Saturday, August 18, 2012

Politics of Crime or Criminal Politics

The Assam Riots, the Riots in Mumbai, the mass exodus by North Eastern Indians Starting from Bangaluroo and then spreading across Karnataka and now as reported from Pune.  People are made to think that these all has resulted due to the Hate Comments as posted on the Social Networking Sites or the Hate Messages as circulated through SMSes or Twitter.  Cops are also working towards ensuring that the Social Media is engaged in cleansing of such Hate Messages.  But is there any focus on the Root Cause of such cases?  Would somebody get down to identify From where these messages came into being? Would someone try to identify the Origin of the Sins caused?

Take for instance - Riots that originated at Azad Maidaan in Mumbai could not have been sporadic.  There has to be a good amount of planning behind them and there has to be a good amount of backing to those who were involved in rioting.  Police Force deployed got apparently outnumbered resulting in molestation of  Female Cops, now this situation cant arise unless there is enough preparation behind the riots by the Radicals.  It needs to be treated more as a Organized Crime and Organized Political Vandalism rather than Rioting.  The Case here is of Criminal Conspiracy shielded by the Religious Politics that in turn is shielded by the Religious Sentiments.

Another Instance - Mass Exodus of North-Eastern Indians starting from Bangaluroo and now reportedly stretched to Pune.  This is another case or Organized Crime to threaten the fellow citizens against their right to Education / Employment. Though this is nothing new because we have seen this before and that was more gruesome than this.  Though there is mass exodus, there still is no violence involved at this time and I would pray for the peace to prevail.  Having said that, this again is one staged and planned Regional Political Conspiracy that was played through the newer Information media of Social Networks and SMSes / Twitter messages.  If it were not the Pre-Planned case, why would special train/s be running (as reported) from Bangaluroo to the North Eastern India? That too without any "Official Announcement" about them.  This again is a clear case of Politically Sponsored Hate Campaign.

Coming to Situation in Assam, it is not something that we would ever like to witness.  People in relief camp are not ready to move back to their home for they are afraid.  What are they afraid of?  Why would someone be afraid of moving back to own house? Certainly when there is a known case of Political Backing to the rioters.  

All the above instances make me wonder "if India is at the brink of Political Insanity?"  Has the era of Political instability in India marked its beginning?  Are the people who get motivated to spearhead the Riots gone Insane or have they lost their sense of Civil Socialism?

With the set of happenings around in the Country, it makes me wonder why I get to hear - "We are a Civilized Nation!!" When actually the Politics here is of Barbaric Activities and Hate Speeches to the extent that the Law Enforcement Agencies themselves find it difficult to cope with!!!!


  1. How well brought up Sir. Now to actually state and I for one will say me included brought upon this plight on ourselves. Wanted to let every reader know that we all have it in us to fight the social evil called corrupt politics and political elements who are chosen by our masses who are not as well aware, not only because they are not aware but also because they are scared, next the masses have no alternative and yes Agree that today's politics is a scene and center of the crime world, every second person either exposed or not is a politician and they obviously back the miscreants for the mis-deeds done and that too to our own citizens and in our own land. Speaking aboutour law enforcement agencies: - Well they are also human and I believe they should get paid better and yes not be governed by the politics and they will turn around to ACTUALLY Serve the nation and its people rather than the miscreants and be forced too to support the GUNDA RAJ that is prevalent today in our country and as correctly called out our dear country that we call a "CIVILIZED NATION hahahahahahaha". So civilized that we actually have barabric and barbarians in the seat. A common thief put to prison and a killer given pardon, Yes we are Civilized...we are acivilized nation where politicians live in HUGE bunglows and earn crores and amass wealth while they speak of poverty and gettingrid of it, Yes we are a civilized nation that has ourleaders flying around and have anewset of cloth to address public meetings while the masses languish to even re-stich the old tattered attire to step out to earn, yes we are a civilized country as our politicians even though flunking exams are high held and illiteracy is not a shame to them but a fule to show others that an illiterate and a goon can be well off and shielded....YES INDEED WE ARE A CIVILIZED NATION....

  2. looks like people just browse and move on without wanting to even make a little difference by spending that little contributed time which was actually spent to Change this country from being a collony to today a free state. No - One has time to make that change and make something better.

  3. Politics is insane and barbaric because it makes "Hate Speeches"???… Ever thought why?? Haven’t most people - men or women - been brought up with prejudices, notions and biases fed in their minds towards a particular community, religion, religion, sect or gender, ever since they started to understand the society?? We blame it on the politicians, what about we ourselves? Don’t we hold grudges against a particular section of the society? Politicians speak what they think appeals to the masses so that they get their share of following, popularity and vote bank enabling them to fill in their coffers to the brim.

    Being civilized is not about being tame, it about Darwin’s Theory of Survival. Civilization started when mankind started to survive in tandem with nature, working towards a positive goal... a CONSTRUCTIVE POWER. There was no religion, no demarcation by region. It was later on when the power struggle started that all of these started to segregate and demarcate POWER. Sadly, all that remains now is, DESTRUCTIVE POWER… where is the GOAL??

    In all this rigmarole, common man who wants to live peacefully, in harmony and work towards contributing their best to themselves as well as the Nation, find themselves in a dilemma of what and how to protect their existence and sanity. Why we who call ourselves Indians, citizens of a so called “Secular” State live as INDIANS? What is stopping us? Fear of a mass exodus or riots? Aren’t we already bearing enough brunt of the Partition that we need to make things worse? They blame the Social Media Networking Sites for spreading the “Hate Campaign”, what is the rest of the media doing in the case then, cleaning up the mess?? Do you really think that rioters are so tech savvy and also they have the time to go online, shortlist locations and venues, make a list of rioters and create a data bank before doing the deed? Give me a break!!

    NO ONE here is bothered about the “NATION”!! Media looks for TRP ratings, Politicians look for the vote bank, Government wants to just collect taxes to feed terrorists and other criminals, create ruckus in the name of religion, region, and be in power one way or other even if it’s taking the NATION down into the dumps!! Now, left is the COMMON MAN, who really wants to make a change but is so stuck in his daily grind trying to earn a living, survive and give away nearly 52% of his salary in government taxes so that the CHAOS continues!! DO YOU ACTUALLY SEE AN END TO THIS VICIOUS CYCLYE??