Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kasab Hanged - The News

It was one of the most "Requested News" by every Indian from the Government of India to hand the guy involved in the dastardly act that resulted in holding the City of Mumbai on Seize for more than 26 hrs.  It is that every True Indian was praying for and was wishing that it would happen One Day. We all wanted him to be dead for enough had already gone in four years from the time the heinous crime was enacted in Mumbai.  So yesterday, the news finally came to the light that Ajmal Kasab was hanged till death in Pune's Yerwada Jail.  An event that was highly confidential to have even been known to the Prime Minister. Wonderful!!! A really a Heart Warming News!!!! 

However, when I followed up few comments and wishes on Facebook and Twitter I felt if we are living in a society where we respect Law and Order, or we just make a comment, just because we want to? It was pretty interesting to read various comments from the various quarters of the Civilized Society of India.  Please read those comments and my "Cross Questions" to those who made those statements - 
  1. Kasab should have been hanged in Public
    • Why? So that the miscreant / his fellow terrorists could have planned another series of blasts at the sight of him being hanged? 
    • What if they would have been successful in creating the havoc and stampede with their acts and free him?
  2. Kasab should not get a piece of land to be buried in India, His Body should be handed over to Pakistan
    • Good Point, but what should be done if Pakistan denies accepting his Dead Body in the same manner they denied him being the Citizen of Pakistan? 
  3. If Kasab's body is buried in Yerwada, please dig it out and throw it in sea
    • Why? to raise the communal tension by disrespecting a religion that does not permit digging out the graves?
    • Do we want communal riots because of a guy involved in a dastardly act?
  4. Bury Kasab's Body in the Sea
    • Pretty Good Wish by whosoever made it, but did the person even think twice on the cost associated with the activity?
    • Haven't we already spent enough of our Taxpayer's money on Security and Legal Facilities as extended to him while he was the "Guest of the State"? :))
  5. Kasab hanged, what about Afzal Guru?
    • Why forget that in the case of Afzal Guru, there is no Political Will?
    • The Government has acted as spineless in that case as some time back I remember it was being considered that the capital punishment in his case may converted to Life Imprisonment
Though there were many more, but these were the glittering ones that I thought need to be critically examined from the perspective of "Blunt Wishes" to Practical Situation as well as Safety and Security of Our Country.

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