Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Writing - Passion or Inspiration

Writing is an art, a skill and a form of expression that we all love. Some of us resort to it for our passion to write, some write to impress, but writing is something that certainly pleasures the both the writer and the reader.

Some write with a flow of thoughts whereas some write as they get inspired by others. But writing certainly is an art that follows the saying "the show must go on"

So, whether you write for passion or write as you are inspired by whosoever your inspiration is, do write.  Someone who reads or somewhere who admires your writing, would be elated. Writing never turns your history but surely remains your skill. 

Writer and writing never depart from each others company. The face of passion or inspiration may change, known may become anonymous but the art of writing must stay and it must produce something that people love to read.

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