Saturday, September 1, 2012

Coal-gate raw in Parliament

The mother or father of all the scams, the coal block scam has rattled the nation.  The Indian Parliament has been seen adjourned sessions due to this. The Political parties are opposing the central governments' move. But what does a common man get out of it? Nothing and moreover the stalled / adjourned session of parliament is wasting national time and money.  

Though like other Bloggers there is lot to write for me on this topic, but the thought that's crashing in my mind is - सरकार ने कोयले की दलाली में हाथ काले कर ही लिए!!! 

And its not just the government that is facing the bleeding thorn, the opposition party BJP is also in the fray with some Coal blocks as awarded were identified to be awarded to the relatives of BJP leaders.  Even the Left Parties are not spared as they are also identified to have allotted Coal blocks without auctions.

Another thought that hits my mind - सारे के सारे अपनी उंगलियां घी में और सर कढ़ाई में डाले बैठे हैं|

All the Political parties are actually equally responsible and are involved in the overall Scam, but just because the CAG report implicates the sitting government, everyone is pointing finger at them.  Now this is what is called as Politics of Fair Advantage to sit in the opposition...

लेकिन जब सरकार आपकी पार्टी की बनेगी तब आप क्या करेंगे? Just wondering what would the opposition parties do when they would succeed in their political ambition to be in the Ruling Side?  Did they forget that when BJP was sitting as the Ruling Party, we had witnessed the "Coffin-Gate".

Everyone just flexes muscles to earn the quick buck till they are in power...... Yeah the Power Corrupts and the Indian Political scenario today is such that we would need to use the candle light in broad day light to find a NON-Corrupt Politician..... 

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