Friday, May 11, 2012

When he got Hit - 2

From the archives of my stories, Part two of the Story "When he got hit". 
This is purely a fiction and does not bear any relation to anyone dead or alive. :)

As Nandit is rushed to hospital, the marriage of Deepti and her groom is solemnized as per the schedule and ceremony.  Nandit on the other hand is operated and gets the treatment for his wounds.  He is released from the hospital after 15 days. On the other hand Deepti and her Husband go for their Honeymoon and return a day later to when Nandit was released from the hospital.  They go to the hospital only to get to know that Nandit has been released and has gone to his hometown.  Deepti tries frantically to contact Nandit and try and know if he is well, but all her efforts go in vain. She thinks he would contact her once he would be in a state to.  But as the time passed, she lost her all hopes to get in touch with him.

Nandit, on his side had decided that he would vanish from Deepti's life as he id get the news that the marriage did take place and Deepti and her husband went for honeymoon.  As he recovers, his family forces him to marry the girl of their choice and he gives in to the demand of his family.  His marriage to Dolly is solemnized as per the traditional Indian process post which he moves to Australia as he gets transferred there.  Nandit gets busy with his life and wife in Australia, so does Deepti with her life at her new home with her hubby. 

Nandit gets transferred back to India after three years and he moves back to the new city and settles at the new place arranged by his colleagues for him.  His life became busier than before as he had climbed up the organizational hierarchy and he has to spend more time at work than at home.  His responsibilities at home also had increased with his 6 months old kid.  Somehow Nandit and Dolly ensure that life shift to smoother track than hectic and busy.  Dolly gets help with their next door neighbor too. She mentions about the courtesy and help extended by the neighbor and tells Nandit about the lady next door who though is also working and balancing between her life at home and managing the needs of her kid, is very supportive to her.  She asked if She should help the neighbor by offering help in taking care of the kid while She goes to her office.  Nandit doesn't find any harm in that and tells her to invite the Lady and her husband for Lunch or Dinner over the weekend.  On that Dolly informs her that the Lady stays alone with her kid and doesn't talk about her husband a bit.  Nandit was shocked but maintained his calm to tell Dolly to invite her at the least.  Dolly was happy and hugs him for being considerate and understanding.

The weekend approaches faster than not and their neighbor visits their place for Lunch.  As She arrives with her kid, Dolly calls Nandit and tells him that the neighbor has come.  Nandit comes out to the Living Room and freezes as soon as he sees the lady.  The lady also gets startled and shocked on seeing Nandit.  Dolly looks at their state and shakes Nandit to ask what happened? Both of them come to their senses and Nandit says Deepti, long time, How are you? How you have been? and asks a series of questions.  Deepti, from her perspective answers every question until Nandit asks about her husband.  Deepti breaks down leaving Nandit and Dolly puzzled as to why?

Deepti composes herself and tells them that her husband was found dead in suspicious conditions within 1 mth of their son's birth and cops could not gather any clue about his death.  Though as per the circumstantial evidences it was clear that he was murdered, but there was not even a single trace of the murderer.  Nandit raises his eyebrow and Deepti adds "Yes, almost the similar time when he would have got released from the prison". Nandit and Dolly console her and tell her that they would always be there by her side irrespective of circumstances or situations.  Dolly hugs Deepti and tells her that she should not be worried about herself or about her kid as She would take care of Deepti's kid as he were her own. 

Later when Deepti leaves, Nandit briefs Dolly about the overall case of Deepti's life except that he was in love with her.  Dolly Promises him that she would treat Deepti as her own sister and would not let her feel lonely.  Nandit feels proud about his wife. 

The life for the three of them become merrier day by day and Deepti once again becomes a jovial person she was  and the way Nandit knew her before her marriage.  But, Destiny had something else written for them.  They came back to reality the day, Deepti got a threat call from an unknown number.....She was thrown back in the memory lane and she was perturbed as to what would happen next. She was more worried about her young kid, though always felt safe about him as Dolly was always there to cover for her.....

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