Saturday, September 15, 2012

Crazy & Funny Thoughts

I was just wondering around the controversial proverbs that are prevalent and are much talked about time and again.....Just weaved few of them to entice few crazy thoughts - 

  1. They say "Good things come in Small Packets" then why do they say "Size Does Matter"?
  2. They say "Old is Gold" but then they also say "What is Old goes Unsold"
  3. They say "When the going gets Tough, Tough gets going" and then they say "Don't act Tough when the things are going Tough"
  4. They say "Good Things come to those who wait" and then they say "Wait ain't worth a Dime today"
  5. They say "Wise Men Think Alike" and they also say "Fools Seldom Differ"
  6. They say "God made great Women to exist in every corner of the World" but then they say "God made the World round"
  7. They say "Pen is Mightier than a Sword" but then they also say "Actions Speak Louder than Words"
  8. They say "There is nothing like a free lunch" but then they also say "Best things in life come free"
  9. They say "Birds of same feather fly together" but then they also say "Same Poles Repel & Opposite attract each other"
  10. They say "You are never too old to learn" but then they say "You can't teach old dog a new trick"

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