Thursday, May 24, 2012

Corruption and Indian Politics

Soon we would be coming around the time that we would be celebrating the Anniversary of Anna's Fast for Lokpal Bill to curb the corruption. The effort that is worth a praise and worth holding up, for Anna stood for the masses and masses were with Anna then.  But where is the support of masses now? Where is the team Anna dispersed? Why has the Fizz or Steam run out from the way things had started?  

It is really disheartening to note that the "Ekla Chalo Re" has not translated in this case.  Anna did more than a fair bit of effort to push the government to have the Lokpal Bill presented and passed way back last year, but where is the Lokpal Bill.  Various promises were made by the Government then, but least was done.  Very Usual of any Government that we have seen over the years.  They all promise that they will do this or they will do that and the attention of masses is drawn towards the other issues. 

Now, as we are almost through May 2012, we have been witnessing the Report Card of UPA II Government. The one thing missing in that Report Card is the Number of Scams that came to light and the number of Ministers tainted through Scams. The report card also does not read the level of efforts by the Government on the terms of enforcing Anti-Corruption measures and instituting Strong Lokpal Bill.

Opposition is claiming that the Government is at a stage that it can tumble anytime, but they also are in silent mode when it comes to the state of Lokpal Bill and the Anti-Corruption Measures.  None of the India Politician is ready to open his / her mouth to convince us, the average Indians, that they would work to ensure that Corruption is rooted from Indian Economy. They certainly wouldn't ever constitute a Lokpal Bill that would be strong enough to ensure that Corruption is eradicated.

The Logic is simple in this case, a nation of 1.2+ billion striving to stay fit in their day to day life. Masses Busy dealing with their own lives and no one to cross question the Politicians.  They make foreign trips at our cost, they live and eat at our cost, they have fun at our cost and they charge us only for getting our work done.  They are aptly supported by the Bureaucrats who actually run the overall system.  There is certainly NO Governance around in the system as those who constitute the Governance Framework are themselves Corrupt.  Bureaucrats know that the Government would change after 5 years, new Politicians would emerge and new ministers would assume the office. But they would remain and they also know that irrespective of the Political background, most of the Ministers and Politicians get in the Mud-sling of politics to Earn easy money.

The nexus of Bureaucrats and Politicians is such that the Corruption and Corrupts have infiltrated to the base of the Overall Governance Scenario in India and are damaging the core values of Indian Governance System.

The Country now needs another Revolution for Independence from Corruption and to get back to its Ethos and Tradition that has gone missing over years.....

We need everyone of us to become One Anna, and certainly with 1.2 Billion Anna's, Government and Bureaucrats will succumb and surrender to our demand to Eradicate Corruption......

Rise, Hold Hands and Walk towards a Corruption Free Future...


  1. In the first place, the government had no intention of passing the bill coz that would have crushed their own balls.
    They r just bidding time and waiting for the old man to kick the bucket.
    Once he is gone, the agitation will die its own death.
    As u have rightly said, the 1.2+ billion r just too busy earning their daily bread , and do not have the time , nor the inclination.
    In our country, what is convenient, is law.
    The corrupt Congress has seen to it that the common man has no time to think for all this. He is kept busy earning his bread.
    We need a fundamental change in our constitution ,which is just copied from the the British, by an equally idiotic fool.
    It should be scrapped and a more relevant one rewritten to suit our times. This old thought that the constitution once written cannot be changed , but only amended is a out dated concept.Its got to be in concurrence with time.
    What I am surprised about is that where are Anna's ACDs? Bedi, Kejriwal, et al?

    The only way i see out is that , all these old farts be lined up and shot to death. Wipe out the corrupt lot and induct fresh clean and young blood.This is the only revolution thats needed.

  2. Very well written.. really makes the average man think about all that is wrong with Politics.. Last year the Anna movement made many people believe that things are about to change, the revolution has begun but was that all in vain? shouldn't we fight for something long enough till we actually get it? We sure need a lot of thinking (and implementing) to do... Loved reading the post..and you have a new follower :)

  3. Dada, Saariyaan nu jung lag gaya lagda ne :))

    ACDs acid vich gum gaye ne. I don't think they have much to say now that they themselves contradicted each other and spoiled the entire show and the movement started by Anna. Let's see when they wake up again...

  4. Smile,

    Thanks for your words and thanks for following the blog. Readers like you help motivate bloggers like me