Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Mess

Interesting case that is decoded, but on the basis of circumstancial evidences. Read the case full of mess - 1. Someone creates the Full Mess for some vested interest and claims to be truely innocent 2. Someone gets used to victimize someone else and doesn't realize that is being used. The mess deepens. 3. Someone becomes the victim but doesn't want to open the mouth because someone else woild get impacted. Full on Mess accepted. 4. Someone tries to find the starting point and gets entangled in the mess that conversion of circumstancial ebidences to actual evidences need to be curtailed. Mess becomes fact. Sounds to be a very interesting movie theme, but is a real life case. The plot hatcher is happily living own life afyer distancong from the case. The person used as the medium is busy in owns life. Hurt bit silent. The Victim is headed to destruction. Mum, distant from the world, heading to life of anonimity and back to the unweded legal wife - aka job. Distanced from the world diesn't mean end of life, but means that the qorld for the Victim is just too limited. What a tragic story. What a tragic outcome. And it is totally uknown as to what's next? Would the person used ever realize the level of trauma the victim underwent? Would the plotter ever realized the overall impact on the Victim? And the biggest question - who lost the most? Time will only tell!

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