Monday, April 21, 2014

Walk Together

Walking on the path to success, One can't afford to walk slow. The competition is smart today and has added pace to the path to success.  Today, one has to really walk and work with a pace that was never seen before and to add to the complicity, one has to walk with the team. The success today does not depend how hard you worked, it now depends on how effective you were with you work and Communication.

Yes Communication today holds the key to success as the tasks are completed by the teams and success is achieved together.  So that would mean that you have to ensure that you walk and work together with the team as one unit.

They rightly said those famous lines - "If you want to walk fast, Ensure you walk alone, But to cover a long distance walk together". 

In today's context many would challenge the stuff and ask how is that possible? How can we walk fast as well as together?  

But look at the aspect that you can walk fast if the team can match the speed.  For the team to match up to the speed, every team member needs to help and support each other and get things going seamlessly for others.  You don't leave anyone behind when you are working as a team and you don't dump who are slow enough in their work.  What you rather do is help them complete their jobs and tasks in an efficient manner. 

So if all in the team would work in harmony and in synchronous manner, the speed wouldn't be lost and you would be walking a a unit....and since to tread the Success, you need to walk a long way....certainly you would be walking together...ensuring that if one is tired or is feeling exhausted the rest are their to support...

The essence of the lines quoted above doesn't change, though the context may change.....

Walk together....

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