to help solve the problem and not aggravate the situation.

West Pakistan Refugees - A Shocking Reality - Part III Finale

After the first two posts on the topic, I searched for more knowledge and information and what came to revelation was more than shocking to me.  It just made me go numb and I was almost lost for thoughts and words to have actually written this post earlier on.  I was totally taken aback by the facts that revolved around the Genocide Acts and the Atrocities that had forced the Hindu Migrants from their homeland to move and settle around Jammu and be called West Pakistan Refugees.  

To my disbelief the various essays and the articles that I read clearly identified that the state was considered as a Muslim State and that the then Indian Government led by late Jawaharlal Nehru agree to give the State of J&K a special status and thus the article 370 was introduced.  This article allowed the state of J&K have its own Constitution that would prevail over and above the existence of the Constitution of India.  Incidentally, it is not that well known to those suffering as well as the fellow Countrymen that in his Letter to one of the British Official, Late Jawaharlal Nehru made a specific statement that marked the importance of Accession of state of J&K, The Muslim State (predominantly), had helped India in understanding the way the state of affairs be dealt with in case of Muslims.  The statement also suggested that if it were not for the State of J&K, the case of Indian Muslims would have been totally different.  Also, it should be noted that Late Jawaharlal Nehru's association with Muslims was never debated, his Son-in-Law Firoz Gandhi (Actual Name Firoz Khan) was a Muslim and was adopted by Mahatma Gandhi to avert the rebel from his Daughter Indira.  

So, if we look back at the History of the plight of Kashmiri Hindus and the Hindu Migrants from Pakistan occupied Territory, what I see it as is something really bizarre.  All the study of the various articles and expressions by various writers suggest that both the state as well as central government were never inclined to resolve this issue of "Refugee Status". The Successive State Governments in J&K had always been led by a Muslim Leader, be it for National Conference or for PDP or Congress.  Certainly to maintain their vote-bank with the Predominantly Muslim Electorate, they would not be interested in giving Electoral Rights to the Migrant Hindus. Not to deal with the situation where the Central Government would have had to confront the state government, the Central Government came clean with a nice statement that indicated that these Migrants were always from the Indian Territory and hence they have the rights of an average citizen when it comes to the case of Central Administration.  From that perspective they have the electoral rights to vote and elect their leader to the Parliament.

So, if I look at the issue highlighted in the paragraph above, though we may say in last 60+ years things have not moved, I do not see them moving for may be another 60 years.  Why? Simply because the Congress which is more of a Family Melodrama, is soft on the way it would deal with the Muslims and also, has been using the "Divide and Rule Policy" as its core strength to gain the political momentum.  Though Britishers started this idea about Caste / Religion base Bias, Congress has very fell held the flag high on this ground.  So, unless there is a Political Stability attained by a Non-Congress led party or may be a Person, who deals more with Logic and Rationale than the Caste and Religion, we may see an end to the issue of "Refugee". The reason for me to make such a bold statement is simple - "Till the time Kashmir would have the special status as a State, it would be taken as Pseudo Sovereignty at various political establishments and thus that would keep haunting the Fellow Countrymen through their lives."

There was similar case with Himachal Pradesh where anyone from outside Himachal Pradesh could not buy Property there. Because of that the state had faced some problems, but when that law was repealed, Himachal has seen much better time with respect to economic growth and other related aspects.  So what is needed for the state of J&K is to bring the state at par with other Indian States and ensure that all the irregularities, nepotism etc is to be taken care off.....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

West Pakistan Refugee - A Shocking Reality - Part II

Received a mail from one of the Blog Readers and the Reader asked to maintain anonymity.  Respecting the person's choice to remain anonymous, here is the mail that I got from her. The mail fits nicely in the series of my articles on Kashmir and I thank her for her contribution to this chain of posts....

Your article in the wee hours of the morning really got me thinking and thinking hard... I re-read the article thrice till it sank in. I consequently read the previous two articles leading to or rather building upto the post.

Way back in college and some years later too when a couple of my Kashmiri friends and classmates spoke about the pain of being a Refugee, I never was able to understand its implication at the time... Then came the movie Refugee and I just saw it as just another flick without giving it a thought... As life moved on I pondered on this issue quite often but the thought of doing something for such an injustice just got overshadowed by the daily rigmarole... 

This article coupled with the earlier discussions and work we did together kind of ignited something within me ... 

The Government is vehement in saying that people who migrated post partition are to be labeled "Refugees" cos they were born in Pakistan and then came into the Indian territory... If that is the case by Indian Law anyone who takes birth on Indian soil is a citizen automatically.. So, why then are the generations of these fellow countrymen who have been born on Indian Soil all across the country not given a citizen status and are still facing the injustice?  Why the demarcation and who decides on such things? 

We have individuals ruling this country who have not even acquired the Indian citizenship by marriage or number of years of residence but are calling the shots one way or the other... and on the other hand we have our own people not being able to get their rightful place in the country that boasts of democracy and sovereignty?? It just a matter of politicians making it an issue for self promotion while actually putting the issue under the carpet and standing on it. 

Ideally is there an "Issue" per say here that needs to be solved??? Its their country, their rights are rightfully theirs, who are politicians to decide ??... When they are performing their duties for the nation by being productive thriving individuals just like any of us why should then they not be entitled to their rights???

US grants eligibility for citizenship to anyone above age of 18 years if they have resided there continuously for 5 years??? India takes more than 65 years to do the same in case of people who have been born here and in many cases died on Indian soil?? :O

Its time that the Indian Government faced the music and was questioned about a lot of issues pertaining to the same... Its not a cause for concern or fight for just Kashmiri Pandits and other Hindus but also a matter of concern for others as raised by you in saying that what if moving from Maharashtra to Gujarat could get us labeled the same way...

And not to mention the need that its high time India rose in support to the 2 million who have been fighting for their rights which anyways are rightfully theirs...

It would be a pleasure to support the cause and read further in this regard... Thanks again for igniting the issue in me...

West Pakistan Refugee: A Shocking Reality

I know the questions that would come to the mind of readers is "Who are West Pakistan Refugee"? What have I to do with them and Why should I be bothered to read this post?  Well, I would request to keep patience and read the brief history to the origin of the Term "West Pakistan Refugee".

The origin of the term West Pakistan Refugee lies in the era of Partition when the then ruler of J&K and the citizen's council decided to stay as a sovereign state.  Meaning neither pledging the sovereignty to India or Pakistan.  India accepted it, but the Pakistan did not and the Pakistani Army (From West Pakistan**, now Pakistan) invaded the State of J&K when after a lot of Political Drama (not of much concern to this post) Indian Armed Forces entered the state of J&K to assist them against the invaders.  Interestingly the Lines were drawn dividing the State between PoK and the State of J&K in India. The actual Line of Control or LoC was agreed between the Political establishment of the two countries.  But what happened to the people living there?  A Mass Exodus happened from the PoK region to the state of J&K in the Indian Territory. These were majorly the Migrant Kashmiri Pandits or the Other Hindu Castes and Hindus from the Sialkot area of current Punjab Province in Pakistan, who had to leave their homes and migrate to Indian territory to save themselves from the atrocities of the Pakistani Army.  This was the first lot of Migrants who were called West Pakistan Refugees.  With the subsequent wars between India and Pakistan in 1965 and 1971, more migrants from PoK moved to Indian territory.

These migrants from the state of J&K live in the state of J&K as well as the Indian territory as Refugees.  What a Shame!!!! The State of J&K as well as Central Government has not done anything to help the cause of these Migrants over the period of last 65 years.  Irony of the entire case lies in the fact that the Migrants are Citizens of India, but they live as a Refugee in their own state of origin, what can be more painful than that?  What can be the more shameful that the state where their ancestors had been living all their life, treats them as Refugees. there are close to 1.2 million and more such cases where the state treats them as the Refugee and the Central Government's stand point is "They are not Refugees because they belong to PoK which is very much part of the Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic of India".

What can be more Shame that these 1.2+ million Indian citizens Most of them being Hindu refugees from West Pakistan, settled in Jammu, have a right to vote in the parliamentary polls. But they have no franchise for the assembly, municipal or Panchayat polls because they are not considered the state subjects of J&K. The height of Political Drama in J&K can be well guaged from the fact that in February 2007, the J&K Legislative Assembly rejected an important bill giving that was motioned in the legislative Assembly to give these Migrants the right to become citizens of the State. The rationale given (mind it in 2007) was that the issue needs to be discussed in the appropriate forum.  

It is really shocking that the fellow citizens, who have the right to vote for electing MPs and who have the right to contest election (Labha Ram is one such person who contested election for Lok Sabha as an independent) have no right to vote in state assembly, panchayat or municipal elections?  What kind of Governance are we talking about? The person living in a state for past more than 60 years can't purchase a house or is not granted even the basic rights of citizenship stating that there needs to be "Appropriate Forum".  Is this the state of affairs with the Government of J&K?  And if that was not it, these Migrants (I have been using Migrants because I can't call my fellow countrymen as Refugee) were not even considered when the Interlocutors were discussing the state affairs with various parties.  They were just left stranded as they have been for years?  Why? This is just a too hard hitting fact of Indian Democracy.

Imagine if you migrate from Maharashtra to Gujarat and you are told since you or your ancestors have not been living in the state for more than specified period of time before so and so date, you are not eligible to the rights of citizen in the State of Gujarat, or for that matter any other state.  How ridiculous that would be? how would you feel?  Try to put yourself in those shoes and try to feel the pain and the pinch our fellow countrymen have been bearing up with for past almost 65 years.  They need their Basic Rights conferred to them by the State of J&K and the Central Government has to ensure that this is taken up with utmost urgency.  If that means that the Article 370 (incidentally which has no relevance in today's electoral government scenario and which was formulated considering J&K as the Princely State) needs to be abolished and the State of J&K be brought at par with other states, the Govt. of India should take steps towards it.or so

As I write this post, I read from my the news sources and learnt it from few of my friends that approximately 2000 fellow citizens who have been suffering because of a draconian stance from the J&K Government and 'NO' Support from the Central Government have started a march to GHERO the Parliament in Delhi to highlight their plight and get support from the fellow countrymen,  I would request you all to extend your support and support them in their cause.  Before you make a comment on them being "Idiots", please mind, it could be you tomorrow in some other state where you might be mistreated.  However, this is the case where they are mistreated in their own Home and in their own home they are rated as Refugee or a Second Grade Citizen, even when they are conferred with the Citizenship of Our Country.

I have my full support to my fellow countrymen in their pursuit. Hope to see your Support for them pouring in.....More the Merrier!!!

जय हिंद |

**Note - During the Partition of India, Pakistan had two portions - East Pakistan (Bangladesh) to the East of India and West Pakistan (Currently Pakistan) to the West of India.
***Note - The Post has been written with the facts compiled from various sources including the newspaper clips from time to time.  if you find there are certain data mismatch, please feel free to highlight them in your comments to the post.

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Democracy or Hypocrisy or Dance of Daemons

Just happened to read -

Akhilesh Yadav makes Raja Bhaiya in charge of UP prisons

LUCKNOW: Raghuraj Pratap Singh alias Raja Bhaiya, who faces eight criminal cases and was charged under the now-defunct Pota, will be in charge of Uttar Pradesh's prison department. Chief minister Akhilesh Yadav kept as many as 50 departments to himself as he distributed portfolios among his 47 ministers on Sunday. 
Interesting part, now what do we call this as?  A person who has 8 criminal cases against him becomes a Minister. Now this is not the first time though that we get to hear or read this sort of news. But this certainly is a concern.  On one side Election Commission has been trying its level best to keep Politics free of criminals and corrupts and on the other hand Charge-sheeted people are becoming Ministers. 

I am not going to say whether Raghuraj Pratap Singh has committed a Crime or not, that is for the Judiciary to decide and that is for the Law Enforcement Agency to prove. What I am highlighting here is the point that if this becomes a precedence, then we may well see scores of Criminals taking the Political Route and becoming Politicians and then Ministers.  As is, the Democracy in our Country is marred hell lot with Family Raj.  Now, do we need to be ready to see some sort of Criminal Raj or Gunda Raj in our Country?

I understand that from some far corner, there would be a statement that would come stating - "Even Gandhi ji and Nehru ji had been to jail and even they served imprisonment.  Indeed, they were imprisoned, but for what reason is to be understood.  They were not imprisoned for Criminal Cases or they were not charged under any Anti-Terrorist Law.  But, does that matter? Because those who would support such cases would stoop to any level of Logic to support.  

For me, Raghuraj Pratap Singh should step down to create a precedence where he creates a history in the Indian Political Set-up. He should surrender the position of power and prove his innocence to the Judiciary and once acquitted, should then return to secure his Ministerial candidature.  It would raise his image in the public and in the society.

Till such time, With Due Respect to the Constitution of India and Judicial Set-up, what we are going to witness is the Dance of Daemons on the Floor of Democracy. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chase Your Dreams

Today, I saw a wall post on a Friend's Facebook Wall. The Picture posted reminded me of a old case where I was in College and a group of Young Boys around 5 of them used to huddle every night below a Lamp post near my house and study.  If I remember correctly the youngest was around 8 years and the eldest was around 14 or 15.

Over a period of time while moving around the city, I noticed that these kids used to either sell Newspaper, or work as cobbler or do something else to make their ends meet.  I don't know from when and how my interaction with those kids started and they started asking me their doubts on various subjects.  It was almost like I was their personal tutor. I used to wait for them to gather there and then go join them talking to them, teaching them, helping them solve their doubts and so on.  My bond with those kids increased day by day and I used to miss teaching them during my Summer Break.  But as soon as I used to get back to college, these kids used to be there with all their stories and all their questions and doubts

2 years down the line the eldest one cleared the 10th standard though Open School Examination and was on top of the World when he came to my house to share the news.  the entire bunch was elated.  He then started for some vocational training along with his further studies.  the other kids in the group also followed the suit but by the time I could help them clear their dream of passing 10th Standard, I had to move out of that city as I completed my college and got a Job in another city.  

Around 6 months later, I had to visit my college to collect my final set of certificates and that night I went near the place I used to stay and what I saw there really amazed me. The eldest one had become the Tutor and was teaching a Bigger group of children below that same lamp post. standing at a distance in the darkness, I was just amused at the  way he had taken over the extra responsibility,  

I walked a few steps ahead and he saw me, I could see that sparkle in his eyes. I can still feel that joy coming that would have been felt by him them.  He came running to my direction, followed by others. We sat there, chatted for a while and I left from there leaving my Visiting Card with him.  there were tears in their eyes to see me go, may be they felt I would never return to meet them.  But, the Eldest one for sure would have noted that I have left something with him that would ensure they could be in touch with me.

Couple years down the line, I received a call from an number from that city and I realized that it was from the PCO next to my house.  As I answered the call, all I could hear was the joy of celebrations, and then I asked "who is it?" From the Other end the voice said "भैया आज हम कॉलेज पास कर लिए" meaning "Brother I cleared college today".  I was very happy, congratulated him and asked about the others.  He told me that the three others have cleared their 12th Standard and the youngest is preparing for 10th standard now.  I told him to keep in touch and in case they need any help from me, he can always contact me.  He replies "भैया, आपने जो हम लोगों को दिशा दिखाई है उससे ज्यादा कुछ नहीं चाहिए|  बस आपका आशीर्वाद बनाए रखिएगा" meaning "Brother, the direction you gave us for our life has helped us a lot, we don't need anything more than your blessings." I was speechless at that.  Then on it just became a routine to get a call from them every 2 or 3 months where they used to update me on their progress and then over a period of next 5 years, all of them except the youngest one was in a well paying job. On my side, the life became hectic due to increased work load and added travel schedules, so the contact almost was lost.

Last year, I had again gone to that city for College Alumni meet and that night again ventured towards where I used to stay.  I reached there I guess slightly early than the usual time and waited for the kids to arrive.  I was sitting in my cab so that they wouldn't be able to see me.  Slowly the kids started coming and the count was almost 20 or 25.  Then I saw the Eldest one coming in followed by another Young Guy in early 20s.  I couldn't recognize him then.  I saw the Younger one setting down a stand and then setting up a board on that creating a Makeshift Blackboard.  I was amazed at the progress that Small School, if I may call it as, had made over past decade.  I moved out of my cab, walked to them when that Young Guy saw me and came rushing to me, bowing to touch my feet.  I said, "छोटू?" and I was elated to hear - "Yes Bhai, Your Chhotu has grown and is now a constable in police". I held him and hugged him when the others came around me.  

The eldest one then told me about the progress made by them all the Five from Original group had completed their college were well settled and used to pool-in from their salaries to run the small make shift night school.

I had never heard from them about their parents or relatives or anyone.  the only place I had ever seen them was that lamp post or on some streets working to make their end meet.  They were not related by blood, but surely their dreams made them come together.  They united on their Dreams, they achieved their dreams with mutual help and the chased their dreams to success with their passion.  They never gave up, whether they had someone to guide or not.  But Yes, they did become guide for the others and am sure they would have ensured that they influence others to dream and to successfully chase their dreams.

कल्लू (kallu), छोटू (Chhotu), जीतू (Jeetu), बबलू (Babloo), और विष्णु (Vishnu), I am proud of them and this post is dedicated to their Passion, their Zeal, their Dreams and their Chase to their Dreams.  Hats off to them......

Sunday, March 4, 2012

When Devils Break Free

God and Devil both can be simply defined with the two words Good and Bad.  Both God and Devil reside within a Human Being and they bring out the Beauty or Ugly side of a person in a given scenario.  Most of the time when the conscious of the person rules the God Prevails and the person remains a Harmless, Selfless and Sober person.  However, when a person is hurt to the core of his existence due to one or other reason, the Devil mostly wins and at that time the person becomes a Revengeful, Harmful and Selfish person.

However, there are cases when the Devil breaks free from the Shadows of the God within, but still the person in consideration remains Harmless to society, but becomes Harmful to own self.  When a Devil breaks free in such a person, that person does become Revengeful by not directly taking a revenge on others, but ensuring that the others feel the pain of himself harming himself.  Normally such things occur when the person in consideration becomes harmful and revengeful due to something that involves his loved ones.  In such cases specifically, though the Devil breaks free, the person still can't hurt, harm or take revenge on his loved ones and so he starts harming himself in a manner that the pain is felt by the loved ones.

It's very important and critical to control such cases where Devil breaks free due to loved ones.  Because in such cases the feelings of the person die, there remains No Emotion except Anger and Hurt. In such cases, the person in consideration doesn't express himself anymore and goes numb to anyone's feelings and emotions...

Ramdom Thoughts - Part 2

Stagnancy v/s Time to Move On
Often in Life we come across situations and circumstances where we feel that we are getting stagnant. However, if we look around then its actually the time to Move On, keeping all that has made us stagnant and keeping all expectations aside.
Expectations v/s Hopes
Expectations are the state of mind that puts limitations around us and make us weak enough to cripple under the wilting pressure of them not getting fulfilled.  Hopes are something that may or may not get fulfilled but they do not have that pressure on us that break us in case they are not fulfilled.
Heart v/s Mind
It is often said that you feel from heart and think from mind. However, if you actually would see its not the heart that acts on its own.  The feelings are generated in mind and pulses generated by mind actually make body produce some hormones that make your heart beat variate and it is the impact of feeling on the heart than anything else.
Decisions v/s Compulsions
Decisions taken with fully understood situations and circumstances help one feel happy.  Decisions that are taken under the influence of Sociological impulses are more of compulsions to which you actually try to compromise.  The second set is actually a Compulsion that certainly might be beneficial for others but not for you for sure.
Family v/s Community
It is pretty interesting to note that Families make a Community whereas when it comes to the decisions that family has to make, the Community gets more importance and we all look at the impact that the family would have if a member goes against the norms of that family.  Pretty interesting and pretty strange that we fear of the reaction of community towards our family, when our family actually constitutes the Community.
Love v/s Care v/s Exploitation
The most severe kind of combination.  You might be Loving and Caring, but when on the Name of Love and Care, you start Exploiting the people around you, you turn out to be selfish. Love is the state where you tend to look at the happiness of your loved ones. Care is the state where you want to ensure that your loved ones do not face problems and they are treated the way they are to be treated. Exploitation is the state where you show Love, Tenderness and Care, but actually to gain out of the relation giving a damn about the sufferings of the subject.
Sacrifice v/s Gain
Its very interesting to note that when you sacrifice, you actually gain from it. It only depends on time before you know what have you sacrificed and what have you gained.  Another interesting aspect here is when you sacrifice something for someone, they think they have gained something, but they actually end up losing more than they have gained from your sacrifice.

Decisions of Life

Decisions in our life are often subjected to the way the Social Setup would react. Not always but most of the times our decisions are based on what would the people around would talk about the happenings in our life.  I am not sure why we have to at times take adverse decisions than the one we actually want to take.

For example when you are looking at doing something in life that is not something that your social status would approve of.  You end up taking a decision against yourself and for the happiness of the family, extended family and in particular your loved ones.  All of sudden from the glorious Present you start looking at the Gloomy future because you have to take a decision that other than you everyone approves of.

Pretty strange but most of the times such  decisions have far fetched negative impact on your life, but on the other-side it has a lot of positive impact on the life of your loved ones.  You decide to take a step so that you end up sacrificing for the happiness of your family and loved ones and they in turn start supporting your decision not because you sacrificed, but because you end up giving boost to their happiness and their decision.

One typical case where a friend ended up taking an adverse decision that was not his own decision but forced on him by family and friends.  His girlfriend started supporting his decision by not trying to encourage him but by sighting the benefits that she would derive from that decision.  I felt bad about that friend, but had nothing to say as that decision where he sacrificed his choice for family and friends is something I don't align to.  Though if I would have been in that situation, I guess I would have taken the same decision to keep family ahead of self. 

The only thing that comes to my mind in such cases - "If you have to take a harsh decision on yourself, take it and move on with your life. Don't bother for what others would think of you, as there would be as many talks as there would be the perspectives.  Sometimes even your Loved ones would try to see their befit from your decision, Don't bother, let everyone gain something when you are losing.  May be you were supposed to be sacrificing for the benefit of others.  Live on as life wouldn stop existing."

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Random Thoughts - Part 1

Sometimes some decisions are too hard to be taken as they shatter you. These are the tough decisions that you need to take by keeping yourself clear from the impact.  It's Hard to do that, but for the benefits of those involved, you have to do it.  Such decisions are certainly not easy for oneself, but if they can bring happiness and smile to your loved ones, there is no harm in taking such steps.  After all, when you love someone, you need to be ready to sacrifice for them.
Love is something that had to be unconditional with none or least expectations. It's better to have hopes than actually living with set expectations. You might love someone but its important that you are ready to forgo your love for that person. Love is not gaining back the love, but Love is getting to see your Loved Ones Happy.
Community and Community Leaders
A collective group of people driving and living their lives as per their understanding.  It is led by a set of people who have already lived the prime of their lives and now they want to control the way others live. The driving factor to decide what happens in your life is the Fellow Community Members and their thought process as is molded by the Community Leaders. 
A set of people who are by your side irrespective of your success or failures.  They are always around irrespective of your behavior with them.  They come as close as you try to push them away.
A set of people who are related to you by blood and they are the most nosy set of people when it comes to your life.  They are least bothered with what happens in their house, but are always interested in ensuring that they talk about your life and create disturbances in your life
Silly State of mind that is created by the illusion that you are not impacted by any of the above and that you live your life the way you want.  The fact is that your life is directed by the above factors and the above factors never lead to Happiness.
The most precious set of human beings who are by your side in all the circumstances and want to see you Happy all the times. They help you deal with your negatives and help you improvise on your positive aspects.  They live by you, for you and with you in all circumstances and are just concerned about your well being.  They sacrifice for you all their life without expecting anything in return. The most important and the most loved ones who always care for you irrespective of situations and circumstances.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Funny Conversations

Boy - I love you
Girl - Every Other Boy Does
Boy - I want to Marry you
Girl - Even your Brother Does
Boy - Can we go out somewhere?
Girl - I have life other than you
Boy - Why don't you want to Marry me?
Girl - This question has been asked by 100 other guys, ask something new
Boy - I am Scared to Lose you
Girl - You never had me, so how would you lose me?
Boy - Shall we make a plan for a movie?
Girl - I have seen all the latest Movies
Boy - My Life would get ruin without you
Girl - Go Get a Life first
Boy - If you would be gone, I would be lost
Girl - I am not going anywhere, Why don't you Get Lost