Saturday, September 15, 2012

Diesel Price Hike

So the melodrama begun and some serious differences between the allies themselves sprang up.  Few statements as they read UPA is not made of just one Party
  1. We were not consulted before the Price hike
  2. I am shocked how the country is being sold
  3. Without Fuel Subsidy, how will poor families bear the burden
  4. Price of human being is declining when prices of everything else are going up
Now my question to the Politicians that they need to answer the next time they make a statement
  1. Do they understand how much Tax burden does this subsidy amount to for the Tax Payers?
  2. Do they understand how much does this Subsidy bite out from the Govt budget and adds to the Deficit?
  3. Do they understand how much this Rs 5 a liter would actually translate per head or per family?
  4. Do they understand what is the statistics of Per Capita Diesel Consumption?
Just because they have to Polticize some issue and take the case to general public to make them think about the one who cares for them, these politicians just make any statement.  

My Next set of questions that the politicians need to answer are - 
  1. If Govt rolls back the price hike, would these same set of politicians cut down their official expenses and their undue foreign trips (for personal gain) to help support the govt to raise Subsidy kitty?
  2. Would these set of politicians ensure that the govt. officials in their respective states also adhere to the minimum expenses guideline to add to the subsidy kitty?
  3. What would these politicians do if they were in the power?
What I feel and believe in is - It is easy to sit outside and dissect any decision taken and implemented by the government.  What is important here is to ensure is to understand the perspective and situations where the government was forced to take such harsh decisions.  

In my opinion, Politicians need to be rationale and need to be more focused towards development of the nation than trying to oppose the Decisions of the Government. They at the same time also need to avoid any statement given for they ended up taking things personal and hurt their own ego....

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