Saturday, March 23, 2013

When the Past Haunts

Deeds of past are something that do impact your present and if not dealt in the right manner may also impact the Future. The Past has good, bad and ugly, but what people remember more than anything are the bad and ugly part of your past. They don't always see the Glorious things of your past and when you try and discuss them, they are taken as boasting more often then not. Glorious things of past are also not often talked about by people around you, but the bad and the ugly are often talked either behind your back or to make you feel low and out.

People whom you dealt in past but don't like to deal with in your present more often praise your negative sides in a manner that they highlight your bad dealings rather than telling others about your good things that you did to them.  They conveniently forget the out of the way help you extended to them and acting innocent go all the way to unsettle your present and impact your future.  

The ghosts of the Past always haunt you when the people around you in your present get to know the people from your past and get to know about you from your past. You may try to make them believe that you are not what you were in past, but the ghost of past overcomes your efforts to destabilize you.  It is not easy to deal with such situations and often the strongest of person breaks down in such situation.

What is needed in such cases is love, care and tenderness to deal with the vulnerabilities of the person being haunted by the ghost of past.  The immediate family, loved ones and the immediate peer circle needs to ensure that the person reeling under the pressure of past is dealt with utmost care.  They need to ensure that they don't make any hue and cry or any sort of mentioning of the past dealings of the person and they give enough time and space to the person to come over with the feelings of reeling under the past.  The special care and affection would play an important part in the Way the suffering person would get help to improvise the present and ensure that the future is also set right and looks bright.

All efforts need to be driven by positive attitude to thwart the threat from Haunting Past!!!

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  1. Let bygones be bygones..
    Never waste ur energy analyzing the past.
    Just move ahead.
    There is a saying in hindi. " Haathi chale bazar, kutte bhomke hazar"
    Haathi ko koi farak nahi padta.