Friday, April 27, 2012

Do Good to Other's at Your Own Cost

Abstract from Mayank's mail 
There are certain aspects of life which do disturb us a lot.  At times We happen to come across someone whom we trust and whom we respect a lot.  We happen to think that doing good to those who need our help always bears fruitful results.  And at times we forget two key learning that are including a definitive proverb and a shlok from Bhagvad Gita - 
1. नेकी कर दरिया में डाल - Once you have done good to others, throw your good deeds in the sea
2. कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन - Believe in your deed and never expect a return

From the recent happenings in one of my friend's life, I learned one thing and that is to never forget the two learning as stated above.  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sad State of Affairs

This is indeed sad state of affairs that Mayank had to sunset his Blog "Words from Thoughts" as well as "World of My Poems" due to some unavoidable circumstances.  I had requested him to help preserve his writings by ensuring that he takes the backup and sends it across to me.  He had sent me the Backup of "Words from Thoughts" and I uploaded the same under a new name. By God's Grace, all his blogposts were saved and I could upload them as is.

With regards to his Poems, I would try my level best to make him send them to me and then take it forward to ensure that I host it also on the alternate place.  

Please be informed that he is all well and he would be back sooner or later and at that time, I would handover his blog to him.


The Blog that you are looking for has witnessed Sunset.  I have pulled down all my writings from this blog

Inconvenience is Regretted.......

I would update when I return to this blog

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When He Got Hit

From the archives of my stories, this small section is based on a situation where Nandit takes a hit on himself for saving the grace of his Love. This is purely a fiction and does not bear any relation to anyone dead or alive. :)

Nandit was broken when he heard the news of his beloved Deepti getting engaged.  Though he was invited to the ceremony, but he thought Deepti was mocking when she invited him. But how wrong was he to not have believed the words from Deepti. Now, he was sitting in his couch looking at the engagement pictures along with the invitation mail from Deepti.  Deepti was certainly  not happy about him ducking the ceremony and he had no explanation for her.  Though he could not hold Deepti responsible for his misery, his situation was terrible.  He realized how big mistake has he done my not proposing to Deepti, who for sure would have been elated to have accepted his proposal.

He clicked on the Invitation card attached to the mail and was shocked to see that the marriage was just two days away.  He was shocked that he has no time to express his feelings as both the groom's as well as bride's (Deepti) families have done the needful preparations.  Nandit was all broken, but he decided that he would surely attend the marriage ceremony and so what if he could not have Deepti with him for life, he would love to see her happy wherever she goes.

On the day of the marriage, Nandit reaches the destined place and no sooner he reached, he was told that Deepti wants to meet him immediately.  She had been too impatient to have not got the time to call him and talk to him.  He was taken aback, millions thoughts crossed his mind as he was lead to the room where Deepti was.  As he entered the room, his escort left and the door closed behind him. He looked at Deepti and was awestruck at the beauty she was looking in her wedding dress.  Before he could utter anything, Deepti ran to him and hugged him hard and he realized, she was crying inconsolably.  Again millions of thoughts crossed his mind and he stood there like a statue. 

As he was trying to come to reality, he heard Deepti saying - "Nandit, he sent me a letter, my ex boyfriend sent a message that he would not let my marriage solemnize. He would kill me of the groom, but he would not let me be at peace."  Nandit was shocked.  he realized that Deepti is holding a piece of paper in her hand.  He slowly took the paper out from her grip and started reading -

"So, you getting married and thinking that I would spare you for spoiling my life?  Do you think what you did to me and made me suffer would not rebound back on you? Do you think I would let you go for spoiling the 4 glorious years of my life that I spent behind bars?  Tell me, what was my mistake that I loved you, and for sure that you loved me.  Was that my mistake? Was it my mistake to have hit the guy with you when I saw him with you and was it my mistake to have tried to snatch you away when you were trying to save him from my blows?  Do you think you could have double crossed me by on one side exchanging vows of love with me and on the other side going around with other guys? Was it my mistake to have wanted your love for myself and nobody else?  Just for that you broke away from me and had me sentenced for 4 years?  What did you think that I would spare you for that and let you live in peace and happiness by getting married to someone else?  I am back sweetheart and I would ensure that neither you live in happiness nor anyone who tries to get married to you.  Note it sweetheart, I would kill any bastard who would come close to marry you and if you would come in my way, I would not mind killing you too."

As Nandit finishes reading the letter, he gives a quizzing look to Deepti.  Deepti in her sobbing state narrate the entire story about his ex boyfriend and tells Nandit how possessive was he about her.  Nandit tells her not to worry and that he would ensure that everything will be taken care of. He would ensure that the ceremony is not impacted by someone's ill intention and that he would ensure that her marriage is solemnized peacefully with no one getting hurt.  Deepti again hugs him and he tells her that its time for him to arrange few things that would be needed.

Nandit leaves Deepti's room and calls up his friend to arrange some private security guards as well as some police protection.  He then moves around the entire premises looking for any unusual or suspected stuff.  He senses that there is nothing wrong anywhere. As he completes his inspection, the security guards and cops arrive who are briefed about the chances of mishappenings on some pretext. The Security Guard and Cops take their positions and keep a strict vigil on the movement of hosts, guests as well as other support people.

The proceedings of marriage start as per the schedule and the process starts taking its own course.  After the initial process, the Bride and the Groom move to the reception area where the guests start coming in one by one and wishing them.  Nandit on his part moves towards Deepti and her Groom to wish them when he sees a suspicious movement among the Catering staff and he sees one of the catering staff member pull out a gun.  He immediately rushes to the Deepti and her groom and as he dives to get them to ground, a gun shot is heard followed by the mad-rush of the hosts as well as the guests.  The Security Guards and the Cops also take cover and position to aim at the Catering Staff member having shot, there are few more shots exchanged, but the guys was surrounded and he surrenders.

On the other side, as Nandit, Deepti and the Groom fall on the floor both the groom and Deepti get to feel the flow of blood and they look at each other. But they don't see any pain inflicted on their faces.  They look towards Nandit and see him holding his abdomen and smiling. Nandit says - "Deepti, i kept my promise, see no damage and no-one's hurt". Deepti quizzes - "But you are....." Nandit cuts her off "I am No One" and smiles.  He Continues "Don't worry about me, see the culprit is caught and I would be fine as they would take me to the emergency.  The Wound is not to deep as the bullet just brushed past." 

Deepti and her groom look quizzing at each other after hearingwhat Nandit has to say.  They look helplessly at each other as the Medical Staff rushes in and rush Nandit for Medical Assistance.  Deepti stood their Puzzled for what Nandit did and the groom tells her "Nandit for sure is the Hero, don't you think?" But Deepti stands there unmoved......

When Ego Wins

This is pure work of fiction that belongs to an old story that was written as a concept for a play. It does not relate to anyone living or dead, and it would be coincidental if someone finds traces of resemblance.

She was no Ordinary girl and he was just another guy around the corner. But he loved her and she considered him a good friend.  They were a good company for each other and had a real good effect on each other when they were in the dull phase of their mood swings.

He was Mr. Dependable for her and She was the Sweet Little Princess for him. For him she was someone who re-kindled the feeling of love in him. For her he was someone with whom she felt loved, pampered, safe and cared for.  He for all the reasons in his life was the Mr. Caring and Mr. Giving.  He was the last one to expect anything in return.  But it seems he faltered this time around and started expecting her to love him back.  The one point where he made a mistake of breaking his principles.

She had always been clear to him in her motive to be around him and always told him to contain his feelings, but he was just madly in love with her.  She always was around him for his happiness as she knew that Mr. Ordinary is a harmless person.  Who even if hurt, would not hurt her back.  He always knew the destination of his feelings and his love for her.  He always knew that She would go away one day with someone and He would be left out to face the big bad world again.

Indeed the relationship that flourished between them had no name and no specific reason to continue beyond a point.  But the way it ended with an unfortunate event broke both of them.  The roots of which were somewhere in the way she fell in love with Person X and he tried his level best to tell her that he is not the right person for her.  She seems to have thought that he is trying to woo her by telling her that Person X is so and Person X is not so.  He tried his level best, but then gave up and started distancing from her.  He could see himself hurt and could see himself in agony, but couldn't see her in pain. He was not ready to see her plight and he was not ready to let her jump in a dungeon. After all, he loved her.  How could he let her commit suicide.

Circumstances also helped him in his pursuit and he had to be away from her for some days and he could not meet her.  She thought it to be the case of betrayal and a game of treachery by him. She thought he is not being around when she needed him the most, but least she knew why is he not being able to meet.  She was devastated and she was broken for the treatment she was getting from the person she loved and she was not getting the time from the person who loved her.  She was torn apart and she wanted to cry.  She was all lost for the peace, love and care she used to get in Mr. ordinary's company and She certainly was used to be treated like a Princess, which she indeed was.  

As said, they missed each other, but he was stuck, torn between his love and her happiness, the communication channel died between them.  It dried up to the level that She started hating him for her perception of him betraying her, hurting her and being with someone else, when she needed him the most.  She was devastated for she was treated like a second grade citizen by the one whom She loved and She understood that Mr. Ordinary was right.  But, the distance that grew between them due to mis-perception and mis-communication grew to the level of her started hating him.  She hated him to the core and never tried to know the core reason of him driving away.  He on the other hand was hurt so much by her behavior that he vowed not to initiate the communication channel from his side and signed-off the day his communication was mis-interpreted.

Today, they stand on a ground where he is hurt by her behavior and She hate's him for the "perceived" behavior.  Their friendship that once flourished for mutual respect and mutual admiration, died its own death by the virtue of disrespect and mistrust.  Obvious, they both are the murderers of their friendship for the want of their ego.  But he, indeed is the main culprit to not have communicated the "reason" for his inability for being with her.  Though She could have tolerated it for once and signed-off her mistrust, but she paid for what she perceived.

One thing for sure, they both are paying the price of nurturing their Ego.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

War with Destiny.

The day of his life was a devastating one. Chain of his life was broken with two links disassociating from the chain.  He was all lost for the want of life as peace and love of his life was snatched by his destiny.  His Destiny, who always treated him as a step child and he always called himself as "The Step Child of Destiny". 

Sitting in the corner of his room he thought about resorting to his old ways to live carefree life of boozing, smoking, fooling around and just killing his time till he can.  As he was about to get ready to move out of the house, his doctor called him and told him to immediately meet him.  He though asked why, but never got the answer and his doctor simply told him to rush to the hospital.  He somehow changed his mind and went to meet his doctor.  His doctor spoke to him telling him that his reports have come in and they are not too encouraging.  Though the reports are not confirming and a second set of tests needs to be carried out to confirm the traces that have been identified.  When he heard that from the doctor, a sadist smile floated on his face as if he was happy to hear the news.  Though he agreed to have the second set of tests, he was happy deep in his heart on hearing the ailment. 

He was happy for he now as he would not require to resort to his old ways and try to ruin his life till he can.  He was happy that God helped him in his cause by giving him the ailment in gift. The ailment that he was sure wouldn't last for more than 6 to 8 months and that meant for him "only few more months" to live in plight and agony. 

His tests were conducted the same day and he went back home all happy that Life's now just going to be for few months.  He was too happy and went on with the process of writing his Last few wishes that he wanted to fulfill before he surrenders to death.  He went on distributing his belongings to the near and dear ones and his house maids family. He wanted to live his last few months with the minimum that he required.  He was happy that he will now get over the plight and agony as his life will end and he would meet the divine death....his journey was coming to an end and he felt elated that he would be freed from the bond of love, hate, pride and all such feelings......

The next day he woke up with a nice smile, the weather was also smiling with him with nice sunshine and light breeze. He started his day as usual and finished his daily routine.  As the day touched lunch time, his phone rang and he answered the call.  "Hey, I have a good news for you!!" was the voice from other side. "What Doc, you got confirmed that I have the ailment that you mentioned yesterday?" he almost chuckled while asking that.  But the next moment the expression of Pain and Agony Floated on his face as he heard his doctor saying "No dude, the good news is that the reports are clean.  The first set of reports were misleading and you just need medication and therapy".  One could see the shade of plight on his face.  His eyes were all expressing the sadness that he could express.  He seemed to be sulking and he replied to his doctor "Thanks doc, thanks for the news"......and he then disconnected the phone while mumbling "what's so god about the news?"  

He just collapsed on his bed and seemed shattered.  The expression on his face was depicting that his Destiny again ditched him and he once again was left stranded to face the Plight and Agony of his Life...... He was again left in lurch by his Destiny to face the memories of the Broken Chain.  He got up and went to the Window looking at the Sky, which had turned cloudy and droplets had started falling.   He looked up at the Sky and mumbled - "God I know even you are crying for my fate and I know you will have to miss me for some more time when we were looking to meet soon"

Standing there he was all lost for he was thinking with whom he could share his feelings. He never had anyone in his life who would have heard his plight and agony, when he was always the Solution to their problems, a leaning shoulder for them in plight and agony.  That day he again realized how alone he is to fight his lonely battle with destiny to win Happiness and peace for his Life....

Another round of War with Destiny Declared.....

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Siachen - World HIghest Battleground

Siachen Glaciers, the worlds highest battleground is located in the East Karakoram / Himalayan region. The coordinates for Siachen can be approximated as 35.5 degrees North and 76.9 degrees East. Situated at an altitude of approximately 17700 feet or 5400 meters above sea level, Siachen is one of the five largest glaciers in Karakoram ranges.

Siachen has always been a hot property when it comes to India and Pakistan as most of the Glacier is located in the LOC region.  Though as per Karachi Agreement (1949) and Shimla Agreement (1972) it was agreed between India and Pakistan to not maintain a Military base at that height and those extreme climate, but Pakistan's obsession with Kashmir and increasing Friendship with China created a situation that forced India to launch Operation Meghdoot in April 1984.  It is interesting that Pakistan tries to highlight that India breached the lines of Agreement, whereas in reality, Pakistan Army forced Indian Army to launch the mission to build base on Siachen. Pakistan Army used to Sit atop the Glacier and launch unprovoked Shelling on Indian troops moving towards the Northern Ladakh fronts. So to end the Agony and Pain caused due to the Loss of Soldiers and other Army Supplies, India launched the mentioned Operation.

By sending troops from Kumaon Regiment in April, prematurely in mountaineering parlance, India wrested the initiative from Pakistan which had planned to send its soldiers sometime later in May 1984. By the time Pakistan could respond with troop deployment, the Indian Army was already ensconced on the heights, with the Indian Air Force ensuring air supply. However, there began the race to the top of the world to capture more and more part of the Glacier.  From then on till 2003 when the Cease Fire was declare at Siachen, both Army's lost many brave soldiers due to cross-fire as well as extreme climatic conditions.  Since 2003, there is a sort of Official Cease Fire, but the fact is known only to the two armies :).

The current scenario at Siachen, 28 years from April 1984, Pakistani Army occupies one Important pass "Gyong La Pass" on the Glacier which cuts off the Indian Access to K2 and other surrounding peaks.  However, most of the Higher Peaks and Passes are Occupied by the Indian Army.  And by far the Indian Army has only expended its base, presence and occupation the heights by gaining territory in the process and now controlling 2/3rd of the Glacier. Indian Air Force has also increased its expertise and experience in maintaining troops at those heights with indigenously Choppers being used for continuous supplies. Interestingly these choppers are supposed to be the only choppers in the world to reach such heights (in excess of 21000 ft above sea level. The Sonam Airbase has the highest helipad in the world) . On the Contrary, Pakistan has built roads and paths to its positions and bases across the Glacier. 

Though Both India and Pakistan are fighting it out for the control of Glacier, Pakistan's hold to Gyong La Pass holds a strategic importance for both as the Pass overlooks Nubra and Shyok Valleys and India's Access to Leh District (The one reason why India Needed to be at vantage position on the Glacier).  I would pray for the day when India captures the Gyong La Pass and the conflict of Siachen Ends......

The twist of the  tale is "Pakistan can't climb up any more" and "India can't climb Down from its vantage position".  
The Thoughts as composed after reading the various posts might look somewhat sketchy, but I would surely re-work on the same in due course of time and ensure that this post is improved from where it stands today.....