Friday, February 28, 2014

Will Repeal Law per Week: Narendra Modi

Just read the news the the PM in making rather the Prime Ministerial Candidate from BJP Mr. Narendra Modi made a statement that he would repeal a law every week once he would become the Prime Minister.

How sad and unfortunate that a person who is already a Law Maker as Chief Minister of Gujarat is making this such a statement.  As a Law Maker he needs to ensure that the laws that are enacted are enforced equally well and the Law Enforcement Agencies are enforced to ensure that the Laws are respected and followed well.  His reported statement has certainly not done good for already low morale of the Law Enforcement Agencies.

His statement includes reference to the business class folks who he is reported to have sympathized with and made a statement that "Current set of Laws implicate Business Class folks as thieves or thugs".  I differ from his approach and his statement at the core of his perception as well as at the core of the way this is presented across.  Laws are same for all the classes and is for the masses.  Our Prime Ministerial Candidate must understand that only those who are actually the thief or who do the wrong are the one who fear from the law and who don't want law to be prevailing.  Those who are righteous respect the laws and stand by the laws irrespective of good or bad times.  They all want these laws to be there to protect the interest of the society at large.

Mr. Modi also needs to understand one aspect that it is the Business Class folks who resort to murky techniques of hording the goods and escalate the price index...sometimes when the Supply from the raw is now good, they hoard the goods in their go-downs and create another layer of Demand and Supply gap that increases the prices more than the actual case should have reflected the price change.....

Mr. Modi needs to also look at the aspect of "Black Money" generated by the same Business Class who deal in Benami properties, Benami Accounts, Hawala (Money Laundering) and stash cash away from the public domain.

Mr Modi also need to understand another aspect of the Business Class is the one that engages in misappropriation of the Taxes by reporting Inappropriate Revenue and by showing losses in their Book of Accounts.

I would like to draw attention of the readers to the fact that Reliance (certainly owned by a Business Class and not those middle income group folks) has never paid a single penny as Tax until the Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT ) was introduced by the then Government.  That was the first time in 20 years of existence that a Publicaly traded company Reliance ever paid Tax to the government...

From the reported statement, it so seems that Mr. Modi would prefer working for the benefit of Business class and help them cough up more riches as compared to the welfare of those who really need things....His reported statement is really unfortunate and untoward from the Governance stand point.....

If ever he is referencing to Archaic Laws: then he should talk about Revamping them and NOT repealing them....



  1. If anyone has to debate about Reliance first ever income tax payment, I would request to read the below referred articles first -
    Reliance Pays Rs 50cr Tax For The First Time
    Sourav Majumdar | BSCAL March 14, 1997 Last Updated at 00:00 IST (

  2. another reference if someone has another point to debate - and another reference -

    Read the Heading Zero Tax Company!!!!!

  3. Reliance is virtually running the country by proxy. Congress is just a front.
    Imagine a empire as large as Reliance never paid taxes till date.

    Coming to the point, NaMo should amend the laws that r redundant as of date.