Monday, March 19, 2012

Democracy or Hypocrisy or Dance of Daemons

Just happened to read -

Akhilesh Yadav makes Raja Bhaiya in charge of UP prisons

LUCKNOW: Raghuraj Pratap Singh alias Raja Bhaiya, who faces eight criminal cases and was charged under the now-defunct Pota, will be in charge of Uttar Pradesh's prison department. Chief minister Akhilesh Yadav kept as many as 50 departments to himself as he distributed portfolios among his 47 ministers on Sunday. 
Interesting part, now what do we call this as?  A person who has 8 criminal cases against him becomes a Minister. Now this is not the first time though that we get to hear or read this sort of news. But this certainly is a concern.  On one side Election Commission has been trying its level best to keep Politics free of criminals and corrupts and on the other hand Charge-sheeted people are becoming Ministers. 

I am not going to say whether Raghuraj Pratap Singh has committed a Crime or not, that is for the Judiciary to decide and that is for the Law Enforcement Agency to prove. What I am highlighting here is the point that if this becomes a precedence, then we may well see scores of Criminals taking the Political Route and becoming Politicians and then Ministers.  As is, the Democracy in our Country is marred hell lot with Family Raj.  Now, do we need to be ready to see some sort of Criminal Raj or Gunda Raj in our Country?

I understand that from some far corner, there would be a statement that would come stating - "Even Gandhi ji and Nehru ji had been to jail and even they served imprisonment.  Indeed, they were imprisoned, but for what reason is to be understood.  They were not imprisoned for Criminal Cases or they were not charged under any Anti-Terrorist Law.  But, does that matter? Because those who would support such cases would stoop to any level of Logic to support.  

For me, Raghuraj Pratap Singh should step down to create a precedence where he creates a history in the Indian Political Set-up. He should surrender the position of power and prove his innocence to the Judiciary and once acquitted, should then return to secure his Ministerial candidature.  It would raise his image in the public and in the society.

Till such time, With Due Respect to the Constitution of India and Judicial Set-up, what we are going to witness is the Dance of Daemons on the Floor of Democracy. 

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