Saturday, May 11, 2013

Indian Passport: Tips Before you Visit PSK

After completing my previous article "Indian Passport: Prized Possession for Indians", I thought about the issues that are met by the aspirants at the Passport Seva Kendra. Recalling various Horror Stories from the various articles and personal discussions with those who suffered, I decided to write down few tips and tricks that would help you to get through the Passport Requests at the first appointment (though these may not work always as Babus might also read these tips and find ways to circumvent :P). So the minimum that I can do is to at least help you with the Checklist that would serve as the vital trick :)...
  1. Do cross verify the list of documents that are identified as Proof of Address. From the list available at the location, please ensure that you are carrying at least - 
    1. Aadhar Card - if you have one
    2. Ration Card - Must
    3. Voter ID Card - Must
    4. Telephone and Electricity Bill along with Rent Agreement Copy (if you are on rented accommodation)
  2. Proof of Date of Birth 
    1. School Leaving Certificate as well as the Marksheet / Certificate for Standard 10th - Must
    2. Birth Certificate - if you have it, please take it with you
  3. Documents required for Non-ECR Category
    1. Matriculation (Standard 10) Marksheet - Must
    2. Birth Certificate or SLC - For people above age of 50 
    3. Income Tax Payers - Proof of assessment of income tax and actual payment of income tax for last one year - Must
    4. Educational Qualification - Diploma / Degree Certificate as applicable in your case - Must
Though an exhaustive list is available at the GOI's official website - Passport Seva Consular, Passport & Visa Division, the ones listed above are most basic and mandatory to obtain the passport.  For other areas as change in address, adding spouse name etc the additional documents required are - 
  1. Marriage Certificate - For Spouse name add
  2. Spouse's Passport - For Spouse name add and / or address change
  3. Rental agreement or Property Certificate for the new address
  4. Letter from Employer - Though Not accepted in most of the cases., but sometimes may still serve
For Spouse name add it is always suggested to carry - 
  1. Marriage album - 10 or 15 Photographs, though they don't ask normally, but you never know if your case is being treated as different than normal
  2. Marriage Invitation cards - couple copies do the required help if they ask 

I guess this is more or less the maximum inputs I can gather at this point for you and suggest you to closely verify all your documents as and when you are going to the PSK.  

And well, these would work best only when you secure the appointment through online site...I don't have a trick to secure that :(....For that All I can say is "Best of Luck"

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