Monday, May 28, 2012

Will Pay Pakistan 10 Mn for Hafiz Saeed - Joke or Moke

Will Pay Pakistan 10 Mn for Hafiz Saeed.  And do what? Have another Honorary Guest in the Prisons of India to add on to the Official Expenditure.  Aren't we done enough with Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru? Aren't we spending enough on the High Profile Prisoners to be the Elite Guests of Govt of India?

This is getting way beyond our tolerance. Govt of India is ready to pay 10 Mn from the Public Coffers.  The money that we the Tax Payers of India pay for our betterment, will now go to get a perpetrator to our Land and then Treat him as a Royal Guest of India.  It ain't funny Mr. Home Secretary.  If you would spend that kind of Money to bring that perpetrator home, then the Government must ensure that NO time, effort and money is wasted in the prosecution. The perpetrator must be simply executed.  More the time he would spend in the prison, more chances of another plane hi-jack, another attack on Parliament, another terror activity like 26/11 and so on.  

If He is brought back to India for the money that is tax payers money then we just want one thing - "Execute Him along with Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab". No Mercy anymore on any perpetrator....


  1. We all kn that our judicial system is toothless and and idiotic. If it were to be an Indian citizen, as in the case of Biant Singh ( Indira's assassinator), he would be shot within seconds. But these tow bastards r fed biryanies and kababs and kept alive even after the world has seen, live,their deads.
    There is no political will to do away with terrorism. Its just big talk, and pomp and show.
    Whene r we going to learn?

  2. Well well, Are those guys gonna pay from the money stashed in their foreign Bank Accounts? We the Indians should strongly oppose bringing such beasts to India and then running a mockery of trial. If they ever bring him to India, he should be SHOT at Sight even if covered with high security.....