Saturday, December 29, 2012

Respect Women - Respect Your Existence

Two Rape incidents reported in 10 days that too in Delhi, the Capital City of India. The first Rape Victim lost her life after battling against all odds for 13 days.  But, do we consider the death only when the Biological Process ends?  What about the mental trauma and loss of social status for the Rape Victims?  Today Media is airing the news of the Death and tomorrow they would be flocking to cover Girl's funeral, interviewing her family and friends.  But wouldn't that be a bigger Rape? Rape of Privacy of the Family? Rape of their family honor and respect. Not only media, but the political parties would also start on their political agenda and use the death of the girl as a weapon to hit back on the State as well as Central Government.  Everyone around would talk about the death and one fine day forget the case at all or else it would just become a reference in the medical studies or in legal corridors.  Long discussions will be held and a lot will be said.  But, would that all bring justice to the Girl and her death? Never to forget, justice to her family.

Looking at the circumstances, I am sure that the justice would never be dealt to the Victim nor to her family. Not to forget here the case 2 as reported of the 42 year old Woman from Jaipur.  Either case the victims would not get the right justice as in my opinion, there could never be a sentence that would bring back the honor of a Rape Victim or her family. The only way we can ensure justice to the Victims till date is by ensuring that the acts like Rape are totally eradicated from our country. I know that is a far reaching thought, but unless we think on that front and work to that effect to sensitize the society, we would just be reading and talking "Gyan".  

I would request all the readers to join the cause to make this society a secure society for the girls and the women.  Respect them as they are the base of our existence and if they are not secure, our future would automatically be insecure.  We all need to join hands to ensure that they are respected with a special request to media to not rush around to earn TRPs by airing the interviews or coverage of funeral. Let Victim's soul rest in peace and let the family and friend mourn in peace than hurting their privacy....else we would all be the culprits of Raping off the Privacy of the Family and Friends and of the Poor Soul of Victim.....

Also, there would be different talks about say hanging the culprits or castrate them or cut off their organs etc etc, but do we think that would help lessen the acts of Rape?  Not in my opinion, because today the government might take that route, tomorrow the people themselves would take the law in their hand.  Recall the movie "Gangajal" in which the cops first use acid and then blind off the culprits and the mob follows the suit.  So do we want to turn our society back to a barbaric society? I guess not, Rape itself sets off a barbaric act, but it needs to be ensured that the Culprits are not put through barbaric acts.  Hang them if the law decides to. However, for my opinion, we need a law to ensure that the Culprits in such cases are sentenced to Life Imprisonment.  Something like "Kala Pani". They should be cut off from the society and made to live behind the prison through their life.  Remorse would surely settle with time, but they need to be released only after their soul leaves their body.  


I respect NDTVs stand to not cover her funeral or air any interview or something. Quoting B we will not be covering the young girls funeral or interviewing relatives or descending on her hometown. Death must be marked in other ways

Hope other Media Houses also act sensibly 


  1. sir...every thing has its pros and cons... and so do our media. On one side it has awaken all our countrymen for the injustice and disrespect led to the women's in our society and one side it has been breaking through the privacy of the family of the victim.... this incident was brought to notice to the country as a whole by media.... otherwise Damini case might have been on one files of lying in some police station if registered.. or if not registered then no one accept victim and her family would have known it. So sir i think the country has been sleeping from a very long now its time for it to awaken... otherwise things would go beyond imagination........

  2. Ankahe Alfaz : I do agree that the press has its pros and cons, but its more of yellow journalism than a true act of awareness. Be it the print or the TV media.
    These days the press prints wt sells and not the whole truth.
    News is turned and twisted to suit the market and gain a TRP.
    What is more is that most of the big media houses are either owned or funded by the political parties, and only voice what the party wants.
    Its for us as a whole nation to rise up and get rid of these useless and corrupt lots. Its time for an civil disobedience movement and an uprising.
    The politicians are to be brought to books and punished just as they would do to a criminal.

    1. Freddie sir: I accept your point..."that media is here for its TRP" they are not into any social business so we should not be media driven.... we are that much sensible that we can stand for a right cause and things which are endangering our society.... at least this act of media has brought some sense of unity and responsibility in our countrymen they are now no more in muted state... but this tool of politicians could act against them if they continue to behave in the same way for too long..........
      in short Freddie sir i would say

      जो मौन थी फिजाएं,
      आज वो भी है रो पड़ी।
      ले अश्रुओं कि धरा,
      पूरी सदी है रो पड़ी।।

      सो जग जाओ अभी भी,
      ओ आका इस जामने के।
      के कहीं ये जग गाये तो,
      शायद तुम आका न हो फिर ।।


  3. Both of you are right in your own sense, but look at the way more and more cases have been dug out by the Media in last two days. Today the total number of cases that are being discussed and televised are 5. "Amanat or Damini" or "42 Yr old from Jaipur" or "45 Year old in Barasti" or "Patiala Case" or "Minor's Gang Rape in Gujarat" all are the cases that have now made it to where and why? The case is pretty simple "Yellow Journalism". The media houses are baking their TRPs on the stove of the Burning Topic of Rape and Brutality... But where would this lead is more important and if it leads to positive outcome it would be the best case....