Saturday, May 4, 2013

How one News Overrides Another

News is very volatile and one news overrides the other very fast. More-so with the convenience to politicians where they love to use one incident as the burning incident to cover up another news where their folly is being highlighted.  Media Houses on the other hand love to play with the public emotions more so to increase their own reader base and they love to highlight the controversies more so in their business. 

The glaring example of the recent time had been the way two cases happened simultaneously, but one glaring hole was covered by the massive response to the other one.  The two incidents that I am talking about are - 

  1. Attack on Sarabjeet Singh in Pakistan followed by his death with body returning to India sans vital organs
  2. Incursion of Chinese troops - 19 Kilometers inside Indian Territory in Laddakh and then setting up their tents there and demanding India to retreat and take down the temporary structures.
Here the Incident 2 is more alarming and a serious threat to the Nation and the National Interest. However, it was downplayed by the Honorable Foreign Minister as a Localized incident and then GA orders issued for the Govt officials to make any statement. Army was put on hold made to be waiting to take next steps on this side. Interesting huh....

Incident 1 which certainly had been dragging in the news for almost 22 years and now comes at the forefront with the Death of Sarabjeet Singh Succumbing to the injuries sustained in the attack on him by the Prison inmates in Lahore.  This certainly is a sad news.  But both the Opposition as well as the Ruling Party have pretty well used this to cover up the folly they made in Laddakh.  Media too conveniently shifted from the case in Laddakh to air/publish the news around Sarabjeet Singh's death.  Not sure why??? And well I am not downplaying the injustice and sufferings of Sarabjeet Singh, but trying to highlight the case where we may have more of it due to the Border dispute with China.

The Case in Laddakh is more alarming than the death of Pakistan because there can certainly be far reaching implications as they had been in case of the act by Chinese in 1987 in Arunachal.  We can also not take a step that would lead to a situation like 1962 or the case where we lost many brave hearts in Kargil. The politicians need to get to serious business leaving aside their politics on Sarabjeet's case.  Sarabjeet's case haunted us for these many years, but we certainly don't want the Laddakh case to haunt us or our successors in years to come.

The Case one is the case of mistaken identity and suffering of one person, but the case two is the case of threatened solidarity and challenge to national security.  I would leave it at the audience to decide which one should take priority for the Government.

I totally understand the sentiments involved in with the death of Sarabjeet and am totally praying for his soul to rest in peace for he at last achieved that freedom from his sufferings (though with brutality).  I also understand that the case happened in Pakistan and hence the public outcry would be more in this case.  But, please for god's sake, the Case 2 is happening right inside our borders and we can't let that happen to us and our country.

As I conclude - Please note that the incident 2 has happened just a month or so before Chinese Premiere visits India and just before when Indian Foreign Minister is to visit China.  So if some political B.S, is given to us that we can't take actions in this case and we need to be Patient enough for the thriving Indo-Sino relations, then please that is all Farce.  If only China was serious about this, they would not have done that idiotic act of incursion.


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  1. Does anyone in our government have any kind of balls? The sole aim is to fill their personal coffers. The day isn't far when a foreign power will be sitting in Delhi and this very leaders will be nowhere in sight, sitting pretty in a foreign location.
    The congress has already sold out the nation, and are just short of declaring it.
    Its high time that the people awaken and get rid of this useless bitches and bastards.
    I for one feel that the nation should be handed over to the kinds of Tatas and Birlas and ran as a business and profit center, and the security of the nation be left to the forces without any political interference.
    Its the wasted interests of our politicians that leading to the downfall and the "chalta hai" attitude of the common man. We live in a state of convenience , wts suits u is law.
    Its sad, that in a population of over a 100 billion, we cannot find a suitable leader to govern. Or should I say that no one decent enough is willing to step forward and take over the reigns.
    Considering the severity of the situation, the scams running into billions of corers seems a very meager issue.
    The media is run by this very people , and they use it to their advantage. What remains of the media is just yellow journalism.
    Summing up things, its a precarious situation.