Monday, April 14, 2014

Electoral Dance

With the recent elections progressing, we see a daily dance of electoral constituencies and the electors as well as politicians. The political parties have gone so berserk that they open any front including personal life of the leaders for just gaining that extra browny points.

How great is that?  Raising issue on personal life of each other is seriously a very bad representation or the way I put it across represents an ill state of mind.  For example, case of Narendra Modi where Congress leaders attacked him on non-declaration of his wife Jasodaben in his earlier electoral nomination forms.  The most recent case of One of the BJP leader commenting on Priyanka Gandhi being a devote drinker.

I am not sure what have these personal attacks to do with the Political Governance model?  If Mr. Swamy had to attack Priyanka gandhi, he needs to look at the senior BJP leaders - Shri Atal Bihari jee as well as Lal Krishna Adwani before opening his mouth and wagging his tougue at sweet nothing.

Similarly, if someone has to attack Mr. Modi, then they need to look at the case of Mr. Singh who had left the space for spouse name blank in his previous nomination forms.  If someone says that Mr. Modi couldn't respect his own wife, how would he respect women in the country? then the person needs to look at Mr. Gandhi, who is still an eligible Bachelor and has to settle down at home how can he take care of the country if he has no time for personal life?

So coming back to the issue, attacking someone on personal grounds is certainly a display of sick mentality and we as the voters and the citizens of this country must assert on discussion on national issues.  I personally don't care if a person in particular is a bad husband or bad father at home, if that person can provide able leadership and is capable of leading good governance model for the country, I would support that person.

For me, anyone wagging his tail/tongue on someone's personal issue is not the candidate I would vote for.....

Bring on an open debate and discussion on Governance issue to get your sights right...on the country, the issues this nation wants to the voice of nation and not of the filth in your mind...

Update 10:46 IST: Stumbled upon a video relevant to the post - Video

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