Friday, September 21, 2012

The Real India - What Does that mean?

I have been reading various responses, opinions and counter opinions on the recent developments around the FDI, Coal Block Scam, Diesel Price Hike, Cap on Cooking Gas Cylinders etc.  I also have been following up the developments around the same in the Political circles.  It was pretty interesting that the Opposition didn't let the Parliamentary Proceedings take place for most part of the Mansoon Session as they wanted the Prime Minister to make a statement in Parliament.  Whenever the Prime Minister was at the verge of making the statement, they would halt the proceedings and the day's session would be called off.  

Now today when the Prime minister addressed the nation over the recent Developments on FDI in Multi-brand Retail, Diesel Price hike and Cap on Cooking Gas Cylinders, I happened to read the Status Update on one of the FB Pages - The Real India, I would call it as one of the most impractical status as it read - "प्रधानमंत्री जी ने अपने अनुभव के आधार पर कहा कि,पैसा पेड़ो पर नही उगता.सही बात है प्रधानमंत्री जी,पैसा तो आजकल कोयले की खदानों में उगता है" (Prime Minister on the base of his experience said that money doesn't grow on tree, Very rightly said Mr Prime Minister, Money these days actually grows in the Coal Mines)

My Straight questions to the people behind the Particular page are - 
  1. Do we have to be Sarcastic in every aspect of the Government's Action?  
  2. If you are representing "The Real India" please tell me if THE REAL INDIA can afford a Loss of 12500 Crore in a day?  
  3. Doesn't a Day's Productivity throws back nation's progress?? 
  4. Now that the Finance Minister has reduced the Excise on LPG Cylinders to be 0 and the Congress Governments in respective States have added 3 additional Cylinders per house hold to make it 9 per year, what is there for the Other Political parties to do? Shouldn't they be following the suit or it would be disgraceful for them to do so as they lost the upper hand?
  5. Would the respective State Government go in for enforcing the Austerity Measures to ensure that the state's expenditure would go down so that they can save from the Budget and thus adjust the Budgeted taxes on the LPG as well as Diesel to provide the respite to the Common Man they tried to represent when they observed the Bandh?

Now, please also read this carefully as I am in no way supporting Government for the Coal Block Scam.  As is the country is already reeling under the burden of Scams and pretty interesting that all the Scams came to limelight during the tenure of the current Government. But Obvious the current Govt, is responsible for the portions they have executed and they need to set it right and in order to ensure that the losses are recovered by bringing in the corrections.  Certainly that would happen only when there would be a good coordination between the allies and the Unhindered Process of the Parliamentary Proceedings.  

If we have chosen a Government then we need to let them carry out their function of Governance. Certainly we need to oppose them for anything where they go wrong or where they commit a fault. But that does not mean that we try to bring the entire nation to halt. There is a better way to oppose Government's move and Parliamentary Process has provided for an option on that side.  We should not resort to get on the streets and cause loss to the Nation.

I have a general appeal to all the readers -
"If you are really that passionate about the country, then please come forward and press for Austerity Measures in the Respective States you think are doing good."

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