Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shameless Nation of Billions

What we saw or witnessed in last 13 odd days was the brutality and the sufferings the Girl "Amanat" went through.  I pray god that her soul rests in peace and her parents gain the strength to live the life through with the loss in their family. Any amount of condolences or sympathy would not heal their wounds nor would they make up for their losses.

And in last 13 days we also saw that at last the nation seems to be awake when it comes to the atrocities against women in India. But, would this really result in the desired change in the society??  Will this spur of the moment and anger of the masses turn into a change initiating movement or will it just become another Front Page news of a high profile case just like the Nithari Case, Jessica Lal's Murder Case, Ayushi Murder Case or loads of similar other cases?  I have strong doubts on the final outcome though.  

We have read about many different cases of Rape and just read another Gang Rape case in Patiala and that is just another gang rape in last 13 days.  Incidentally the media got to only two reports on rape cases that can be called high profile cases as they either happened in Delhi or with involvement on the High Profile people.  God only knows how many total rape cases would have been registered as Police Complaints and how many more would have gone unreported.  

We are a nation of billions ashamed on such cases.  I particularly feel shocked at the outrage with protests being staged when there are other cases being reported.  Imagine the audacity of the criminals of society that while the nation was showing outrage against the heinous crime, they went on to commit their own crime.  The nation and the media was too busy to even notice the other two cases.  I feel ashamed to be part of such a society where these cases happen.

Amanat on her part attained peace and solace when her soul met with the almighty and she went away from this barbaric society we live in.  But what about the other two cases and many other similar cases where the Legal Proceedings would inflict more insult on the Victims when the defending Lawyer would raise questions to the Victim or the witnesses on the process of rape. What sort of law is that where the Victim gets raped more and more not just physically, but by the way of mental harassment too.  The Victims also face harassment in the society.  Though they are the ones who face the brutality, it is only they who face the boycott of the society.  

The society also looks at curbing the right to equality for the females.  On one side we talk of Gender equality and on the other side we find institutions like Khap Panchayats enforcing bans on them. Just read the way a Politician made a statement - Wearing skirts to school causes sexual harassment: BJP politician.  

By large the case has certainly stirred a round of outrage but this needs to extend through the grass root and till the deepest parts of the society.  This outrage and protest should work towards enacting strict laws for acts of violence against females by large and not just rape.  Imagine the atrocities that the female undergoes in this country of billions. They are not at peace starting from the Womb where they may be inflicted with Foeticide to the adolescent Molestation and Sexual harassment to Gender Biasness and Restrictions. The list can go on and on to include domestic violence, workplace harassment and many more.  But what is society and GOI going to do in this case?  

We need to empower the Women in general and we need to ensure that Women Protection Cells are setup to take into these cases and ensure that adequate protection is provided to the Victim along with Rehabilitation and Privacy Protection support.  On the other side these cells must be empowered to take the cases of atrocities against women through Fast Track Courts with total transparency and honesty.....


  1. The nation should boycott the Republic Day celebrations in totality! Ensure a "NO SHOW". They don't want the citizens gathering even for a peaceful protest, so why should crowds gather to hear them at their convenience? And what is the Nation celebrating anyway?

    We have a failed Government loathing in Corruption! It is time for a Revolution!

    Let the PM & the President address vacant spaces & buildings. They don't want our presence now but let us be absent when it matters most. Let the world get a taste of our disgust. Let us shame them by playing their game."

    Let us prepare for a New India!


  2. Fred da, Nation boycotting Republic day?? that would be something that would be at a later stage, but would Nation and specifically the politicians and protesters not celebrate the New Year?

    Imagine the shameful incident that came to light involving the Gang Rape of a 45 year old in Barasati and then the Rape of a Minor in Gujarat. 3 reported till yesterday and another two just coming to light last night and early this morning making it 5 "reported in Media" cases.....

    Let me see how many Celebraties organizing the Mass Campaign would abstain from celebrating the New Year. Trust me on this most of them would be drowned in oodles of booze and merely talking of the rape cases as the stray incidents, dissecting and analyzing the incident in a similar fashion as the "Post-Mortem" in Medical cases...