Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Peshawar Seize - End Support to Terror

It was well past midnight my time when my baby woke up crying indicating diaper time and me and my wife woke up to deal with our routine.  As my wife was getting our baby her time, I happened to read some updates on my phone and it would be least to say that my heart cried aloud.  It cried with the news update on Peshawar Seize by 6 Talibans and the death of 125+ children.  

The dastardly act by the Talibans would burn in the heart of those parents who lost their innocent children.  It would go down as an even in the history where the terrorism touched an all time low of killing innocent children who had nothing to do with terror or their activities.  And to top it up the terrorists state that they did what they did as Pakistan's Army attacked their hide-outs and hence they attacked a School for the Army to feel the same pain as the terrorists.  What a shame!! justifying a cowardly act with something more insane!!!

The whole episode just brings back the discussion point now on to the ever increasing Terrorist Activities which originate from Pakistan's soil and is more of reported to be Sponsored by Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). I just think and it actually pains me when I hear more and more of State Sponsored terrorism by Pakistan.  They have done enough after December 17, 1971 to resort to the State sponsored terrorism and try to destabilize peace and harmony in India and Afghanistan.  But what has it proved? What have they achieved from it?  I don't guess anything in specific.

The overall act of Sponsoring terrorism, allowing terrorist Camps in the NWFP as well as PoK regions, supplying arms and ammunitions to terrorists, letting World's Most Wanted Criminals to go scott free (read likes of Hafeez Saed) and then to top it up, just to show the world, become the Preferred Partner of US in War Against Terrorism to get few billion $$ of grant that they again syphon towards supporting terrorism.....a full circle....what do they get? I guess in the end they got Peshawar seize and there we all know innocent kids got butchered...

Would this not just be the right time for Pakistan to pull back all its resources supporting Terrorism and Stop sponsoring any terrorist outfit?  Would Pakistan as a nation for once would like to get together for the purpose of putting an end to the idiosynchronacy of a few.  Something that they resorted to and something that they started 40+ years back needs to be discontinued NOW.  

as Vikram Chandra tweeted well -  "16th Dec 1971 led Pakistan towards state-sponsored terrorism. 16th Dec 2014 should end that forever. "

Update 7AM PST: 135 killed 114 injured....all 6 terrorists succumbed to security forces retaliatory attack

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