Friday, March 28, 2014

Electoral Time - Time to Think and Act

The series of event that have come to light are not astonishing but are disturbing. Looking at the Negative Propaganda mechanism followed by one party and the falsification of facts by them has really put a big question mark on the way the country is reeling under the pseudo development path. Rather than moving with a positive outlook the party concerned is engaged in using language that is certainly not appreciated. The Prime Ministerial candidate of the concerned party has stooped so low to use filthy words that puts a question mark on the campaign itself. Check for yourself the way party concerned is resorting to falsification of the factual data and misrepresenting the cases to twist the political drama in their favor....

To add to the vows of the voters, there is another party that is full of anarchists who resort to violence and mock the Law Enforcement agencies. They stooped to the level of using pre-election techniques even when they were in power....Mockery of the political position they held.  Amateurs they are and they need to learn the A, B, C of governance and politics.

Then the age old problem of India - the party that should have been dissolved after independence as per the original manifesto of the party, but it continued to be in politics and in power at the center.  What they did is known to the fellow countrymen....Corruption and pseudo secularism is their main agenda item.  Divide and Rule is their motto to operate. The party now plays the card of minority politics...the party though has capable and talented folks with good governance experience, but is marred with the age old family based power center.  They still are enslaved!!!

So what's the option we have?

The only option that we are left with, I feel, is to vote for Change. Certainly, I would not personally recommend any specific party or candidate, but I would suggest not to handover the reigns to novices or falsifiers or corrupts. But do vote using your brain to who can bring the change...We have seen the Country go to dogs & dirt due to the two power political game....and to succeed we need a strong PM with stable and progressive mind....certainly please avoid voting for Jokers or those who mock law enforcers...


  1. I am in total agreement with u.
    Are we , the general public,not totally responsible of this scenario?.
    We s Indians are idol worshipers since time in memorial, be it religious or political.
    The Nehru Gandhi family has made the country their personal property and the the coffers, their bank balance.
    We had made changes in the past, but due to their own shortcomings, the change could not last long.
    I for one feel that the congress should be wiped out once and for all, and their leaders brought to books.
    The elections being round the corner, lets hope for the best , and prey that the much needed change comes, and lasts for eternity.
    I rest my case.

    1. Well, Fred Da, your point is valid only from one side....we need change, but do we need to vote in a party that falsifies the facts? the party whose source of income is not at all transparent and no one knows how they obtain their party fund....