Thursday, May 31, 2012

Healthcare System and Associated Malpractices - I

Just Read "Apologize, Doctors tell Aamir Khan" for his work for the fourth episode of Satyamev Jayate. In that episode Aamir highlighted the Medical Malpractices and interestingly Doctors are trying to highlight it as a blatant lie.  This just made me laugh a bit at the idiosyncratic response.  Incidentally the same time as Satyamev Jayate was aired, I had also written a post "Healthcare System and Associated Malpractices" highlighting few more cases than what were discussed in Satyamev Jayate.

I guess the Doctors forget their code of conduct and resort to money making practices and when they are shown the mirror, they retort. These Doctors need to review their own conduct before asking Aamir to apologies.  There is no Smoke Without a Fire and the doctors indeed need to accept that the Medical Profession today has become a Business.  In Government Sector as well as in Private the Doctors resort to the way to skim Money out of Patient's Blood.  The Medical Malpractices even should have highlighted the cases where Doctors indulge in illegal Trafficking and Trading of Human Organs. Where those who have money to spend get the treatment and those who don't have the money are left to die in the Hospital Corridors....  Doctors need to first stand up and look at their fraternity practices.....They need to apologize to the to the Mankind for what they have turned the Profession to.

They need to understand that when someone is ill, they are seen as the God and God doesn't discriminate between Rich and Poor.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Disintegration of Indus Valley Civilization

Just read an email forward with a source pointed to - Huge Ancient Civilization Collapse Explained

The researchers have claimed to work a step towards Solving the Mystry of Indus Valley Civilization and tracing the reasons of its disintegration.  The scientists detailed their findings online May 28 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
I am not detailing the complete article here as it is a Copyright 2012 of LiveScience, a TechMediaNetwork company. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

It indeed is an Interesting Article, however the researchers are swaying away from the aspect of Aryan Attack on the Harappan Civilization around the same duration of 3900 to 3000 BC.  If we read Hindu Mythological books that have scientific knowledge buried in the depths of their verses, we would find the other aspect.  It is very interesting that during Harappan culture or what we say Indus Valley Civilization, the residents were always identified for the Stature that meets "Dravidian" clan's stature.  It was after the Aryan's started migrating they are said to disrupt the peace of the Indus Region and the community migrated not just to the East, but more towards the southern Part of Peninsula.  The overall description of various Clans - Dev, Manav, Gabdharv, Naga, vanar and danav can be well related to the various clans in the various region of India.

It is pretty interesting that the concept of Aakash, Dharati and Pataal came into the picture for the residence of Dev, Manav and Daanav.  Pretty interesting is the point that all these could travel between Aakash, Dharti and Pataal in their respective vehicles including aircrafts.  

I had done some sort of research and the above points are from that research. Let me work back into that case and will love to write a detailed Blog post regarding the same with interesting pointers. 

We all know sometimes the researchers and the Historians can mislead us.  The way they have already done in case of the Indian History!!!

Special Thanks to Freddie Desai to have forwarded me the Article.  He is a a regular reader of this Blog and an avid critic for me to help write better.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Will Pay Pakistan 10 Mn for Hafiz Saeed - Joke or Moke

Will Pay Pakistan 10 Mn for Hafiz Saeed.  And do what? Have another Honorary Guest in the Prisons of India to add on to the Official Expenditure.  Aren't we done enough with Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru? Aren't we spending enough on the High Profile Prisoners to be the Elite Guests of Govt of India?

This is getting way beyond our tolerance. Govt of India is ready to pay 10 Mn from the Public Coffers.  The money that we the Tax Payers of India pay for our betterment, will now go to get a perpetrator to our Land and then Treat him as a Royal Guest of India.  It ain't funny Mr. Home Secretary.  If you would spend that kind of Money to bring that perpetrator home, then the Government must ensure that NO time, effort and money is wasted in the prosecution. The perpetrator must be simply executed.  More the time he would spend in the prison, more chances of another plane hi-jack, another attack on Parliament, another terror activity like 26/11 and so on.  

If He is brought back to India for the money that is tax payers money then we just want one thing - "Execute Him along with Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab". No Mercy anymore on any perpetrator....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Healthcare System and Associated Malpractices

India, the Land of Culture, Heritage and Tradition is reeling under yet another malpractice that is becoming a nuisance day by day.  The malpractice that seldom sees the light of the day because the associated culprits are seen as the "Form of God", the Doctors and the Medical Service Professional.  Indeed, there is the God and then there is the Doctors and Medical Professionals. In God we believe and on Doctors and Medical Professionals we rely for our Health issues.  In case of any ailment, our first option is Doctors and then God.  But are the Doctors and Medical Professionals living up to the expectations that they should?  I would say No as the Medical Profession today has become a Business of its own sorts.  There is Price attached to everything and the Medical Professionals now have put a price with Premium to our Lives as well. 

When we look around ourselves, we find that the Healthcare system in India is one of the weakest in the world.   Though there are Civil Hospitals falling under the governance of Local / State or National Government, but then the Doctors associated treat most patients either in their own Nursing Homes or refer to other Doctors / Hospitals that charge phenomenal.  Most of the times the facilities in these Government Hospitals lack adequacy in form of lack of medical equipment, lack of medicines, lack of enough infrastructure or lack of devoted time by the appointed Doctors.  The Doctors here often prescribe medicines that are not available in the Hospital itself and when you visit the Medical Store, you find that the Medicine costs a fortune with a premium. And behind the scene case in there is the prescription is so specific that you get it at a Specific Medical Store only and the respective Doctor has a "Cut" in the overall charges that you pay for your medicine. If you dig dipper, often there are traces of evidences that lead to the medicines that were procured by the Government System and rather than ending up at the Hospital, they end up at the Medical Stores.

I remember coming across few cases where the District and State Procurement Officers, incidentally Doctors, were involved in the procurement of the Medicines.  The prices and quantity in the invoices were actually inflated for their benefits and the Hospitals under their jurisdiction never received the medicines that they were supposed to in the given quantity. The Nexus involved the entire chain of people from the Clerk at the Hospitals to the Senior Healthcare officials associated with the State Secretariat.  This is the state of affairs in almost every state where the Healthcare Governance System is Marred by the malpractices by the officials.  And this results in up to 75% expenses on Healthcare by Indians to be "Out of Pocket Expenses."

There are many issues associated with the Malpractices in the Indian Healthcare System including the Lack of Governance and Lack of adequate Medical Insurance Practices.  Incidentally the Medical Insurance Practice is also not that matured in India and There the passage of claim requires you to prove the History of Medical Ailment and why a Medical Expenditure was incurred and which doctor Recommended a set of tests.  I am not sure how would you prove the Medical History for Heart Attacks when you have to undergo diagnostic tests anyhow.  You can't wait for any recommendation to specific diagnostic center. 

The biggest loss in entire case is mostly to the Aging Community, the people dealing with Old Age.  There have been numerous cases where the Old Age patients didn't get adequate medical attention due to the issues highlighted in the preceding paragraphs, or because the cost of treatment is so high that their families decided to let them live with the ailment.  A very Sorry state of affairs that deals a serious blowout to us and our History of Rich Tradition and Culture.  I am not sure why do we forget that these same Elders are the ones who have worked to help us reach where we are today.  Though there are the high infant death rate as reported in J&K as well as West Bengal are also associated with the same problem, I am sure there would be other states also where the news is suppressed by the local Medical Mafia or the other Government Agencies.  

The biggest question coming out now is "What can we do in this Case?"  Well certainly we can do a lot more than what we think.  We need to come out of the cozy corner of our comfort and act to ensure that the Right Medical assistance is available to our fellow countrymen.  It is quite easy to sit in front of our Television Sets and watch Episodes of Satyamev Jayate and then talk about the issues over evening tea or with friends and families during some occasions curse the Government.  But, it is not as hard either to step up and work towards providing the medical aide to those who need it.  

I am really thankful to a Young Friend of mine who approached me this morning and discussing the want to raise an awareness campaign or to start working towards creating a Fund for emergency Medical Assistance.  She has even gone ahead and compiled a list of NGOs that work towards Providing Medical Assistance to those who need and has started to work towards a Project that would help raise funds to support those NGOs.  She has decided to devote a day every month to work with NGOs for this purpose.  We need more such Volunteers to step up and devote a day every month for this noble cause.  I have decided to help my friend in her cause and have decided that I would donate my day's expenses every week  for the cause she is going to work.  It does no harm to cut expenses and have the money utilized for better causes.

We fight against the Hike in Petrol Prices, but we do not even realize the way we pay enormous amount for out Medical Assistance.  Hike in Petrol Price hurts us, but we do not realize the dent the Medical Expenses make in our Pockets.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eurozone Crisis

Couple of years back, we the Indian IT professionals had been talking of the tough times as the US lead recession had hit the World Financial Markets.  We all thought that that were tough times, least we knew what the future has in store for us.  

Even today, we the Indians have been cribbing of the hike in Petrol Prices, Inflation Rate hovering around 7.23%, Cost of Living going higher with the increase in food price index and many other financial problems that are local to us and that certainly do not impact the Financial Stability of the Nation.  Just imagine a country that is Debt Ridden to the extent that it has been under recession for Five Consecutive years.  Think of Greece that has to cut across many of its Government Spending and lower Tax rates as the European Leaders wanted Greece to bring in reforms while they provide the help and support for the Country to come out of Debts and Recession.  But the latest round of talks have failed miserably with France and Germany having a difference of Opinion to the way the crisis needs to be dealt with.  

The reason the situation is called a crisis because if the European Leaders do not come to consensus on the way Greece needs to be brought out of its current Financial Turmoil, Greece is certain to quit the Euro.  In that case it is certain to bring down the World Financial System that as is is impacted with the uncertainty looming over the Euro.  The uncertainty whether Greece would continue with Euro or not? If European Council does not come out with liberal ways to deal with the Austerity in Greece, I am sure Greece would have no other option than floating its own currency and leave Euro.  Though OECD and other similar organizations have been trying to push for liberalization of stance for the way Austerity measures need to be taken by Greece. But the weak European Leadership and lack of common approach is pushing the world towards the fate of Crumbling Financial Markets.

Now if we are thinking that the impact of Greece's Fallout from Euro would be short lived, then I would like to draw the attention towards Portugal and Spain. Economy of these two nations is again debt ridden and if the Fate of Greece is to Float its own currency with little or inadequate support from other European Nations, I see a strong case of Spain and Portugal also quitting Euro.  That would mean a long and painful recession for the World Financial Market.  It would certainly hit the World Economy real bad with many smaller and weaker economies tumbling. 

And if that is not enough for the world economies to be cautious, even United Kingdom is said to be headed towards a state of recession and Bank of England is said to be preparing to infuse more money in the Financial System of UK to ensure that the recession does not worsen from its current state.

So, more than the worries of hike in Petrol prices, we need to look forward to ensure that the Indian Economy is not severely hit by the tumbling World Economy.  Though the Indian Economy is self reliant to sustain the recession the way it has done in past, but that doesn't mean that we wouldn't see the impact of Eurozone Crisis.  Its better to be ready for those rainy days than thinking of buying an umbrella 'If it Ever Rains'.

Friday, May 25, 2012

नमन है मेवाड़ के वीर को

अथक लडूंला अकबर स्यूँ उजड्यो मेवाड़ बसा द्यूंला, जद राणा रो संदेश गयो पीथळ री छाती दूणी ही, हिंदवाणों सूरज चमकै हो

ये पंक्तियाँ महाराणा प्रताप की गौरव गाथा में लिखी कविता की हैं|  महाराणा प्रताप, सिसोदिया वंश के प्रतापी राजा थे, जिन्होंने मुग़ल साम्राज्य के सामने घुटने टेकने की जगह वन वन भटक मेवाड़ साम्राज्य को स्वतंत्र रखने का प्रण लिया था|

यूँ तो हमनें इतिहास की किताबों में पढ़ा है की महाराणा प्रताप हल्दी घाटी के युद्ध में पराजित हुए थे, किन्तु उन्ती इतिहास कि किताबों में ये नहीं लिखा है कि रणनीतिक तौर पर  सवाई मान सिंग और अकबर दोनों ने इस युद्ध में अपनाई अपनी नीति को गलत स्वीकार किया था| महाराणा प्रताप इस युद्ध के बाद भी पराजित नहीं हुए थे क्योंकि इसके बाद भी उन्होंने अपना प्रण नहीं त्यागा| मेवाड़ की सत्ता एवं प्रशाशन कुम्भलगढ़ से चलाते हुए, उन्होंने मेवाड़ को स्वतंत्र रखा एवं कभी किसी की अधीनता स्वीकार नहीं की|

मेवाड़ के महाराणा को उनके जन्मदिवस पर याद करते हुए मैं उन्हें शत शत नमन करता हूँ|

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Corruption and Indian Politics

Soon we would be coming around the time that we would be celebrating the Anniversary of Anna's Fast for Lokpal Bill to curb the corruption. The effort that is worth a praise and worth holding up, for Anna stood for the masses and masses were with Anna then.  But where is the support of masses now? Where is the team Anna dispersed? Why has the Fizz or Steam run out from the way things had started?  

It is really disheartening to note that the "Ekla Chalo Re" has not translated in this case.  Anna did more than a fair bit of effort to push the government to have the Lokpal Bill presented and passed way back last year, but where is the Lokpal Bill.  Various promises were made by the Government then, but least was done.  Very Usual of any Government that we have seen over the years.  They all promise that they will do this or they will do that and the attention of masses is drawn towards the other issues. 

Now, as we are almost through May 2012, we have been witnessing the Report Card of UPA II Government. The one thing missing in that Report Card is the Number of Scams that came to light and the number of Ministers tainted through Scams. The report card also does not read the level of efforts by the Government on the terms of enforcing Anti-Corruption measures and instituting Strong Lokpal Bill.

Opposition is claiming that the Government is at a stage that it can tumble anytime, but they also are in silent mode when it comes to the state of Lokpal Bill and the Anti-Corruption Measures.  None of the India Politician is ready to open his / her mouth to convince us, the average Indians, that they would work to ensure that Corruption is rooted from Indian Economy. They certainly wouldn't ever constitute a Lokpal Bill that would be strong enough to ensure that Corruption is eradicated.

The Logic is simple in this case, a nation of 1.2+ billion striving to stay fit in their day to day life. Masses Busy dealing with their own lives and no one to cross question the Politicians.  They make foreign trips at our cost, they live and eat at our cost, they have fun at our cost and they charge us only for getting our work done.  They are aptly supported by the Bureaucrats who actually run the overall system.  There is certainly NO Governance around in the system as those who constitute the Governance Framework are themselves Corrupt.  Bureaucrats know that the Government would change after 5 years, new Politicians would emerge and new ministers would assume the office. But they would remain and they also know that irrespective of the Political background, most of the Ministers and Politicians get in the Mud-sling of politics to Earn easy money.

The nexus of Bureaucrats and Politicians is such that the Corruption and Corrupts have infiltrated to the base of the Overall Governance Scenario in India and are damaging the core values of Indian Governance System.

The Country now needs another Revolution for Independence from Corruption and to get back to its Ethos and Tradition that has gone missing over years.....

We need everyone of us to become One Anna, and certainly with 1.2 Billion Anna's, Government and Bureaucrats will succumb and surrender to our demand to Eradicate Corruption......

Rise, Hold Hands and Walk towards a Corruption Free Future...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Petrol Price Hike

So Finally the Petrol Price Hike is here and I guess most of you would have already read / heard the news.  And I am pretty much sure, similar to my tweet mentioning RIP Cars, a lot of expressions would be seen in coming days both in the cyber space and otherwise.  I already got a BBM message that Government rather than lowering taxes on oil is increasing the price.  I am sure now many more messages, tweets and emails would float that would compare the Oil prices across South Asian countries and peg that Petrol prices in rest of the South Asian countries are much lower than what it is in India.  But at the same time, the same set of people would forget to make a note that other than Petrol there are other set of fuels ref Diesel, Kerosene and LPG where India has the lowest cost per unit (ltr or gas cylinder).  Other than Petrol, all the other forms of fuels as mentioned above are on the cheapest side in India.  Compare the Cost of 14.2 Ltr LPG cylinder in India v/s rest of the countries and you would find that the LPG Cylinder in India costs at least Rs. 150 lesser than any other country and almost 50% lesser than what the price is in Pakistan.  Similarly the Cost of a ltr of Kerosene in India is around Rs. 12 where as it is almost double or triple in other countries.  

So before we actually start the comparison on Price of per ltr of petrol in India v/s any other South Asian Country, we need to be sure that we check the comparative chart of the other sort of Fuel that we consume in our day to day life, in some or other way.

Also, if we are looking at the comparison of Fuel Prices in India (specifically Petrol) v/s rest of the World, then please be assured that India is still on cheaper side than most of the other counties.  A report from FIA can be accessed at Fuel Prices Worldwide.  Though this report should see a change in the overall position of India with the price hike, but I do not see India Slipping more than few cents and dipping below Australia.  That's the only change I would see in case of "Comparison with rest of the World".

Another point that we might hear - Why not hike Diesel Prices or Kerosene Prices? So let us understand that if Diesel Prices would be touched, there would be a serious hit on the rate of Inflation. Hike in Diesel prices would directly increase the cost of transportation for the various essential commodities as well as vegetables and grains. That would been increased cost of Final Products.  And as is one of the recent research reports have indicated that prices of commodities and food stuff is already at all time high (63% upward movement in Food Prices in Last 8 years - Food prices double in UPA's term as demand outstrips supply - The Economic Times). So that means the Hike in Diesel Prices is ruled out for now.

Coming to the Kerosene, well I am sure Lot of Political Anguish will have to be faced for increasing it even by Re 1.  And mostly the Ammas, Behenjees and Didis would start creating the fuss around the impact it would have on those below the poverty line as they are the ones who use Kerosene the most.  Certainly, neither the Government would like to spoil its own vote bank nor would it like to have any issues with its allies.  Certainly a lot of Political Angle and Apprehensions involved.

Now remains LPG, then it would be another problem as it would hit the entire range of classes or say masses for that matter. Any hike in LPG would have direct impact on the folks from all the strata of Society. Be is Lower, Medium or Higher Income Groups, they all will get impacted by it.  Then the Cost of eating out would also increase due to increased fuel cost and that means the overall monthly budget would be hit more than what it would hit in case of hike in just Petrol Prices. Again a lot of Political Ambitions would be flamed if the prices are hiked for LPG.

So, what is wise to do now?  Well there are few common steps that if we follow can help us keep our Budgets in shape.....

Friday, May 18, 2012

When He got Hit - 3

From the archives of my stories, Part three of the Story "When he got hit". 
This is purely a fiction and does not bear any relation to anyone dead or alive. :)

Deepti was getting worried day by day as the frequency of the threat calls started increasing day by day and every time the call used to be from a different number.  Nandit and Dolly tried to know the reason, but she was tight lipped and didn't utter a single word to them. She was more worried for the safety of her Son. Days went by and the worry started having its impact on Deepti's health. She was so paranoid about the threat calls that she even quit her job. 

Nandit discussed with Dolly about the state Deepti was going through and they decided that they should suggest Deepti for a weekend outing with them.  Dolly spoke to Deepti and Deepti also thought that it was a good idea as it would help her in getting away for a while.  They planned an outing to Manali and prepared well for the weekend.  The trio started on friday night to Manali and as Nandit was driving, Dolly and Deepti engaged in their talks on the back seat of the car.  As the journey progressed, Nandit observed that a car was constantly following them and used to slow down or accelerate as per the speed Nandit was Driving.  The Car was maintaining a constant distance from them.  Nandit got suspicious and decided to stop over at the next Service Station / Rest Area on the way.

As decided by Nandit, he pulls over the car at the next Service Area and parks the car in the parking lot, he observes that the suspicious car also pulls over to the Service Area and parks at some distance from his car.  Being careful, he escorts Dolly and Deepti to the Cafeteria section along with the kids and heads to the counter to get something for them to eat.  Dolly on her side walks towards the Rest Room.  As Nandit was about to place the order on the counter, he hears a gun shot and immediately turns in the direction from where the gun shot was heard.  He sees a guy rushing out of the Service Station and immediately chases the silhouette that she saw rushing of the door.  As the guy tries to get in the car and vanish from the scene, Nandit reaches his car and holds the door of the car to pull out the guy from the car.  As he succeeds in his attempt, he gets shocked to see Deepti's ex boyfriend with gun in his hand.  The guy tries to get away from Nandit and in the process he shoots and the bullet hits Nandit on his the left side of the abdomen.  But Nandit doesn't leave the guy and at the same time, the cops arrive at the scene and arrest the guy.  Cops also ensure that they shift Nandit to the hospital.

Nandit gets operated for removing the bullet from his body and is shifted to intensive care unit.  As soon as he comes back to consciousness, he inquires about Dolly, Deepti and the kids.  His father, who had arrived tells him that Dolly as well as Deepti are also in the same hospital as both of them were also shot. He adds that both the kids are safe and are with their grandmothers at home.  Nandit inquires about the guy, for which his father tells him that he is behind bars and is scheduled to be prosecuted soon.

Nandit regularly seeks information on the state of recovery about Dolly and Deepti till he gets discharged from the hospital.  As he reaches home, he gets shock of his life to see a garland on Dolly's Photograph. He looks quizzing at his father as to why he was not told about this. Why he was told lie about the death of his beloved wife?  He breaks down and the first question he asks everyone around was about Deepti.  He looks at his father and asks, where is Deepti and how's she?  As he finishes his question, he sees Deepti walking in the room with support of her mother. She had tears in her eyes and she looks at Nandit telling him "Your Wife was a brave person. She sacrificed her life to save mine.  Though the first bullet hit me, she rushed in to be hit by the next two bullets fired at me."  She walks to Nandit and gives him a hug to console him.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cricket, Film Stars and Controversies

Breaking News of the Day "Shahrukh Khan Banned from Entering Wankhede Stadium for Life".

This case may really create a divide between the True Cricket Fans and those who are Fans of the Movie Stars.  We all know that there is a pretty close tie between Cricket and Film Stars. Starting from the yesteryear's Star Sharmila Tagore and Cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan of Pataudi to Sangeeta Bijlani and Azharruddin, we have witnessed the love stories, then we had the cricketers like Sandeep Patil Ajay Jadeja, Kapil Dev and others featuring in various movies.  With IPL, these ties went deeper with various stars getting associated with the IPL teams.  

Whether in past or in present, the Film Stars have got special treatment may it be by media or by their Fans. The Film Stars have always been portrayed with larger than life pictures and some of them have not been able to digest that they too can be subjected to rules and regulations. In case of Cricket and getting associated with IPL, some of these stars adjusted to the rules and regulations and some still lived in the "Aura" of their Larger than Life Picture.  It needs to be remembered that such controversial altercations will not only destroy their public image and would not impact the popularity of either IPL or Cricket in general.  Cricket for that matter had always is known as Gentlemen's game, and when one get's associated with Cricket he or she is expected to abide by the rules and regulations governing the game, the players and the officials around.

Though the news is fresh and even BCCI is expected to conduct an internal inquiry on the case, the decision by the Mumbai Cricket is certainly commendable.  When it comes to Games and Sports, no-one is above them.  It is really a good example that MCA has set by treating Shahrukh Khan like just another Ordinary Person and not like any Celebrity.  

Though, the final proceedings from BCCI and Mumbai Police are still to be witnessed as to how they take the things forward and what is the outcome of the case.

Interestingly one of the Tweets that I read "It would be awesome to see Shahrukh Khan Buying the Wankhede Stadium  and throwing out the officials from there". It is certainly not in the good spirits by that particular fan of Shahrukh Khan and certainly not in good taste for the Game.

IPL Controversies

So finally the news channels are abuzz with the set of controversies that started looming over the cash rich IPL. All started with the alleged sting operations by one of the TV News Channel India TV.  How much truth is there in the video is still to be evaluated as n past also another sting operation by the same News Channel was widely criticized by the Media in general.  

Just to add the vows of IPL Management and BCCI, the controversial mis-behavior and altercation between the "Super Star" and the Mumbai Cricket Association's Staff at Wankhede Stadium has taken the limelight.  The morning news at almost all the channels read "Breaking News - Shahrukh Khan Banned from Wankhede Stadium", the news papers read various versions about the altercations representing the altercation between "Drunk" Shahrukh Khan and the MCA Officials.  Interestingly one of the officials made a statement that the altercations happened in presence of BCCI Official and ACP of Mumbai Police.  

As I glanced through the news channels and news papers, I noted that Mumbai Police did record the statements of the MCA Officials, but had not taken a decision on recording the statement of Shahrukh Khan.  Another aspect that unveiled is MCA has Banned Shahrukh Khan from entering the premises of Wankhede Stadium "For Life". The various versions that have come to the public domain are all from the MCA's side and from Mumbai Police.  There is not even a single statement from Shahrukh Khan or any of his associates.  It would be interesting to know what comes out from them.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Falling for you

Often in our life we come across circumstances that lead us to situations of dilemma.  We often find ourselves at the juncture where we have to decide between "To Do" or "Not To Do".  And if the circumstances and situations are related to our Love Life, we become indecisive to the extent of getting confused.  Though we know what decision we need to take, but we still do not accept it. We let our feelings rule over our logic sense and get ourselves in the situation of pain.

The Feeling of Love is divine, there is no doubt about it.  But, when I read the terms like "Falling For You" or "Falling in Love", they send a negative vibe to me. I had already written earlier in an older post that the word Falling somehow makes me feel about the Failure and Pain associated. The terms of Falling for You or Falling in Love for me relate to the state of Submission or Surrender to the person irrespective of the treatment that we are getting from the person.  Recently, I came across a statement "The Only Fall I will never Regret in my Life is Falling for You, but the only Regret that I have is You Never Gave me the Altitude to Spread My Wings and Fly with You". The statement clearly represents the resentment in the writers thought process for not being able to achieve the desired state or result for the efforts worth.  The words are very wisely chosen and pretty nicely composed to make the Statement, making it look a very good Representation.  

I liked the statement when I read it first, then I read it again as it amused me.  I am not sure how many times I read it to appraise the writer who would have written it in such a beautiful manner.  But the repetitive reading started giving me different meanings that could be derived out from the statement.  I can quote few of them as - 
  1. State of Love that couldn't mature
  2. State of Frustration that resulted from may be wasted time and effort
  3. State of Dependence on the person whom the writer loved, but the person on the other hand didn't value the love and feelings 
  4. State of Dilemma that the writer presented by referring to the Fall and the absence of Altitude to be able to spread the wings.
I am sure the writer would have never meant to represent the above meanings.  Well, the meaning that writer would have intended would have been - 

"I tried rising up to cross the hurdles of expectations that you built around me, but you always went on raising the bar of expectations. You wanted me to to rise to the levels in life to cross the hurdles, but forgot that those levels are to be crossed by holding the hands and making an effort together.  You left my hand midway and I fell, but you forgot that alone you yourself would be helpless. Your Ego will not help you in crossing those hurdles that you had set around for me. The same hurdles would haunt you one day to hit your when it would be most painful."

Friday, May 11, 2012

When he got Hit - 2

From the archives of my stories, Part two of the Story "When he got hit". 
This is purely a fiction and does not bear any relation to anyone dead or alive. :)

As Nandit is rushed to hospital, the marriage of Deepti and her groom is solemnized as per the schedule and ceremony.  Nandit on the other hand is operated and gets the treatment for his wounds.  He is released from the hospital after 15 days. On the other hand Deepti and her Husband go for their Honeymoon and return a day later to when Nandit was released from the hospital.  They go to the hospital only to get to know that Nandit has been released and has gone to his hometown.  Deepti tries frantically to contact Nandit and try and know if he is well, but all her efforts go in vain. She thinks he would contact her once he would be in a state to.  But as the time passed, she lost her all hopes to get in touch with him.

Nandit, on his side had decided that he would vanish from Deepti's life as he id get the news that the marriage did take place and Deepti and her husband went for honeymoon.  As he recovers, his family forces him to marry the girl of their choice and he gives in to the demand of his family.  His marriage to Dolly is solemnized as per the traditional Indian process post which he moves to Australia as he gets transferred there.  Nandit gets busy with his life and wife in Australia, so does Deepti with her life at her new home with her hubby. 

Nandit gets transferred back to India after three years and he moves back to the new city and settles at the new place arranged by his colleagues for him.  His life became busier than before as he had climbed up the organizational hierarchy and he has to spend more time at work than at home.  His responsibilities at home also had increased with his 6 months old kid.  Somehow Nandit and Dolly ensure that life shift to smoother track than hectic and busy.  Dolly gets help with their next door neighbor too. She mentions about the courtesy and help extended by the neighbor and tells Nandit about the lady next door who though is also working and balancing between her life at home and managing the needs of her kid, is very supportive to her.  She asked if She should help the neighbor by offering help in taking care of the kid while She goes to her office.  Nandit doesn't find any harm in that and tells her to invite the Lady and her husband for Lunch or Dinner over the weekend.  On that Dolly informs her that the Lady stays alone with her kid and doesn't talk about her husband a bit.  Nandit was shocked but maintained his calm to tell Dolly to invite her at the least.  Dolly was happy and hugs him for being considerate and understanding.

The weekend approaches faster than not and their neighbor visits their place for Lunch.  As She arrives with her kid, Dolly calls Nandit and tells him that the neighbor has come.  Nandit comes out to the Living Room and freezes as soon as he sees the lady.  The lady also gets startled and shocked on seeing Nandit.  Dolly looks at their state and shakes Nandit to ask what happened? Both of them come to their senses and Nandit says Deepti, long time, How are you? How you have been? and asks a series of questions.  Deepti, from her perspective answers every question until Nandit asks about her husband.  Deepti breaks down leaving Nandit and Dolly puzzled as to why?

Deepti composes herself and tells them that her husband was found dead in suspicious conditions within 1 mth of their son's birth and cops could not gather any clue about his death.  Though as per the circumstantial evidences it was clear that he was murdered, but there was not even a single trace of the murderer.  Nandit raises his eyebrow and Deepti adds "Yes, almost the similar time when he would have got released from the prison". Nandit and Dolly console her and tell her that they would always be there by her side irrespective of circumstances or situations.  Dolly hugs Deepti and tells her that she should not be worried about herself or about her kid as She would take care of Deepti's kid as he were her own. 

Later when Deepti leaves, Nandit briefs Dolly about the overall case of Deepti's life except that he was in love with her.  Dolly Promises him that she would treat Deepti as her own sister and would not let her feel lonely.  Nandit feels proud about his wife. 

The life for the three of them become merrier day by day and Deepti once again becomes a jovial person she was  and the way Nandit knew her before her marriage.  But, Destiny had something else written for them.  They came back to reality the day, Deepti got a threat call from an unknown number.....She was thrown back in the memory lane and she was perturbed as to what would happen next. She was more worried about her young kid, though always felt safe about him as Dolly was always there to cover for her.....

Thursday, May 10, 2012

हर किसी को नहीं मिलता

"हर किसी को नहीं मिलता यहाँ प्यार जिंदगी में"

आज सालों बाद जांबाज़ फिल्म का ये गाना सुना| इस गाने में एक कशिश है, एक दर्द है और दो दिलों के बीच परवान ना चढ़े प्यार की एक कहानी है|  गाना जितना मधुर है, इसमें उतना ही कड़वा सच है|

अक्सर हम सोचते हैं कि जिंदगी में हम जिससे प्यार करते हैं और जिसको हम चाहते हैं वो हमें क्यों नहीं मिलता?  हम भूल जाते हैं कि हम उसे चाहते हैं, पर क्या वो हमें चाहते हैं?  हम ये जानने की कोशिश नहीं करते हैं कि अगर वो हमारी खुशी है तो उनकी खुशी क्या है?  प्यार सिर्फ पाने का नाम नहीं है, प्यार एक बंदगी है, एक प्रार्थना है, एक इबादत है|  अगर हमें हमारा प्यार नहीं मिला तो क्या, हम जीना छोड़ देंगे? क्या हमें अपने प्यार में अपनी ही खुशी देखनी चाहिए? नहीं, प्यार सिर्फ पाने का नाम नहीं है| प्यार में हमें अपनी खुशियों कि कुर्बानी देने के लिए भी तैयार होना चाहिए| जिससे हम प्यार करते हैं, उसकी खुशियों की खातिर झुक कर उसके रास्ते से अलग होना और फिर भी उसे खुश देखने के लिए जीना भी अपने में एक मिसाल है|

कि नादाँ परिंदे से कोई खता नहीं हुई
पर पसारने से पहले गर 
आसमां की ऊँचाई नाप लेता
तो शायद यूँ बेआसरा ना होता वो
फ़रियाद उसकी खुदा सुन तो लेता
गर वो खुदा की नेमत ना परखता
यूँ पर पसार जिंदगी की बुलंदी ना चुनता
होंसला रख गर वो अपनी राह चलता
मायूस हुआ गर है आज परिंदा
तो उसमें खुदा की नाराजगी नहीं है
दुआ बस यही करते हैं हम आज उनसे
कि बद्दुआ ना दे किसी को सजा की

Case of Stalking

We often come across people whom we start liking and trusting on their face value and become deaf and blind to what are the negative aspects in them.  I came across one such case where an acquaintance started liking some person. Apparently they had met in a party and they clicked.  The Acquaintance, let's call him 'A' and the Random Person 'RP' hit it of during that party. A being a caring, loving and sweet person fell in the web woven by RP and started trusting RP more than self.  Though A was told by friends that RP is not supposed to be a trustworthy person, but A negated the opinions.  A and RP became thick of friends, but RP being RP almost started stalking A.  Slowly and slowly A started feeling jittery about RPs presence around and started feeling restless.  What to do? where to go and how to get away from RP? were the questions in A's mind.  A had nothing to gain, but has a lot to lose, as when A started distancing from RP, RP started using abusive and filthy language and creating stories around how A and RP went around, what they did and what all they did.  How true or how fake, I wouldn't know.  

The outcome, A is at a situation where RP has hit the Self Respect of A and is demeaning A on almost daily basis.  A has now almost got cornered to own self and distanced from old time friends too.

Such cases often happen around us on almost daily basis in this fast moving world with lot more avenues to follow and stalk a person. What are we required to do then?  Like in the case above, what should A do?  The opinions that I shared with common friends - 

  1. Block the person on all the online communities
  2. File a Stalking Compliant with Cyber Cell as well as under IPC\
  3. Block all known contact numbers of the person
  4. Stop explaining to friends about the stories about self and that person. More the explanations, more the spicy topic it becomes and longer it lives.
  5. No need to change the place of stay or work, hold one's head high and work so that people would be tired of their bitching act and they would no see any impact on you.
May be A would act on the above points and things would improve for A.

Wishing A the Luck and Best for Life........

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Satyamev Jayate - Issue of Female Foeticide

Satyamev Jayate "सत्यमेव जयते" the way it is written in Devnaagri Script means the Truth Prevails.

With a recent Reality Show hosted / anchored by none other than the Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, सत्यमेव जयते has hit the mass.  The concept of the show is to try and change the way the thought process of the citizens of India works.  The first show aired made a deep rooted impact on the audience and those who later heard about it.  And why wouldn't it make its impact when the topic was "Female Foeticide".  With the figures being used to represent the Facts of the Dropping Ratio of Male to Female kids where there are only 1000:914 ratio for the male to female kids as per the census of India report for 2011.

So what is it that we are supposed to do?  I am sure there will be only a few who would actually come forward and create a wave of change to ensure that this heinous crime is stopped and those who still support it are brought to justice. Then there would be some like myself, who would write a blog or would tweet on the tweeter to express their opinion and try to stir some sense in few others. And there would be some who would still go and practice the Female Foeticide.  Last but not the least 90% of the audience / viewers would  talk about the topic for few days and then forget what were the figures.  They would forget that the difference of 86 as highlighted in the Census Report for 2011 would by now might have touched the round figure of 100.  That would mean in the Overall population of 1.21 billion (approximate as per the census of 2011), there are roughly 582 million (582,073,684) females as against 628 million ( 628,926,216) males.  That means for around 46 million males in India, there is no female match as that is the difference between the male and female population as per the census approximation.

If we say project that in current year, the ration has further dipped to give us a difference of 100 per 100 males, then the overall difference can be projected of around 63 million. That means a clear message that there would be 63 million males in India who would not get the partner for life. And on this projection, if the population of India grows to 1.5 billion, the male to female ratio would differ for 79 million and for a perfect 2 billion population the ratio would give out a difference of 105 million.  That is Staggering total and that can result in a serious rise in the Crime Against the Female Population.  I wouldn't be surprised if in that scenario if the rate of Molestation and Rape cases go high and may be more females may get pushed to the flesh trade, for by that time the female would be born with a price tag.  On a Lighter Node, we might even see the Dowry trend reversing with Higher Dowry being Offered for marrying more qualified woman.

But, all that is just a Presumption, just a wild thought.  Where we stand today is the point in time when we can do something to avoid those wild thoughts become harsh reality.  It's not the time to think what went wrong and why it went wrong.  We would lose a lot more precious time and precious Female Child in playing the blame game and identifying what to do. 

The only thing to call for is to oppose the child foeticide.  Come forward to deny Sonography to determine sex of the unborn kid. If someone forces you to do that and to then abort the Girl Child, Deny that and raise your voice to be heard by the Law Enforcement Agencies. There are enough examples that you can find in all the sections of society where the mother has opposed any wrong doing to the girl child and if you would walk around to find, you would find if not more than equal number of Fathers too who would have opposed Female Foeticide.