Tuesday, March 20, 2012

West Pakistan Refugee - A Shocking Reality - Part II

Received a mail from one of the Blog Readers and the Reader asked to maintain anonymity.  Respecting the person's choice to remain anonymous, here is the mail that I got from her. The mail fits nicely in the series of my articles on Kashmir and I thank her for her contribution to this chain of posts....

Your article in the wee hours of the morning really got me thinking and thinking hard... I re-read the article thrice till it sank in. I consequently read the previous two articles leading to or rather building upto the post.

Way back in college and some years later too when a couple of my Kashmiri friends and classmates spoke about the pain of being a Refugee, I never was able to understand its implication at the time... Then came the movie Refugee and I just saw it as just another flick without giving it a thought... As life moved on I pondered on this issue quite often but the thought of doing something for such an injustice just got overshadowed by the daily rigmarole... 

This article coupled with the earlier discussions and work we did together kind of ignited something within me ... 

The Government is vehement in saying that people who migrated post partition are to be labeled "Refugees" cos they were born in Pakistan and then came into the Indian territory... If that is the case by Indian Law anyone who takes birth on Indian soil is a citizen automatically.. So, why then are the generations of these fellow countrymen who have been born on Indian Soil all across the country not given a citizen status and are still facing the injustice?  Why the demarcation and who decides on such things? 

We have individuals ruling this country who have not even acquired the Indian citizenship by marriage or number of years of residence but are calling the shots one way or the other... and on the other hand we have our own people not being able to get their rightful place in the country that boasts of democracy and sovereignty?? It just a matter of politicians making it an issue for self promotion while actually putting the issue under the carpet and standing on it. 

Ideally is there an "Issue" per say here that needs to be solved??? Its their country, their rights are rightfully theirs, who are politicians to decide ??... When they are performing their duties for the nation by being productive thriving individuals just like any of us why should then they not be entitled to their rights???

US grants eligibility for citizenship to anyone above age of 18 years if they have resided there continuously for 5 years??? India takes more than 65 years to do the same in case of people who have been born here and in many cases died on Indian soil?? :O

Its time that the Indian Government faced the music and was questioned about a lot of issues pertaining to the same... Its not a cause for concern or fight for just Kashmiri Pandits and other Hindus but also a matter of concern for others as raised by you in saying that what if moving from Maharashtra to Gujarat could get us labeled the same way...

And not to mention the need that its high time India rose in support to the 2 million who have been fighting for their rights which anyways are rightfully theirs...

It would be a pleasure to support the cause and read further in this regard... Thanks again for igniting the issue in me...


  1. Dar Nayank.

    Going thru the two postings u recently hosted, I have only this to say.
    Its a sad situation created by our so called "Father of the Nation" who virtually screwed the "Motherland" to no end,the effects of which is evident to this day .

    He had another ADC called "Chacha" who physically screwed ever woman coming his way.

    Who gave them the right to break up the nation and create a situation that they still adopt the British policy of divide and rule.
    Together they they ruined the country for their own political and selfish motives.
    The useless Congress , with another whore sitting on the helm of things is still swindling and looting the country.The shameless Congress is only taught to lick the families ass to the extent that they even lick the latest nincompoops feet.
    The family and the party done even have an iota of shame nor a seance of duty towards the nation and its public.

    And we s meek lot , keep on electing them to the parliament time and again.

    Its time for one of us to rise up to the occasion an and show these politicians their place.

    Wt we actually need is a couple of decades of good and Just Dictatorship. The present lot has to to be wiped out in toto.

    And as far understanding the situation is concerned, its not going to change.

    I have been telling time and again, that the only solution to world terrorism and peace on earth is to wipe out Pak from the face of the earth.The world will be a better and peaceful place to be in.

  2. Dear Mayank & All,

    The Epicenter of world terror is near by and offcourse any tremour was felt in Sub continent for 50 yrs but the magnitude and scale fo these jolts now has wide and far reaching consequences upto pacific. It isnt easy to shut our eyes and stop listening now.. Thanks a lot for your wonderful article. !