Thursday, January 3, 2013

Insensitive Ideology - Demand to Boycott Republic Day Part II

A nice and though provoking Article as Shared by a Friend - Bhaskar. Sincere Thanks to him to have come up with such a Supporting Article.
Boycotting Republic Day is being shortsighted. We need sustained pressure on the government society. A day's protest is just that, one single day of trying to make a point.

Singly collectively, we should try multiple layers of protest.

For example, how you use your vote in 2014 is a protest.

Secondly, if any of us is connected to high level lawyers, let us explore filing a PIL in Delhi against the government - for their lack of proper governing, for their lack of legislation their morbid callousness. Even for its shutting down metro stations roads. Do the same against Del police for using their 'Hafta Diary' to find the bus on which Nirbhaya was attacked.

Thirdly, set up a pressure group that will have the resilience funds commitment to keep the issue alive before the govt. How soon can we bring changes in legislation?

Fourthly, how are we approaching the archaic mindsets prevalent in smaller cities, towns villages? Who can help? Will simple sensitization help? Will stricter laws be possible? Can we find people in our circles who can help us?

It is not just debased men at fault, its a nasty mindset perpetuated by women equally. If you are angry, use it well.

Real cultural education across the board will take a long time but has to start right now. Let us explore if our children's text books can have different subliminal messages about gender equality. Can teachers training courses have a paper on gender issue management? Can we lobby for thoughtful general entertainment content - in movies, TV and print? There is so much more.

Finally, can we please attack the issue out of public glare TV cameras? Can we start at home? In each action, statement response at home, can we be establishing the message of respect, equality humane behavior between the sexes?

Let us start - at home, school, social circles - every day, each day of our lives - before we decide to boycott a national day.

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