Saturday, April 21, 2012

War with Destiny.

The day of his life was a devastating one. Chain of his life was broken with two links disassociating from the chain.  He was all lost for the want of life as peace and love of his life was snatched by his destiny.  His Destiny, who always treated him as a step child and he always called himself as "The Step Child of Destiny". 

Sitting in the corner of his room he thought about resorting to his old ways to live carefree life of boozing, smoking, fooling around and just killing his time till he can.  As he was about to get ready to move out of the house, his doctor called him and told him to immediately meet him.  He though asked why, but never got the answer and his doctor simply told him to rush to the hospital.  He somehow changed his mind and went to meet his doctor.  His doctor spoke to him telling him that his reports have come in and they are not too encouraging.  Though the reports are not confirming and a second set of tests needs to be carried out to confirm the traces that have been identified.  When he heard that from the doctor, a sadist smile floated on his face as if he was happy to hear the news.  Though he agreed to have the second set of tests, he was happy deep in his heart on hearing the ailment. 

He was happy for he now as he would not require to resort to his old ways and try to ruin his life till he can.  He was happy that God helped him in his cause by giving him the ailment in gift. The ailment that he was sure wouldn't last for more than 6 to 8 months and that meant for him "only few more months" to live in plight and agony. 

His tests were conducted the same day and he went back home all happy that Life's now just going to be for few months.  He was too happy and went on with the process of writing his Last few wishes that he wanted to fulfill before he surrenders to death.  He went on distributing his belongings to the near and dear ones and his house maids family. He wanted to live his last few months with the minimum that he required.  He was happy that he will now get over the plight and agony as his life will end and he would meet the divine death....his journey was coming to an end and he felt elated that he would be freed from the bond of love, hate, pride and all such feelings......

The next day he woke up with a nice smile, the weather was also smiling with him with nice sunshine and light breeze. He started his day as usual and finished his daily routine.  As the day touched lunch time, his phone rang and he answered the call.  "Hey, I have a good news for you!!" was the voice from other side. "What Doc, you got confirmed that I have the ailment that you mentioned yesterday?" he almost chuckled while asking that.  But the next moment the expression of Pain and Agony Floated on his face as he heard his doctor saying "No dude, the good news is that the reports are clean.  The first set of reports were misleading and you just need medication and therapy".  One could see the shade of plight on his face.  His eyes were all expressing the sadness that he could express.  He seemed to be sulking and he replied to his doctor "Thanks doc, thanks for the news"......and he then disconnected the phone while mumbling "what's so god about the news?"  

He just collapsed on his bed and seemed shattered.  The expression on his face was depicting that his Destiny again ditched him and he once again was left stranded to face the Plight and Agony of his Life...... He was again left in lurch by his Destiny to face the memories of the Broken Chain.  He got up and went to the Window looking at the Sky, which had turned cloudy and droplets had started falling.   He looked up at the Sky and mumbled - "God I know even you are crying for my fate and I know you will have to miss me for some more time when we were looking to meet soon"

Standing there he was all lost for he was thinking with whom he could share his feelings. He never had anyone in his life who would have heard his plight and agony, when he was always the Solution to their problems, a leaning shoulder for them in plight and agony.  That day he again realized how alone he is to fight his lonely battle with destiny to win Happiness and peace for his Life....

Another round of War with Destiny Declared.....

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