Monday, July 8, 2013

Lack of Intel Coordination - Leads to Ignorance and it costs

Ignoring the Intel Information seems to the in thing for Indian Security System.  We have seen that in the past in multiple cases and when we have seen the Intel getting a success, we get to see that another agency ridicules the operations.  So the end of it, the Intel Agency prefers to Pull out of the Future such cases.

Taking the case of recent serial blasts at Bodh Gaya, another instance where the Intel shared was ignored and the result is for us to yet witness another series of blasts with 9 explosions.  As if the Mumbai Train Blasts, the 26/11 in Mumbai, Godhra Carnage, Akshardham incident in Ahmadabad, Parliament Attacks and various other acts of terror were not enough to yet have another case. And this time involving the Holy Shrine and that too from altogether a different sect/religion that promotes peace more actively.  

It surely is a gruesome act of terrorism, but then more heinous crime is actually by the State Police Force to have ignored the Intelligence passed on by the IB and others.  Every time when we dwell in the case, we are lead to the failure of basics, Ignorance towards the IB inputs and not heeding to the warning aired.  It is now becoming a trend for one different agencies to just ridicule each other and waste the time and efforts invested by one agency and the end result "Blood Bath".

If that was not something that was already hurting us, there is another case where the investigative agency has gone an extra mile to ridicule the effort from another Intel Agency in a case that is now haunting the entire Security System.  The Intel Agency has voiced the concern highlighting that if this would be the case, they would put a stoppage in cooperation after passing on the information. Ah as if after receiving the information the agencies which are supposed to work, work!!

The whole system for that matter is flawed.  No Coordination, No Cooperation, No Mutual Respect and on top of that Different Operative Environment and Political Bosses.  Yupp, the stuff that hurts the most is the delay in the modernization and centralization of the Domestic Security Operations at the center and the state level.  The Country that leads in the IT Service Space providing services to the Western World, is a case study in its own for not having the Well knit Information Sharing Network.  A Country that can drive the usage of Modern Day technology by its Domestic Security Agencies, but the officers are still using the age old systems to communicate. In the process, even if the Information on probabilistic event may reach them, they care less to even acknowledge and/or read it.  Forget taking an Action on it.  Result, lost momentum and rather than Proactively Blocking the Terrorism, they end up investigating in in reactive mode and then prove that the culprit is the actual culprit.  Situation Gives us the State Guests like Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab, who live on the hard earned money of the tax payers!!!

So what is required?  I did state above Modernization and Centralization.....But then, what are the steps to be taken there?  Not just better armory, it would also require an overhaul of the system as well as the Domestic Security Forces to ensure that the terrorists wouldn't be able to carry out Terror Attacks...Detials in the next Post!!

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