Friday, May 10, 2013

Chinese Incursion - My Viewpoint

The entire Border with China has always been under dispute with them. Be it Laddakh or Aurnachal.  Interesting point to note here is the Case of Aksai Chin that had been a long standing bone of contention between India and China.  Along with that the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Aksai Chin for that matter is critical for China with direct access to Pakistan by Land whereas their interest in Arunachal has always been a mystery for me......

The Current incident that is dubbed as localized doesn't seem to me as localized, but must be part of the larger game plan that Chinese would be brewing.  It is critical that Mr. Khurshid should have taken care of this in his talks and as treated this as a matter of Prime importance rather than dubbing this as a localized event/incident.

It was highly disappointing to read that Mr. Khurshid Didn’t ask why incursions took place: (Times of India report) in this discussions with his Chinese counterpart.  This raises numerous questions to us as the country of 1.25 billion+. We would like to know from GOI if - 
  1. National interest is of any importance to them?
  2. Was this discussion avoided as the Chinese Counterpart showed the carrot of 500 million?
  3. Was it that Mr. Khurshid didn't want to track back at his own statement where he pointed this out as "Localized Incident" in his earlier statement and then again making similar comment again?
  4. Shouldn't GOI look at the larger aspect of the Border dispute ranging from Aksai Chin to Arunachal with China?
  5. Why is GOI getting under pressure from China on revised bilateral treaty on Border?
  6. Why is GOI not taking the Border dispute with China as the Prime point to discuss? Please note that control over Aksai Chin would provide a strategic benefit to China and for them it would be easier access to Pakistan from that route.  That would mean Pakistan would be benefited at the same time and the trade between China and Pakistan (of nuclear as well as arms deal) would flourish more....this certainly would bring in more alarming situation for India and its Sovereignty 

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