Thursday, March 22, 2012

Plight of Kashmiri Pandits - Possible Reasons

Working Further on the Plight of Kashmiri Pandits, I landed on the set of information that I had known for sometime but had avoided to write on my blogs.  But, I guess these pointers / information is vital why we have this serious Problem of Kashmiri Pandits being treated as Refugees by the State of J&K. That too when one of the Most Influential Family in Indian Politics CLAIMS to be descendent of Kashmiri Pandits.  Strange isn't it?

Well, this is where the whole case started flagging off a series of thoughts into a whirlwind to send the entire thought process for a spin.  Just mark these words "The So Called Kashmiri Pandit Family" doe not have any direct or indirect relation with Kashmiri Pandits. When I turned the pages of Indian History and specifically that family, I identified that the History of Family had been kept under wraps from most of us and the Family's Kashmir Connection is not older than "3 Generations".  You would understand the point if you look for the answers to following questions - 
  1. Who was the Father of Motilal Nehru? - The Simplest Answer you would get is "Ganga Dhar"
  2. What was the Occupation of Motilal Nehru's Father? - The City Kotwal of Delhi under Bahadur Shah Jafar - IIs reign
  3. Why Would a Mogul Emperor Appoint a Hindu at this ALL important position in a Moghul Empire?
  4. When the British troops entered Delhi and started Moghul Genocide, how many Moghuls & Muslims changed their names and wrapped up under Hindu Names?
  5. Why did Ganga Dhar Fled Delhi and moved to Agra which had a good Muslim Population there? Why didn't he move to Kashmir from were his ancestors might have traveled to Delhi?
So all in all what I am highlighting here is, the Association of dynasty has nothing to do with Kashmiri Pandits and that they would never understand the plight of Kashmiri Pandits who have the Refugee status in that state.  None of them even reside there.  The answers to the questions raised above would help you understand why they have so soft stand on Kashmir, because they can't go against their Links and their own belief.  More can be read in the Biography or Jawaharlal Nehru on this side where he somewhere had been indirectly accepting the Links and the facts...

Kashmir problem is More so DEEP Rooted in the Religious matters rather than the Geo-Political Stuff.  Incidentally I got access to one of the "Fatwas" in which Kashmiri Pandits have been identified as Undesirable in the Valley. So f the heads of the State have not done anything for 60+ years, Does it mean that they themselves are Scared of the "Fatwa" because they belong to that community / Religion.

Note** - Please do not read this as a Hate Post or a Religious post.  I have just highlighted the possible problems and pointers to those possibilities.  These could be debated, but certainly to help solve the problem and not aggravate the situation.

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