Thursday, May 17, 2012

IPL Controversies

So finally the news channels are abuzz with the set of controversies that started looming over the cash rich IPL. All started with the alleged sting operations by one of the TV News Channel India TV.  How much truth is there in the video is still to be evaluated as n past also another sting operation by the same News Channel was widely criticized by the Media in general.  

Just to add the vows of IPL Management and BCCI, the controversial mis-behavior and altercation between the "Super Star" and the Mumbai Cricket Association's Staff at Wankhede Stadium has taken the limelight.  The morning news at almost all the channels read "Breaking News - Shahrukh Khan Banned from Wankhede Stadium", the news papers read various versions about the altercations representing the altercation between "Drunk" Shahrukh Khan and the MCA Officials.  Interestingly one of the officials made a statement that the altercations happened in presence of BCCI Official and ACP of Mumbai Police.  

As I glanced through the news channels and news papers, I noted that Mumbai Police did record the statements of the MCA Officials, but had not taken a decision on recording the statement of Shahrukh Khan.  Another aspect that unveiled is MCA has Banned Shahrukh Khan from entering the premises of Wankhede Stadium "For Life". The various versions that have come to the public domain are all from the MCA's side and from Mumbai Police.  There is not even a single statement from Shahrukh Khan or any of his associates.  It would be interesting to know what comes out from them.

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  1. The SOB has nothing to say. He is the culprit . There is more to wt meets the eye. Just wait and watch. There is a lot more to come ..