Friday, September 20, 2013

My New World

After a long time I am feeling like writing something that is slightly personal, that is something about myself and that is about my loved ones.  Yes it does involve a few shades from my past that have been my learning (hard ones) and that have helped me evolve as a person to be more family focused than I would have been then.

When I look back, the dawn of my new world had begun during the Ganesh Festival, on Wednesday September 26, 2012 when I spoke to the lovely lady who became my life partner. The call then and the subsequent dinner that night went well for me, but seems not everything went as good for her.  But, keeping all our negatives aside, we dated a few more days and with the consent of our families we got married to each other two months later.

The twist and the turn helped me get over with the die hard habit of being too vulnerable when helping others and getting abused by those whom I helped.  There had been numerous cases where I helped people around me and they too full advantage of my generosity (that's why used word abused).  There had been people who when needed financial help were helped financially, but they disappeared once their woes were taken care of. There had been people who were given shelter in my abode and they disappeared after their woes had been taken care of. there had been people who were supported morally and they walked all over spreading rumors about me.  But the Sweet, Lovely and Caring Wife helped me get over my own habit that always got me those setbacks financially, morally and emotionally.  She started building the new world for me.

With the slow and steady patience filled approach she help me mend my ways in which I looked at the world and the way I used to set my preferences.  She worked her way to help me change with tenderness, love, care and yeah occasional Anger bursts (LOL)....But, she never left a stone unturned to help me get over my old ways....

Our little journey of life (in last one year) together helped me see a better future than what it would have otherwise been without her.  She has given me the best gift of my life - my daughter who was born just this month. Though a premature one, the little one is too cute and adorable just like her Mom (my wife).  Together they have made my New World more charming and lovable.  

The change in me has also been noted by my parents and they are happy that their son (me) is back to life that is to be lived rather than just dragging across the deserts like a lone traveler.  They have been at their best in my old world and in my new world, they have been the happiest as I see.... The camaraderie between them and my wife is something that I feel jealous about (LOL).... 

The small new world that was initiated by my wife certainly can't be complete without my parents and yes she has been at her best to have given me a well balanced New World where I am supposed to be living and forget the misshapes & setbacks from my past (baring the learning).... loving my New World...


  1. First of all, why can't u let bygones be bygones? Why do u keep scratching ur old wounds to start bleeding again? Is the blame game gonna make a positive impact on u or anyone else for that matter?

    U did what u had to do and thought fit at that moment of time. Its done and over with. Did u do it with expectations then?? If NO, then Y expect returns now?

    Why not look at things and life in a positive way. All whatever happened, whoever did for themselves or for you in particular, had a positive side too, which sadly u still fail to see even now.
    You write well, have crisp thought process but why keep lamenting in ur past and write negative stuff when life is on a positive roll?? MOVE AHEAD, and make the most and best of things available now.

    As the say "Neki kar, dariye me daal" ... Just forget the past, and be happy in the beautiful world you are blessed with now due to your own efforts and blessings of family and friends. As u have mentioned above, and i know for a fact, u have a wonderful, beautiful,and a caring sweetheart and now a very adorable princess too, so get over with this blame story.

    To sum up things, look at the future. I hope u will take this as an advice and make the best of what's ahead and coming.
    Love always.

  2. Wow... I don't know where to start this comment from.. let me start with the Great.. This is something most people can relate to and know the feeling of being happy. This is the feeling when we see the light at the end of a dark tunnel and realize how far we have come. How much we have changed for the good.. and yes the secure feeling when we KNOW that all this is to stay.. when we can blindly trust someone.. This is a great feeling.. espl when we have lived in depression and tension all life.. searching for the meaning of life.. trying to fill our life with something..but not knowing what is missing.. trusting everyone and being back-stabbed every single time..after all that it does feel good to be with someone who finally is worth all the pain.. I so know this feeling.. and your post just made me feel the emotions once again.. thank you for that... and yes.. Congrats ton on the good news about the baby girl.. I bet she is cute :)