Thursday, August 2, 2012

Irresponsible Media

Oh So nice, Times Group was the one to run the campaign against Maharashtra Govt when they increased the legal age limit to consume alcohol. That time they targeted Govt and ran the Campaign with Captions Like - If I can vote at 18, why can't I drink at 18. Interesting that their campaign then fell right on the face.

Now the target is Amir's Satyamev Jayate - Interesting to note that Times has "Highlighted" the case when the episode in question was about Bad effects of Drinking.

Time for Times Group to grow up!!!  Media is called as one of the Pillars of Democracy and what we witness is irresponsible behavior by one of the Reputed Media House proving to be the Evil Eye of Democracy trying to Bake its bread on the scoops that would raise TRP of their Shows.....

Seriously - Time to Grow up and Time to be responsible

The Video Report can be accessed at -


  1. The post was a comment on Indiatimes Article itself and I guess the Editors understand their responsibility -
    Dear Mayank Trivedi ,
    You recently posted a comment on the Video ''Aamir Khan's reality show exposed?''. Your comment is now live and you may view it by clicking here.
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  2. In short I would summaries it as "Yellow Journalism"

    As for "Satyamev Jayate" I dont agree to most of its
    hypothesis and arguments.

    1. I neither am aligning with SMJ nor with media. My point is why TOI has taken up one episode on Drinking and not any other? This is nothing but Hypocracy!!!