Saturday, May 11, 2013

Health Sector Reforms

Indian Healthcare system is something that actually needs a overhaul.  The recent news that the GOI is focusing of revamping the Healthcare system in Maoist area and my question is Why only Specific Areas in the country?

Reading the article made me wonder and to me it seemed like Government is pretty narrow minded when it comes to Health Sector.  Few measures that GOI needs to take to revamp the Healthcare Sector with immediate effect are - 
  1. Revamp the Medical Supply system that is highly corrupted with people from grass root till top are involved in charging commission from the suppliers.  Those who don't are either killed or suspended or are kept under severe work pressure with top brass not letting them voice their points.  
  2. Scrutinize the Medical Supply orders for the Government / Civil Hospitals and conduct regular independent Audits supervised by CAG like body to ensure that the prices are not escalated / inflated to charge commission from the pharmacies listed.
  3. Regular Audits must be conducted at the Civil Hospitals for the maintenance of updated inventory and available medicines along with check of expired inventory that is duly disposed off.
  4. Making Rural / Sub-urban postings mandatory for all the medical graduates and serving at that level for at least 2 years before they could go for their Post Graduation.  
  5. A compulsorily 2 year posting at Civil Hospitals must be mandated for all the Post Graduates before they move out to private sector or to have their own clinics and practice.  
  6. Tax rebates may be considered for the Corporate Houses supplying medical equipment / supplies to the Civil Hospitals.  
  7. Tax free income may be ensured for the first year of Rural Posting for all the Medical Graduates and Post Graduates to encourage them to do so.  Further rebates may be considered to encourage their continued rural service.
  8. GOI may also consider seeking Private Organizations and NGOs help to conduct medical camps in the rural areas and address the growing need for medical support there
These are just a few points that come to my mind where Government can take initiatives to revamp the current Medical Infrastructure across the Country.  It is high time that the Health Ministry as well as GOI thought on these small steps to revolutionize the Health Services across the Country...
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