Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Political Pseudo Machoism

Two girls arrested for Facebook post on Mumbai shutdown granted bail.

I had been following this incident since it was reported yesterday and was astonished to note the sections from IPC as well as Indian IT Act 2000 as slapped  against the Girl.

I don't see why this act from Police.  As per the Indian IT Act 2000 Amendment Act 2008, the said section can't be enforced for this act.  This is shameful act on behalf of the Cops and that too from one of the best Police force (as per the world figures).

The cops have misused the said act and the clauses, there is No Case on the Girl, she solely expressed her thought.  There had been many more cases that can be highlighted against various other leaders but they are not arrested? why??

It seriously jeopardizes the "Freedom of Speech" as vested on us by the constitution of India. I no where see, how the Religious Sentiments were hurt and am sure that the Section 265 of IPC doesn't cover "Political Sentiments" for sure.

This is simple pseudo macho-ism by the Cops to appease some. Specifically when they never arrested those who made Gruesome and Communal Statements more publicly
Are Cops Going to arrest me too for criticizing the Act???


  1. What are the actions being taken towards bringing to justice the mob that destroyed their uncles clinic? In what way was he responsible for their comments on FB? Isn't India a democratic nation with freedom of speech?

  2. I think you have not followed the story completely. Maharasthra IG (Law & Order) has ordered a Probe and 9 have been arrested for the Act of Vandalism.

    With regards to the Nation being Democratic Nation with Freedom of Speech, please note that even you are hiding behind a Pseudo Name and making a statement ;) Doesn't that count :))

  3. We live in a country which still believes in the saying "King can do no wrong"
    If the rule applied to all then most of our politicians would have been booked long ago.
    Mera desh mahan.