Sunday, August 5, 2012

Youth and Intemperance

Intemperance refers to the quality of lacking restraints and is often used to represent the habit of excessive alcoholism, drug abuse and similar other evil habits of exceeding one/s appetite of consuming food or beverages.

The issue of Intemperance is widely observed in the society today.  With the ever decreasing size of families, more independence, increasing loneliness and other similar attributes, the youth today is experiencing a lot more inclination towards one or other form of Intemperance.  With more and more social networking getting online to the newer interaction media, the life of an average youth is more restricted to limited places and more of activities by the youth is being observed online.  

All the situations and circumstances are leading the youth to one specific corner.  The youth today wants to exhibit that cool and chick personality online and loves to brag around in virtual as well as real world about his or her hap attitude.  To exhibit their hap attitude, the youth get inclined to alcohol, smoking habits, drugs and similar other ill habits.  And before they realize, they find themselves that deeply involved in these habits that they can't think of a day without them, leading themselves at times to Intemperance, or over consumption.  This can be well represented by the ever increasing young deaths due to overdose of drugs and increasing medical expenses for excessive alcoholism.

For instance let me sight a case where this young chap was over indulged in the social networking.  He, who was a lot active in the field games in his school days when internet and social networking sites were not that a craze. But, by the time he was in second year of his college, he got hooked on to the internet and social networking sites.  You may say that the first sign of Intemperance with over indulgence to specific activity.  Slowly and slowly his interactions in real world were limited to the college and studies and more of his time was spent online.  He had a big time image in the virtual world where he was known as a Dare Devil, with a clean image of non-alcoholic and non-smoker.  There he was a regular gamer too and in one such game he lost the bet to someone in truth or dare sort of case.  That was the first time he had a drag of smoke and his first sip of beer. Over the time he developed the taste for both and before his friends and family could realize what was going around, Beer and Smoke became his best buddies in the confinement of his room.  the Young 20 something lad who had an Athlete's Physique turned into a So Called "Fatso" with that typical Beer Belly and "Bull Dog" Face.  His family, friends and well wishers tried to get him away from these regular companions, but more they tried, more he got drawn towards them.  The case went to the tune where he was admitted to Hospital for medical issues related to Lungs, for excessive smoking that too in closed room.  Today, at 22 something, the young lad is working back to regain his life that was prevalent in his early teens.  Life saved after getting into the trap of Intemperance....

Another case where this young girl of 16 something from a Middle Class Family got in a circle of girls from rich and affluent families. She started feeling out of the class and to be at par with them, she started demonstrating her so called "High Class" habits of smoking and junk foods. With time she realized her family can't afford to pay her the pocket money to lead the life like those girls and that was the first time she stepped on the wrong side of the life: she went to a rave party where under the influence of alcohol and drugs she accepted offer to sleep with someone for money. Today, she is high on drugs and has become a high society escort to fund her Intemperance for alcohol, smoke and drugs. Her family has disowned her for she brought the disrepute to them.  Life lost and spoiled in the trap of Intemperance!!!

There are many such cases where lives get spoiled and lost due to the lack of willpower and lack or support from families and friends.  It is very easy in today's society to get tempted towards something and slowly get into the vice like grip of Intemperance. And with the low social indulgence in the real society or lack of moral support, there are many lives that are lost or spoiled.

So, what should we be doing?  It's your call, we can actually do a lot towards such cases.  Just look around yourself and you would find one or other case of Intemperance. May be, you yourself may be suffering due to Intemperance.  It is important that we identify such cases well in time and help the one suffering to come out of the vice like grip of Intemperance.

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