Friday, May 18, 2012

When He got Hit - 3

From the archives of my stories, Part three of the Story "When he got hit". 
This is purely a fiction and does not bear any relation to anyone dead or alive. :)

Deepti was getting worried day by day as the frequency of the threat calls started increasing day by day and every time the call used to be from a different number.  Nandit and Dolly tried to know the reason, but she was tight lipped and didn't utter a single word to them. She was more worried for the safety of her Son. Days went by and the worry started having its impact on Deepti's health. She was so paranoid about the threat calls that she even quit her job. 

Nandit discussed with Dolly about the state Deepti was going through and they decided that they should suggest Deepti for a weekend outing with them.  Dolly spoke to Deepti and Deepti also thought that it was a good idea as it would help her in getting away for a while.  They planned an outing to Manali and prepared well for the weekend.  The trio started on friday night to Manali and as Nandit was driving, Dolly and Deepti engaged in their talks on the back seat of the car.  As the journey progressed, Nandit observed that a car was constantly following them and used to slow down or accelerate as per the speed Nandit was Driving.  The Car was maintaining a constant distance from them.  Nandit got suspicious and decided to stop over at the next Service Station / Rest Area on the way.

As decided by Nandit, he pulls over the car at the next Service Area and parks the car in the parking lot, he observes that the suspicious car also pulls over to the Service Area and parks at some distance from his car.  Being careful, he escorts Dolly and Deepti to the Cafeteria section along with the kids and heads to the counter to get something for them to eat.  Dolly on her side walks towards the Rest Room.  As Nandit was about to place the order on the counter, he hears a gun shot and immediately turns in the direction from where the gun shot was heard.  He sees a guy rushing out of the Service Station and immediately chases the silhouette that she saw rushing of the door.  As the guy tries to get in the car and vanish from the scene, Nandit reaches his car and holds the door of the car to pull out the guy from the car.  As he succeeds in his attempt, he gets shocked to see Deepti's ex boyfriend with gun in his hand.  The guy tries to get away from Nandit and in the process he shoots and the bullet hits Nandit on his the left side of the abdomen.  But Nandit doesn't leave the guy and at the same time, the cops arrive at the scene and arrest the guy.  Cops also ensure that they shift Nandit to the hospital.

Nandit gets operated for removing the bullet from his body and is shifted to intensive care unit.  As soon as he comes back to consciousness, he inquires about Dolly, Deepti and the kids.  His father, who had arrived tells him that Dolly as well as Deepti are also in the same hospital as both of them were also shot. He adds that both the kids are safe and are with their grandmothers at home.  Nandit inquires about the guy, for which his father tells him that he is behind bars and is scheduled to be prosecuted soon.

Nandit regularly seeks information on the state of recovery about Dolly and Deepti till he gets discharged from the hospital.  As he reaches home, he gets shock of his life to see a garland on Dolly's Photograph. He looks quizzing at his father as to why he was not told about this. Why he was told lie about the death of his beloved wife?  He breaks down and the first question he asks everyone around was about Deepti.  He looks at his father and asks, where is Deepti and how's she?  As he finishes his question, he sees Deepti walking in the room with support of her mother. She had tears in her eyes and she looks at Nandit telling him "Your Wife was a brave person. She sacrificed her life to save mine.  Though the first bullet hit me, she rushed in to be hit by the next two bullets fired at me."  She walks to Nandit and gives him a hug to console him.


  1. Y these negative emotions?

    Sounds more of a self pity situation.

    Cheer up buddy.

  2. Ha ha, nahin Dada, this is pretty old idea that I had written so thought should post it on the blog :)