Monday, December 31, 2012

Insensitive Ideology - Demand to Boycott Republic Day

Post the recent incidents of Gang Rapes, Murders and the public outrage, there had been various thoughts and demands or say propositions from various quarters. One such demand or say protest proposition has been to boycott the Republic Day Celebrations on January 26.  But how sane is that demand or the proposition as part of the protest?  It rather is a direct insult to those thousands of Brave Soldiers who stand at the border of the country at treacherous heights, varying temperatures ranging from -60 to +50 degrees Celsius.  Why don't the people think twice before they come up with such suggestions or such demands?  Why do we want to dishonor the brave sons of soil who toil to ensure that our Country remains secure from any external threat?

I understand that when such suggestions float, the masses just are thinking at the internal elements, relating the celebrations to the Political and Administrative Functionaries.  But, is that right?  Just look at the Celebrations that involve the respect and the honor that is bestowed on the Gallant Officers and Security Forces.  There is lot more to the Celebrations on the Day when India was declared a Sovereign, Socialist, Democratic Republic.  The Celebrations are not by the Government, For the Government and of the Government. But the Celebrations are for the People, by the People and of the People respecting the Armed Forces of India that keep its boundaries Safe and Secure.

If there needs to be any boycott, then boycott the Police Day Parade and Function, as they are responsible for enforcing Law and Order in the Country.  If you want to Protest and Boycott as well as Lead these Protests, please tell the leaders who are bestowed with Padma Shree, Padma Bhushan and Pdma Vibhushan to return the medals and other tags associated with the titles back to the GOI.  The Protests must include mass return and rejection of these titles.If you wt to Protest, then please wear Black Bands on your arm demanding enforcement of Law and Order and demanding Justice to the Women at Large.

I am shocked at the way the Boycott the Republic Day Drive is being discussed and suggested across the quarters..... Please there are other things to Boycott.  Boycott the New Year Day Celebration and Do Not Celebrate a Festival for next one year or till law and order prevails.  But, I don't think so that people who are asking to Boycott the Republic Day Celebrations would ever indulge in such activities that would hit their personal celebrations. Would You Stop watching movies or stop going to the Award Ceremonies?  Yeah answer is No.  Why didn't these people think of Boycotting the Cine Awards coming up in January, or the similar other functions??

Please, You have no right to insult the Bravado of the Sons of Soil by Boycotting Republic Day.....Its highly insensitive!!!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shameless Nation of Billions

What we saw or witnessed in last 13 odd days was the brutality and the sufferings the Girl "Amanat" went through.  I pray god that her soul rests in peace and her parents gain the strength to live the life through with the loss in their family. Any amount of condolences or sympathy would not heal their wounds nor would they make up for their losses.

And in last 13 days we also saw that at last the nation seems to be awake when it comes to the atrocities against women in India. But, would this really result in the desired change in the society??  Will this spur of the moment and anger of the masses turn into a change initiating movement or will it just become another Front Page news of a high profile case just like the Nithari Case, Jessica Lal's Murder Case, Ayushi Murder Case or loads of similar other cases?  I have strong doubts on the final outcome though.  

We have read about many different cases of Rape and just read another Gang Rape case in Patiala and that is just another gang rape in last 13 days.  Incidentally the media got to only two reports on rape cases that can be called high profile cases as they either happened in Delhi or with involvement on the High Profile people.  God only knows how many total rape cases would have been registered as Police Complaints and how many more would have gone unreported.  

We are a nation of billions ashamed on such cases.  I particularly feel shocked at the outrage with protests being staged when there are other cases being reported.  Imagine the audacity of the criminals of society that while the nation was showing outrage against the heinous crime, they went on to commit their own crime.  The nation and the media was too busy to even notice the other two cases.  I feel ashamed to be part of such a society where these cases happen.

Amanat on her part attained peace and solace when her soul met with the almighty and she went away from this barbaric society we live in.  But what about the other two cases and many other similar cases where the Legal Proceedings would inflict more insult on the Victims when the defending Lawyer would raise questions to the Victim or the witnesses on the process of rape. What sort of law is that where the Victim gets raped more and more not just physically, but by the way of mental harassment too.  The Victims also face harassment in the society.  Though they are the ones who face the brutality, it is only they who face the boycott of the society.  

The society also looks at curbing the right to equality for the females.  On one side we talk of Gender equality and on the other side we find institutions like Khap Panchayats enforcing bans on them. Just read the way a Politician made a statement - Wearing skirts to school causes sexual harassment: BJP politician.  

By large the case has certainly stirred a round of outrage but this needs to extend through the grass root and till the deepest parts of the society.  This outrage and protest should work towards enacting strict laws for acts of violence against females by large and not just rape.  Imagine the atrocities that the female undergoes in this country of billions. They are not at peace starting from the Womb where they may be inflicted with Foeticide to the adolescent Molestation and Sexual harassment to Gender Biasness and Restrictions. The list can go on and on to include domestic violence, workplace harassment and many more.  But what is society and GOI going to do in this case?  

We need to empower the Women in general and we need to ensure that Women Protection Cells are setup to take into these cases and ensure that adequate protection is provided to the Victim along with Rehabilitation and Privacy Protection support.  On the other side these cells must be empowered to take the cases of atrocities against women through Fast Track Courts with total transparency and honesty.....

Respect Women - Respect Your Existence

Two Rape incidents reported in 10 days that too in Delhi, the Capital City of India. The first Rape Victim lost her life after battling against all odds for 13 days.  But, do we consider the death only when the Biological Process ends?  What about the mental trauma and loss of social status for the Rape Victims?  Today Media is airing the news of the Death and tomorrow they would be flocking to cover Girl's funeral, interviewing her family and friends.  But wouldn't that be a bigger Rape? Rape of Privacy of the Family? Rape of their family honor and respect. Not only media, but the political parties would also start on their political agenda and use the death of the girl as a weapon to hit back on the State as well as Central Government.  Everyone around would talk about the death and one fine day forget the case at all or else it would just become a reference in the medical studies or in legal corridors.  Long discussions will be held and a lot will be said.  But, would that all bring justice to the Girl and her death? Never to forget, justice to her family.

Looking at the circumstances, I am sure that the justice would never be dealt to the Victim nor to her family. Not to forget here the case 2 as reported of the 42 year old Woman from Jaipur.  Either case the victims would not get the right justice as in my opinion, there could never be a sentence that would bring back the honor of a Rape Victim or her family. The only way we can ensure justice to the Victims till date is by ensuring that the acts like Rape are totally eradicated from our country. I know that is a far reaching thought, but unless we think on that front and work to that effect to sensitize the society, we would just be reading and talking "Gyan".  

I would request all the readers to join the cause to make this society a secure society for the girls and the women.  Respect them as they are the base of our existence and if they are not secure, our future would automatically be insecure.  We all need to join hands to ensure that they are respected with a special request to media to not rush around to earn TRPs by airing the interviews or coverage of funeral. Let Victim's soul rest in peace and let the family and friend mourn in peace than hurting their privacy....else we would all be the culprits of Raping off the Privacy of the Family and Friends and of the Poor Soul of Victim.....

Also, there would be different talks about say hanging the culprits or castrate them or cut off their organs etc etc, but do we think that would help lessen the acts of Rape?  Not in my opinion, because today the government might take that route, tomorrow the people themselves would take the law in their hand.  Recall the movie "Gangajal" in which the cops first use acid and then blind off the culprits and the mob follows the suit.  So do we want to turn our society back to a barbaric society? I guess not, Rape itself sets off a barbaric act, but it needs to be ensured that the Culprits are not put through barbaric acts.  Hang them if the law decides to. However, for my opinion, we need a law to ensure that the Culprits in such cases are sentenced to Life Imprisonment.  Something like "Kala Pani". They should be cut off from the society and made to live behind the prison through their life.  Remorse would surely settle with time, but they need to be released only after their soul leaves their body.  


I respect NDTVs stand to not cover her funeral or air any interview or something. Quoting B we will not be covering the young girls funeral or interviewing relatives or descending on her hometown. Death must be marked in other ways

Hope other Media Houses also act sensibly 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

To Rehman Mallik - From An Indian

The following letter and thoughts are induced by an article - 5 Answers to the Pakistani Minister on Indiatimes.

I wrote this open letter to the Respected Pakistani Minister as after thoughts of Average Patriotic Indian.....So if you think that this letter sounds the way you would think, please leave your comments.....
Dear Mr. Rehman Mallik,

Once again you proved that the Indian Government made a mistake of Inviting you over to this country and made a mockery of itself with your comments that would go down the history as typical "Defensive" statements that clearly prove the Alarming state of Diplomatic affairs.  The comments also clearly mark the stand from Pakistan that they are not so serious about getting the right balance between the two neighbors and they are happily playing in the hands of the "Religious" hatred and fanaticism.

I happened to read your five comments starting from the death of Capt Saurabh Kalia to the one involving Hafeez Saeed.  I guess the world knows where your comments are coming from and you would need to ensure to stay put by not making any clarification to those comments that are totally apolitical and well reflecting the idiosyncratic thoughts.

Let me take you through your comments and the facts that you should have looked at before you made those statements - 

1. "When Fight is going on the border, we really don't know whether he was killed with a Pakistani bullet or he died because of Bad Weather"
·  You made the above comment with respect to our Brave Soldier Capt Saurabh Kalia.  incidentally you seemed to have been lacking the knowledge about the torture that Capt Kalia went through with marks of burns from Cigarettes, puncturing of eardrums with hot rods and chopping of limbs and other body parts.  I am not sure which sort of bad weather can create burns, chop off body parts and puncture the eardrums?  Do do you mean to say the Pakistan's forces are equipped with bullets and sharpshooters who can result in such cases.  Get Real Mr. Mallik!!!
2. “Courts have given bail to Hafiz Saeed and said not to arrest him because there is not sufficient evidence against him. India has given information and not evidence against Hafiz Saeed.”
·  Interesting point that the world has accepted the “Evidences” of Hafiz being involved in the 26/11 as the Mastermind.  He was named by Ajmal in his statement during the interrogation.  What more evidence is required?  Besides this Indian Authorities have also shared the required evidences against Hafiz and those certainly prove him as the Mastermind of the 26/11. Where did those evidences disappear? Or were they never presented to the Respected Court?  If the Guys like Hafiz can freely roam around in Pakistan, then you should seriously look at the way the Information & Evidences are dealt with for such Criminals.
3. “So it is not a state sponsored Drama, state sponsored action. It is action by non-state actors. If you put things together, there are three guys, one coming from US, and he has the money, he has got credit cards, he has moved all over, he had created franchise, he had created social circle. All these should have come to attention of some agencies. Now the agencies failed. Both here and Pakistan. So, we have failed. Why? Because there was no interaction between Pakistan and India.”
·        The Failure surely is there, but please Acknowledge that it is the failure of governance in your country where the terrorists get trained, from where they get the requisite logistic support, arms and ammunitions, where they can roam around freely for they would be waging a war against your most hated neighbor “India”.  Get Real Mr. Mallik, without state sponsored activities, fully loaded terrorists from your country can’t sneak into our country and unleash the traumatic terror and barbaric activities. Incidentally, you are missing the point that without state sponsorship, they would not have been able to lay down this big a network to have meticulously planned each and every move that they did.
4.  “Jundal also worked as one of the sources of a very elite agency of India. Now see, he has used agencies also and went rogue. Put it another way, you become a source, you become a double agent. While he is working living in India, he might have gone rogue and then these three individuals go to Pakistan”.
·   What are you aiming to say Mr. Mallik?  The official documents from Judal clearly provide the association he has with Pakistan and the agencies there.  He holds a Pakistani Passport and he holds a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani (Name mentioned – Riyasat Ali, Document No 354050-397094-7).  The later document doesn’t require him to have Visa to enter Pakistan and his location of stay is identified close enough to Muridka (the place that reportedly hosts LeT headquarters too). What is it that you achieved by making a statement hinting at Jundal working for elite Indian Agency, when he holds two of his documents that clearly suggest his position vis-à-vis Pakistan!!
5. We do not want any 9/11. We do not want any Bombay blasts, we do not want any Samjhauta Express, we do not want any Babri Mosque issue and we can work together not only for peace in Pakistan and India, but also for the region.”
·   Mr. Mallik starting from 9/11 till Samjhauta Express are understood as the heinous crime of terrorism.  But did you forget that there is this 26/11 and then the Attack on Indian Parliament also that we do not want?  Even they were the acts of terrorism.  Also, we the Indians do not want any of your country’s interest and interference in Kashmir.  Why don’t you pull your sponsorship from there too?  Please focus on these issues first and leave the case of Babri Mosque to be dealt within India.  That is not the case you are supposed to speak about as it is an internal matter for us to deal with.  Certainly it is another Religious Fanaticism that we faced and we would ensure that such cases do not make their occurrence.  But as an outsider you have absolutely NO case to make a statement on Babri Mosque.  That issue is long resolved now and everyone is at peace with the decision that has been taken to that effect. 

All said and done Mr. Mallik, your statements once again proved that you guys live in the same state of affairs that we would refer as “Primitive”.  You guys just make a statement that doesn’t make sense in the light of the facts known to the world.  Its high-time that you guys got Real and accepted that there is certainly a big time failure of Governance in Pakistan.  Please focus on the root causes that have dealt the big blow to you guys over and over again. Every time we would not come around to tell you “Guys, get your acts together”.

Finally Mr. Mallik – Please tell your Government not to take our patience and tolerance as an excuse to fend off your support to terrorism. The day the third largest army decides to wipe off those terror camps, there would be no place in the world to save your Government from embarrassment. You know it well from 1971 when 3000 odd Indian Soldier under General Jack had given 30 minutes ultimatum for Public Surrender.  Hope you would not like the History to be repeated!!!!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Stalkers and Buggers

Sometimes in life we come across the Stalkers and Buggers in life. These are the set of people who just do not understand their limits and make a re[placement of "Papparazzi".  These set of people just know one thing and that is to see how they can destabilize our lives.  They do not follow any religion and they do not follow any ideology.  What they follow is their own idiosyncratic attitude and  psychometric ideology.  They think they know the world and they sense everything that around themselves as well as the people they stalk.

Several times these stalkers have counted for death, suicide, broken relationships or broken state of person to be leading the last few years of their lives in Mental Asylums.  But these set of people are totally unmoved and they just carry on with their ideologies over the period of time.  Such people destabilize the calm and peaceful life of people around them and then crib on the unstable life they lead.

Sometimes I really wonder on what sort of Kick do they get or they do it because they are either mentally retarded or they want to divert their attention from their own sick life?  I am not sure what is it that drives them to do what they do, but they surely are the dangerous living creatures who need to be controlled, how is the question to be answered!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The National Guest - Afzal Guru

Was just reading various blogs that I follow and came across a fellow blogger and friend's post referring to Afzal Guru, the National Guest today who has been locked up there waiting for Clemency.  The post raises quite a few thoughts and raises a few questions too.  Though I have had a few posts on this topic earlier too, but after reading the thought provoking post, a fresh set of queries crept up my mind.

I am unsure why on one side a terrorist acting as a maniac is awarded death penalty and then hanged to death in an all hush hush affair? But a terrorist who acted on the hate for Nation, to the nation which he belongs, why is he being treated as the National Guest or the Guest of Honor?

Afzal Guru, who was involved in the attack to the highest institution of Indian Democracy, the attack on the parliament, but is still alive out there. For What? 
  1. Just because it was the act where the Country was made to hide their faces with shame for terrorists could reach the corridors of Parliament? Or 
  2. Is it because Afzal Guru is associated with JKLF and Kashmir and Government is afraid of taking a step or decision to hang him? or
  3. Is it because Government has few lobbying in for the clemency of this very guy and those who are lobbying are powerful Politicians of the Indian Democracy?
When would the idiot politicians and administrators understand or rather realize the every time the topic of Afzal Guru comes in for discussion, we as the nation feel ashamed.  We would even after he would be hanged to death, but then at least he should be hanged to death for the crime against nation.  He is Guilty, it is proven, he is to be hanged, it is imperative.  There is no second thought, and if any idiot out there thinks that Afzal Guru deserves Clemency, then that idiot should host Afzal Guru as personal Guest at personal expenses and the Tax payers need to be spared to bear the burden of a conspirator and a traitor.

Reference post can be found at - Notes From Kashmir: Free Afzhal Guru But ! or (