Sunday, March 4, 2012

When Devils Break Free

God and Devil both can be simply defined with the two words Good and Bad.  Both God and Devil reside within a Human Being and they bring out the Beauty or Ugly side of a person in a given scenario.  Most of the time when the conscious of the person rules the God Prevails and the person remains a Harmless, Selfless and Sober person.  However, when a person is hurt to the core of his existence due to one or other reason, the Devil mostly wins and at that time the person becomes a Revengeful, Harmful and Selfish person.

However, there are cases when the Devil breaks free from the Shadows of the God within, but still the person in consideration remains Harmless to society, but becomes Harmful to own self.  When a Devil breaks free in such a person, that person does become Revengeful by not directly taking a revenge on others, but ensuring that the others feel the pain of himself harming himself.  Normally such things occur when the person in consideration becomes harmful and revengeful due to something that involves his loved ones.  In such cases specifically, though the Devil breaks free, the person still can't hurt, harm or take revenge on his loved ones and so he starts harming himself in a manner that the pain is felt by the loved ones.

It's very important and critical to control such cases where Devil breaks free due to loved ones.  Because in such cases the feelings of the person die, there remains No Emotion except Anger and Hurt. In such cases, the person in consideration doesn't express himself anymore and goes numb to anyone's feelings and emotions...


  1. Considering God and Devil to be two sides of the same coin, the person becomes both... consciously God, but a Devil incarnate ... Self harm will most certainly pain, but there's no surety of its realization / understanding / feeling to others. Is there???

    As I see life ... one should simply let go... Life is a balance sheet that balances its dues in this lifetime... one way or other!!

  2. Life could be a balance sheet if it balances everything in due course of time, but it doesn't mean that you wait for the time. They say time heals all the pain and hurt, but when its all sacrifice all your life, the pain and hurt never subsides. It actually make you a rebel, a rebel against life