Thursday, December 13, 2012

The National Guest - Afzal Guru

Was just reading various blogs that I follow and came across a fellow blogger and friend's post referring to Afzal Guru, the National Guest today who has been locked up there waiting for Clemency.  The post raises quite a few thoughts and raises a few questions too.  Though I have had a few posts on this topic earlier too, but after reading the thought provoking post, a fresh set of queries crept up my mind.

I am unsure why on one side a terrorist acting as a maniac is awarded death penalty and then hanged to death in an all hush hush affair? But a terrorist who acted on the hate for Nation, to the nation which he belongs, why is he being treated as the National Guest or the Guest of Honor?

Afzal Guru, who was involved in the attack to the highest institution of Indian Democracy, the attack on the parliament, but is still alive out there. For What? 
  1. Just because it was the act where the Country was made to hide their faces with shame for terrorists could reach the corridors of Parliament? Or 
  2. Is it because Afzal Guru is associated with JKLF and Kashmir and Government is afraid of taking a step or decision to hang him? or
  3. Is it because Government has few lobbying in for the clemency of this very guy and those who are lobbying are powerful Politicians of the Indian Democracy?
When would the idiot politicians and administrators understand or rather realize the every time the topic of Afzal Guru comes in for discussion, we as the nation feel ashamed.  We would even after he would be hanged to death, but then at least he should be hanged to death for the crime against nation.  He is Guilty, it is proven, he is to be hanged, it is imperative.  There is no second thought, and if any idiot out there thinks that Afzal Guru deserves Clemency, then that idiot should host Afzal Guru as personal Guest at personal expenses and the Tax payers need to be spared to bear the burden of a conspirator and a traitor.

Reference post can be found at - Notes From Kashmir: Free Afzhal Guru But ! or (

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  1. Why do we forget that any and every thing in this country is done with a selfish political motive, either of an individual politician, or for the party,and winning elections.

    Its left up to the public of this nation to decide, to what level we can tolerate the corrupt and corruption.
    As for the hanging of Kasab, I have my doubts whether he was even alive at that point of time,or everything was a hogwash.

    The trouble i our country is that these core and national issues take so long to be resolved and brought to a logical end,that the mere essence of the whole issue is dampened and lost.