Thursday, December 4, 2014

Rohtak 'Braveheart' Sisters and Social Media

With the recent news on the reaction of two Rohtak sisters (aged 22 & 19), against a guy reportedly trying to molest them or engaging in eve-teasing, the social media went abuzz with praises for them.  The video showed them beating the guy in a bus with all they could gather - belts, slaps etc etc.  They were praised by everyone with rewards announced for them.  But hold it there, the same social media went abuzz criticizing them when the second video surfaced with them beating another guy in showering kicks and punches at him.

So why this sudden change in the stance by the Social Media?  Simply because Social Media was not the witness of the case, rather they were only the second hand recipients of the video footage that were shot in each case.  Funny questions that were raised included - why didn't bystanders capture the eve teasing?  Well, well, well doesn't the Social Media understand that the folks who record those videos are the bystanders who prefer to enjoy the "FUN" rather than broker the peace.  These bystanders do not know the background of the fight that they record, they record because they find it funny and nothing else.

I have a quick question to all the Netizens and the Social Media folks - If you were passing by and see couple of girls beating up a guy - would you be interested in knowing the reasin or would you sand their to enjoy the show...and may be record that scene to share with your followers and friends?  I would guess you would all opt for no.2 that is what happened in #rohtaksisters case and that is what we got to see in the two videos is and that is what the half truth is. 

Why do we the Social Media as well as Netizens get influenced by presumptions and live in a prejudice?  We don't know the complete truth and the complete case, still we ensure that we pass a judgement.....why that so? 

I think we all need to first know the truth from those who know it - the #rohtaksisters, the guys who got beaten up and the bystanders who were there watching the show live....and those who shot those videos.  I am sure there would have been something that would have lead some verbal bashing before the two girls chose to hit the would be better to know the pre-cursor to know the complete story  before jumping the guns and jumping to conclusions

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