Saturday, January 5, 2013

Supreme Court View - Insults Our Nation and Women

In the country where the Criminalization of Politics is at the Peak today, we see another Rape of the Law and the Society in General.  I happened to read the following article and it posed a serious question mark on the way our Legal and Social outlook as a Nation stands:

Can’t disqualify MPs, MLAs facing rape cases: SC

Supreme Court of India is the apex court and if a Judge makes a statement like the above, it seriously hurts the sentiments of the Law Abiding Citizens.  In a country where we see an outcry as well as protest against the Crime against Women, Apex Court is in a way supporting the Rapists.  What is it making a statement about that it can't Take a Step to ensure that the Rapist even if is a Politician or Minister, is brought to Justice? 

The Statement from the Apex Court and the specific Judge is Shameful.  What would the citizens be looking at if the Rapists would be sitting there enacting some Laws that we would seriously challenge from the Sanity and Sanctity perspective.  I am just amazed at the statement as it may be taken as a ruling and a reference in the cases across the country.  We need a LAW to ensure that the respective MP or MLA when charged with Rape Offence, is suspended from the respective Assembly / House to ensure fare trials.  We need a Witness Protection Program to ensure that the Witness is not identified till the statement is recorded in the Court and Justice is Awarded.

If we would see that the MPs and MLAs charged with Rape Cases can't be disqualified, then we would see many other cases across the country where the references to this effect would lead to conflicting situations at the workplace where suspension from Job on the grounds of Rape Charges be then countered highlighting this statement.  MPs and MLAs need to be at the least suspended if not Disqualified.  It proven Guilty, they need to be treated in the same fashion as a general criminal and a sitting MP or MLA to that effect doesn't get the treatment of a criminal.  They rather are treated as VIPs and are dealt with 5 star facilities in the Jails.....

Supreme Court needs to re-look at its decision to not submit a PIL against the given MP / MLA's disqualification and needs to re-look at the statement passed to this effect.  It can have far reaching implications and the Supreme Court can't pass a statement like this which is born out of the  Shortsightedness of the Judge or say Politically Influenced Judge.

We all honor the Law and the Apex Court, but then they also need to Honor the Honor bestowed on them!!

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  1. Welcome to the Blogger's World Gal. Nice Article on that side.

    The Interesting Part of the whole Article on SC Comment are -

    1. What is our Power on MPs and MLAs - Seems the Judges forgot that Law is Above everyone and the Chief Justice of Apex Court is the one who makes the President of India take the Oath. So who are MPs and MLAs?

    2. 1448 MPs and MLAs are facing Criminal Proceedings that means 25% (almost) of the Sitting Legislators...Ain't that Sad??? But well, the Voters are blind, deaf and dumb to realize and are now supported by the Apex Court...

    Seriously a shameful scenario