Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shame on Bollywood for Lack of Research

Bollywood has time and again proved to be a set of shameless and valueless creatures.  Though I have friends in there, but I still feel that among some protagonists, there is a huge bunch of Jokers around who have no respect for the society or for the culture.  My this opinion has been reaffirmed by the makers of movie "Haider". 

I used to be really impressed with the way Shahid Kapoor has acted in the movie and was awaiting for the movie, until today.  So what happened today made me boycott this movie completely and I am not going to watch that unless certain section of the movie are censored or removed.  These sections are those which portray the Martand Sun Temple as the seat of Devil.  This is a huge mockery of our culture, our tradition and our religious sentiments.  They could have made use of at least some basic research that wouldn't have taken much time as the Internet is full of information on Martand Sun Temple.  In fact in a brief 2 minutes I stumbled on so much information that I had to think what to read what not to read.  And I had to take time to summarize the overall content. 

About Martand Sun Temple: - Built in 500 CE Martand Sun Temple is located near Anantnag in Kashmir and was dedicated to the God Surya. Today the ruins of the temple still lie there between the beauty of nature and with hardly many living around in the area.  The temple displayed a great architectural design highlighting the wonders our then architects used to create. It holds a very high place in the world's great architectural designs.  The temple presents to us the most memorable and beautiful work done during the regime of King Liladitya of Surya Dynasty. Though much of the other ruins of that time are not to be found around, the remnants of big Martand temple exemplify the glory and the skills that were invested to build it.

Below are a few images of Sun Temple as captured by various photographers - 

And now, please refer the pics below where the depiction of the same temple has been as a Devil's seat - 

I would let your wisdom work and decide if you want to let this portrayal insult our culture and the tradition. Just think if it were one of other religious places, by now we would have been suffering from Riots.....

For me I am not in to let this happen..So What's your take???

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