Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bharat Bandh - What is the Motive?

Opposition and other "like minded" or should I say similar other Fickle Minded Political Leadership is either calling for or is supporting the Mass Strike at the National Level in India.  The Bharat Bandh has been called for by the Fickle heads against the Reformative and Financially Balancing measures by the Government.  They are against the Hike in the Diesel Prices as well as FDI or Foreign Direct Investment in the Multi-brand retail segment. And yeah against the Yearly Cap on the use of Cooking Gas at the currently subsidised rates.

I can well understand on the Cap of 6 cylinders per Family per year.  That is something not a right move. Government should block it at say one Cylinder Per month at subsidised rates. As is as i remember, they have a current cap of minimum 21 days or so to book a cylinder. A Cylinder a month is well understood from that perspective and can be justified too. Not the 6 cylinder cap. I do not align with that thought process.

However, when I look at the demand to roll back the Diesel Prices as well as roll back the decision of FDI, I do not align with the Fickle headed politicians.  This is something I would call as Insane.  

Talking of the hike in Diesel Prices, they need to understand that the Oil Companies can't keep on adding losses to their kitty on subsidized rates. At the same time they also need to understand that the Government has to take these measures to ensure that the Forecasted negative ranking should not become a reality for the nation as that may withdraw the flow of financials to the country.  If these politicians are so much concerned, then they should rather force in for Austerity Measures to ensure that the expenses of government are lowered and from there the Subsidy kitty may be funded .  But no, they would not go in for the Austerity Measures as that would hit their Comfort & Privilege levels.  A roll back of hike in diesel price would certainly be a Negative marking for the current government and it would lose faith of the citizens from the perspective of being "Really a Puppet Government".

Now coming to FDI in Retail market, then it should be well understood that FDI has been allowed ONLY in the Multi-brand store segment and that would mean more focused approach on investment and thus increasing the Job availability.  FDI in Retail would certainly help generate the Employment and thus decreasing the rate of unemployment.  These Fickle Heads need to understand that each large store would generate at least 5o to 60 direct jobs and would indirectly increase the job prospects in the Logistics as well as Supply Chain Management segment.  This would also provide better prices to the Farmers for their produce for there would be more buyers in the market.  Increase in Competition would also increase a sort of price wars or Promotional war and provide consumers with more choices to go with.

Calling a Bandh for the measures discussed above is nothing more than trying to showcase one's strength. it is indirect show of power and support for the Political Parties that are supporting it.  This is nothing but a power play by these parties who seems to be preparing for an early election rather than the schedule of 2014.  But if these parties are so much concerned then they should NOT waste nation's Productive resources by calling a Bandh.  A Days' Bandh directly or indirectly adds to the Losses Due to -
  • non productivity and broken business where the business owner's loss can be identified in the Opportunity as well as profit dip 
  • a protest turning violent results in damage to property and public / private assets.  This is nothing but the political drama that needs to be avoided
  • hit to the GDP rate due to losses as discussed above
The Bandh for a day pushes the development efforts by few months or may be by few years. It is the need of hour for the Indian Citizens and Rsidents to understand that support to this bandh will actually be a mistake or say a blunder. 

In the Nation that believes in "Work is Worship, people seriously needs to set their preferences right!!!


  1. Ha Ha Ha.

    Look at the course of events.As usual a sizable price hike in a petroleum product, a mass hue and cry by the public, and a eyewash roll back. This is how the Congress rules, making a mockery of the democracy.
    And all that we the people of this great country do is call a bandh, being the most ineffective way of protest in modern times. Does this really effect the governments decision? Are they really bothered of the total man day loss? In all probability , they calculate the loss in the hike and recover it ten folds before the rollback eyewash.
    How many shops and businesses r kept bandh willingly? Most of the shops r forced to remain closed by the local goondas, more in fright to prevent damage than to support the cause.
    Why cannot we strike the Japanese way producing double the daily quota? why isnt it tried out in our country even once?
    Increasing the prices of diesel is an indirect way of increasing the prices of all commodities.
    AS for the cap on subsidy on the gas cylinders concerned, the poor who even boil their bathing water on the gas stove r the most hit. This kind of a subsidy doesn't serve any purpose.
    There is no written law regarding the 21 day period. But yes it does prevents commercial usage.
    Do u think that this government in interested in increasing employment? Its just a coincidental advantage of their self interested policies.
    In toto we r all a timid lot, and accept wt is dished out to us, without much ado.
    For us Indians,survive on the theory that, "What is convenient, is law".
    Let us shed this attitude and rise up in a total disobedience movement against the corrupt government.
    I rest my case.

  2. I reopen my case.
    Further to the reply, has anyone thought abt the strata of society that barely makes two ends meet on a daily basis?
    The daily wage earner, the rickshaw and taxi walas, the migrant paying guests and hostel residents, et al , who depend on hotels starting from their morning cup of tea to dinner.Where do they go?
    A bandh of this kind serves no purpose. There has to be an uprising against the corrupt politicians and all should be brought to books.

    Any takers?