Friday, January 17, 2014

Recent Delhi Legislative Assembly Elections and the Fallouts

The Drama of Electing representatives for the Legislative Assembly in Delhi finished towards the end of Last year.  Oh, yeah it was one of the most speculated Drama of Democracy (लोकतंत्र की नौटंकी) in recent times as the results were even more dramatic.  Suddenly we realize that the underdog really turned out to be the winner forming the government for the State of Delhi.  It was a really interesting development to watch from the time the election results were declared to the day finally Aam Aadmi Party formed the government.  

For many AAP forming the government was a real shocker and for others it was a wake-up message.  But for the political circles it was something that they haven't dreamed off and it turned out to be nightmare. They suddenly found an Anti-Corruption Crusader holding the baton of the government and becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi.  So what were the Fall-outs from this Drama of Democracy? Let's try and count them - 
  1. People of Delhi at least won and they brought a change 
  2. The AAP government took over the reigns under a High Pressure situation and heavy load of expectations
  3. The People of Delhi started measuring the Govt from the day of Swearing in ceremony
  4. The Political parties - Opposition for that matter started clamping down on AAP with various comical statements, pictures and interpretations on Social Media as well as Conventional Media
  5. One of the AAP MLA revolts against the Party and Govt calling the CM as liar and one who betrayed the people of Delhi - one twisting tale
So with the various aspects that are discussed above and the various other aspects that are coming into light, I am a bit surprised to the way people are reacting.  The people need to understand that the Governance issue can't be corrected over-night and that they need to give time to the new government to settle in the office. They never measured the previous governments from the day one then why they are pressurizing the Government by measuring its performance from Day 1.

On the other side of the case, somewhere AAP itself is responsible to let these issues loom.  The areas where they themselves created the mess may be listed as - 
  1. Letting politicians cross over from other parties to AAP.  Their biggest mistake.  The Revolting MLA actually crossed over from another Party that AAP had sighted as Corrupt
  2. Continuing as Crusader even after coming to the Power.  Now that AAP has formed the government, they need to follow the law rather than mock it
  3. Making statements that themselves may be contradictory to what other's in the party have to say.  They need to understand that before entering the politics, the points they used to make were considered as their personal opinion, but now they are considered as the voice of a political outfit and somewhere of the Government of Delhi.
It's a pretty poor start for the AAP Government in Delhi and it is important that they mend their ways for they have been bestowed with trust by the Citizens of Delhi. They need to behave responsible and ensure that they Act with all their integrity in these torrid testing times.

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  1. It was an opportunity grabbed. The AAP has defeated the very purpose of the trust the Delhites had placed in them, by joining hands with the Corrupt Congress. Apart from the fact that they have included MLA's with a tinted past.
    I for one fear that the corrupt ones must have deliberately planted by their respective parent parties to safe guard their personal , more than their political interests as a whole.
    How long and how effective will this arrangement last, is just a wait and watch .
    As far as a fair and just governance is concerned, I have my reservations. Hope I am proved wrong, and better sense prevails.