Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kashmir Backdrop - No Movies of KP Plight

Why am I writing on the topic that hardly anybody likes to write on?  A movie on KPs or Kashmiri Pandits?  What would we show in that and What would we be able to achieve in that when we would not be able to add any "Regular Indian Movie Spice" in that movie.  There is nothing major Melodrama in that story on Kashmiri Pandits. Oh Yeah, we can do a serial like Buniyaad or Hum Log, but in today's scenario, it wouldn't get the TRP that Channels want.

Well, well well, we have seen that movies on Kashmir's bloodbath can be made and in recent times at least two movies - Mission Kashmir (starring Sanjay Dutt and Hritik Roshan) and Haider (starring Shahid Kapoor) were made.  The story line of both the movies revolved around the atrocities of Indian armed forces on the minority community...oops Majority Community in Kashmir.  Interstingly both the movies got critical acclaims and fared well on Box office.

This prompted me to dwell into a thought process to do a movie on Kashmir, but with a different story line. The story would be of a Kashmiri Pandit from displacement to Exodus. A story that would range from his prosperous past with green-fields in Kashmir to the Refugee Camp in Delhi to the tough fight he has to put to get his son educated and serve in Indian Army.  Just a thought and just a plot.  There is more to it, but then where I am?  Stuck with the Story. Why?, because there is no fund to make the movie. Why? there is no masala in the movie as highlighted in the opening para.

Someone told me to redo the story where the Muslim angle can be exploited rather than the truth that I want to highlight.  I had written the story after a long painful research on the plight of Kashmiri Pandits.  Gathered the facts and fear they went through and coined through their pain of exodus.  But, the producers want to add the twist and show the plight of others that resulted in insurgency in Kashmir.

Oh yeah, everyone is interested only in the exploitation of situation that would help them sell, but they don't want to bring the truth to the table because that would turn the tables around!!!

Kashmir - The Land of Ethnic Cleansing

It is a pain and is a real sorrow to read an article by S. A. Aiyar on A tale of two ethnic cleansing in Kashmir. The pain is unexplained and I wish I could have written this article with my Blood rather than choosing the red font.

SA Aiyar in his blog on Times of Inida, has suggested that the Ethnic Cleansing of Kashmiri Pandit's was long impending for what happened in 1947. In his article, he highlights the brutality against Muslims and where the figures of those killed in 1947 to be around 200,000 (muslims) and displaced 500,000 or so. He refers to some researchers.

Overall his article is something that I would call as a betrayal to the reality and an act against the Country. Why? Because his article highlights only the Half truth.  His article points our at various pointers that provide with Hair Rising half baked truth.  And to his audacity, he has stated "Official figures say only 219 Pandits were killed in the valley. But the threat of violence was so great, and the chances of curbing it so remote, that lakhs of Pandits fled. Most are now rotting in refugee camps in Jammu". Should we be clapping at the worst way to add to the agony of the displaced?  Shame on You Mr. Aiyar.  You wouldn't know the pain of getting displaced from your own land as down south never had that reach of the attackers who went for Ethnic Cleansing.....If you want to understand the pain of Ethnic Cleansing, try to learn the pain of the Sri Lankan Tamilians who were taken to Sinhalese Land as Cheap Labor and then the Sinhalese Majority Govt. went ahead with some drastic measures there giving rise to Prabhakaran....

If that would not help the likes of Aiyar and the others who just go back few years in the History to declare that in 1947 J&K was predominantly a Muslim populated area, I would like to highlight the History of Jammu and Kashmir.  it needs to be noted that the History of Kashmir doesn't start from just 1947, it rather dates back to the time of Mahabharat when King Sandipan was the ruler of that geographical area.  Until the 1200 AD, Kashmir was ALL HINDU Nation with not even a single Muslim population there. it was only in 1200 AD that the first Muslim attack was successful in Kashmir and the result was drastic - only a few Hindu Families had survived then.  The History of Ethnic Cleansing in Kashmir is not something that started in 1947, it started as early as 1200 AD.  Please if you refer to History, refer the complete historical events and not the portion that you want only to please certain!!!

Moreover, even in 1947, if Mr. Aiyar is giving the account of ethnic cleansing in Kashmir, why did he forget the train loads of corpses that were dispatched from Pakistan? Ah yeah because he was in his nappies then and doesn't remember all those....I was not born, but the eyewitness account shared by the elders has been enough for me to understand and feel...

Mr. Aiyar in his article seems to have been sympathized towards the Minority, may be he wanted to further his political career as the trend these days is. It so seems that he is trying to learn the art of Minority Appeasement.  But he is forgetting that the likes of him would soon change the rule of the game and would convert the Minority to Majority and Majority to Minority.  

If I have to basically sum up the act of Mr. Aiyar, then it is simply providing the much needed words to those sitting across the border and trying to raise Kashmir issue as India's ruthless act against Human Rights....Mr. Aiyar missed it that in his article he mercilessly butchered the efforts & Sacrifice of brave sons of the soil....

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nigeria Massacre

Amidst the entire frenzy around the Peshawar attacks, the attacks on Charlie Hebdo office in France, the world missed the worst ever act by Boko Haram in Nigeria.  The attacks that are reported to be lasted almost for 3 days (similar to the case in France where the 3 or 4 attackers killed 17 French citizens) recorded in excess of 2000 deaths across the villages in and around Baga in Northern Nigeria

The act by Boko Haram in Nigeria looks like a case of Ethnic Cleansing. as per the report the Islamist Militants just opened fire or sprayed bullets indiscriminately across the Baga Neighborhood.  In the current scenario or the recent acts of violence, this certainly is the deadliest act, an act of brutality and a crime against Humanity.  But why is the Social Media silent on this? There are many questions that are to be answered by the world and the netizens across the geographies.

Millions marched in Paris raising voice against the Charlie Hebdo incident, with world leaders joining in.  US media criticized President for not participating in that march.  But what in the world did the dead in Nigeria do to not get the attention of the world?  If the dead could speak, then am certain the victims of Boko Haram act would seek a clarification from us on this side.  
  • Is it that the incident in France is once is a blue moon sort of incident and that's why the World and the Social Media was abuzz with that?
  • Is it that France is a prominent player in the world economy and is a leading country in eurozone, that it got he attention from the world?
  • Is it that the victims in Charlie Hebdo were Well Educated Economists and Cartoonists that got the attention of the world?
  • Is it that the victims of Boko Haram massacre were just another living being and didn't matter to the world?
  • Is it that Nigeria as a country is already destabilized with ever lasting fight between the government and the Islamist Militants that doesn't draw the attention of the world leaders?
  • Is it that Nigeria is just another country somewhere in Africa and doesn't have the economic or political stand in the world and world map?
There are many such questions that may seem to be vague and idiotic, but need to be answered by the world.  

By Far the massacre in Nigeria is a bigger crime against Humanity and violates the nature's law of "Live and Let Live".  This certainly doesn't undermine any other terrorist act, but highlights the depth of crime against Humanity.

Are we sensitive against Crime Against Humanity or are we waiting for the day that would make us believe that the world needs to unite against terrorism and such acts of heinous crime?  Are we still lodged in an era of First / Second / Third world and will stand up only when the higher category gets impacted?

Shame on us!!!! for our silence!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pakistan - At its Best - Alleging India

The turn of events with BJP coming into power in India and the stand the Indian Government took in last year, made us see a change in the outlook Pakistan had about our country,  The decision or say the right stand that Indian Government took with regards to calling back its officials from the discussion / negotiation table with Pakistan is viewed by Pakistan as a point where India is disengaging itself from the talks.  Why shouldn't India do that for Pakistan is continuing its support to the terrorists time and again.  The Pakistani Rangers are resorting to unprovoked shelling and firing across the LOC after the Indian forces failing their attempts to push terrorist (so called Jihadis) into Indian territory.

As a follower of India-Pakistan love and hate relationship with less love and more hate, I have been following the whole case very closely.  I have been following all the terrorist attacks as executed in India as well in Pakistan and have viewed most of the talk shows and interviews (on you tube).  But the most astonishing one had been the one where Pakistan went ahead and claimed that India is waging a war against Pakistan by supporting Terrorists in Afghanistan and organizing terrorist attacks in Pakistan through Afghanistan. All I could say "What an Audacity of a failed nation?"  They went on air to even say that the attack on Peshawar School was staged by terrorist motivated by India and challenged the 5 consulates India has in Afghanistan.

Mia Musharraf, though himself is facing treason charges, went on to say - "Though Culturally, Politically, Ethnically and with other factors, Afghanistan is closer to  Pakistan, Why is India training Afghan military and why is Chief of Army Staff of Afghanistan goes to IMA passing out parade as Chief Guest?"

On the other hand the ex ISI person Hamid Gul also went on the air to raise fingers on India as Mia Musharraf did and say that India is responsible behind the terrorist attacks in Pakistan including that on Peshawar School.

The audacity of Pakistan to raise voice and point fingers at Pakistan has reached heights where they say that India is destabilizing efforts of Pakistan to support fight against terrorism, when the world knows where the training camps for most of the terrorist outfits are.  We all know that likes of Lakhvi and Hafeez Saeed roam free in Pakistan and the terrorism in Kashmir is being supported by them. And to draw the attention of the world, they are making such baseless allegations that India is driving terrorism in that nation....

Pakistan, the nation that is itself two timing the world with terrorism is pointing fingers at India....and we certainly can't even laugh at that as terrorism is a serious matter to deal with...Who would know the ill effects of it more than India....the worst sufferer by the hands of terrorists

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Adjust, Shift or Change

Be it personal or professional life, each one of us is often plagued by a decision to adjust, move or change.  Sometimes it is our nature and sometimes it is driven by the circumstances that we put ourselves in such a situation where we get in dilemma or we over-weigh our capabilities. And it is not often that we come victorious in such a situation, though we may believe, but no we don't win in such situations rather we shift our comfort zone and adjust ourselves to meet the circumstances.  
For instance take this age old saga of a frog and boiling water that goes like - 
Put a frog in a vessel of water and start heating the water. As the temperature of water increases, the frog adjusts its body temperature accordingly and it keeps adjusting with increase in temperature.  Just when the water is about to reach the boiling point, the frog is not able to adjust anymore and it decides to jump out.  The frog tries to jump out but is unable to do so.  Why? because it has lost all its strength in adjusting with the rising temperature.  Very soon the frog dies...
So, if we have to evaluate the story and answer the question - What killed the frog? Most of us would say - The Boiling Temperature...But is that the truth?  No, because the frog died due to its own inability to decide when to jump out and not because of the boiling water.
Similarly in our lives, we all try and adjust to the people and circumstances and forget the option of jumping out until its too late and we start getting stagnant or suffocated in our position.  We often need to ensure that while we do adjust and while we do shift, we also keep the option to Confront and Jump live. And we need not just keep it live, we need to decide to Jump when it is still time and we still have strength to do so.
Most of the times, we let people and organizations to exploit us mentally, emotionally, financially or physically while we try to adjust. They will continue to do so once they start to exploit us and it is totally on us when to tell them "NO", "ENOUGH" and decide to put an end to it and Jump out.  We may need to sacrifice our Comfort Zone for the same, so be ready, don't hesitate and Jump, when it is still time!!
Think and Act!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

French Attacks - the Indian Case

The recent terror strike in France at the office of Charlie Hebdo and then the Hostage scenario that unfolded and alarmed the nation are being widely condemned across the world. Amidst the whole case USA issued a Global Warning (after serial attacks in Canada, Australia and France) for  terrorist strikes and as I learn from the news that there is high probability that President Obama would seek sanctions against the Islamic State meaning more active role of USA in fighting against the Islamic State in Northern Iraq and Syria.

But with respect to our own country India, we have a slightly different situation with our own Law Makers making Public announcement of rewarding the terrorists with Rs. 51 Crore (USD 8.225 million). Now that is Bizzare and certainly an act to be condemned for a law maker. The so called law maker from India has a history of declaring such alarming rewards and can be called as one of the notorious law maker from India.  Incidentally, the said law maker was supposed to hold a press conference but chickened out from doing so after the outrage on his declaration in the Social Media.

At this time of writing this article, there has been no counterclaims or no such case where the said law maker would have denied to own his own statement.  However, knowing the Politicians, he may certainly go ahead and sugar quote his declaration stating that it was all in good spirits as if the responsible people behind the massacre would come to claim the reward, he would be able to tip the French authorities about the same and thus they would be brought to justice.  But, it seems a vague scenario now for him to make that statement as the French Forces have been able to neutralize the terrorists and he must be trying to look for a way to save his face from further wrath.

Saying that and looking at his mysterious record of making similar declarations in the past, it seems appropriate to me to declare him unfit to be a law maker and expel him from the office with immediate effect. The Election Commission of India should charge him under Graft Case of immorality and support to Terrorist Activities to declare him unfit and his election as null and void.  The Government of India must also instruct the Law Enforcement Agencies as well as the regulators to look into this Financial Transactions over a certain period of time to identify his income source and the way that income is dispersed to various "Charities" or organizations.

Such Politicians and Law Makers certainly are a threat to the Sovereignty of Democratic Republic of India as well as the World Peace and hence they need to be brought to Justice to set an example for others who may otherwise be acting on similar lines.

Je suis Charlie!!!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Mysterious Case - Pakistan's Boat Case

The very recent case Indian Intelligence team and Coast Guards worked in unison to apprehend a suspect terror boat has really turned mysterious. It is certain that the Boat was headed to India, it is also certain that the Boat was carrying certain illicit material to be delivered to someone in India and it is a known fact that the Boat blew itself up by not surrendering to the Indian Coast Guards.

The whole case as it unfolded with the way it did, places higher reliability on the Government sources that state it to be linked with terrorist operation ahead of president Obama's visit to India as the Chief Guest for the republic day celebrations on January 26, 2015.  However, certain Indian political outfits and certain Indian news channels for themselves are painting this case in a very rogue manner to not help the cause of the Government.

The first such rogue handling of the case is by the Oldest Political Party in India that challenged Government's declaration of the incident to be suspect terrorist operations.  It is certainly unfair and highly unpatriotic to use such an incident for Political Affair.  They tried to link the case with Mafia activity, but then the question that they need to answer themselves is "Why would a Mafia Team blow up the Boat in suicidal manner, that too in the High Sea?"  It so seems that the concerned political party failed miserably in evaluating the pros and cons of the Statement it made.  Their act didn't do much help to the cause of National Security in India and lent some more support to Pakistan's claim that the news is farce....

The second such rogue handling of the case is by the Prominent Indian News Channel which raises similar questions as raised by the Political party referred above.

Now, I have a few questions may be some of them a repeat of what Indian Defence Minister Mr. Parrikar has already raised.  These questions are to be answered by anyone who is supporting the Political Party or who think otherwise from what the Government and Coast Guards have to say -

  1. What was the reason that the suspect Boat didn't revert to surrender notification by the Coast Guards?
  2. Why did the 4 suspects switch of the lights of the Boats and try to bypas Coast Guard Vessel?
  3. Why did the 4 suspects shift to the base and light up the boat?
  4. Why did the Boat Blow off in such huge flames if it was a mafia boat and if there were no ammunition on the Boat?
  5. Why did the 4 suspects went on to commit suicide by blowing the boat and not surrender?
  6. The political party needs to clarify its own question "If there were arms and ammunition on the boat or were there any illegal stuff"?  So does that political party considers those arms and ammunition to be Legal consignment as I read from their questions??
Overall, the Political Party has really created a mockery of the whole case.  Rather than joining the Government in condemning the act and rather than criticizing the probable act of terror that might have resulted in something similar to 26/11, they are trying to politicize the matter and in a way supporting Pakistan.

For those who feel that in this article or elsewhere Pakistan is being targeted time and again need to see the video "Finally truth revealed by Pakistani Channel on Terrorism". The Relationship of Pakistan with Terror dates back long time in history, or after watching the Video, one can say that Pakistan has proved to be "Safe Heaven" for the Terrorists and the Masterminds.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

PK - A thought against Blind Faith

Baba Dhokhadev - Hum Sarkar se vinati karte hein ki PK ko sampoorna Bharat mein ban kiya jaae
PK - Kyon Baba Wrong Number lag gaya kyat or kyat tumhari dukes band ho gai?
Darshak - PK mein ek dialogue thaa - "Kal koi apne allah khuda ki raksha karne gaya aur mera dost mar gaya, aaj mere paas sirf uska joota bachaa hai.....mat karo aisee rakshaa us bhagwaan ki jisne tumhein banaya...." 
Sarvochch Nyayalaya - Agar PK aapko itani hi aapattijanak lagti hai to mat jaaiye aur mat dekhiye, doosaro ko rokane kaa aapko adhikaar nahin hai
Aap sabhi logon se vinati hai ki PK jaisee movie ka bahishkaar naa karein. Dharmaandhata ke sahare aaj tak hum lootate aaye hein aur wahi dharma guru aaj bhi humein bhadkaane kee koshish mein hein. Kripaya is baat ko jaaniye ki dharm apne aap mein itana mahan hota hai ki kisi nashvar manushya dwara uska apmaan nahin ho saktaa....PK mein Dharm ko chunauti nahin di gai hai usmein Dharmandhata ko evam usey upyog mein laa dhandhaa karne vaalon ko chunauti di gayi hai.....vigat varsh mein aise kitane hi tatakathit dharmaguruon ka pakhand saamne aaya hai.....khud sochiye aur khud apne vivek se nirnay lijiye ki kaun galat hai....

PK - the movie is a great and must watch movie.  It is not against a specific religion rather is against the overall case of Blind Faith.  The movie take a dip on the topic that was once touched upon by OMG. The only deference between the way to deal is "Atheist ultimately meets God" in OMG and "A naive alien tries to find god to help him".  The movie in no way hurts religious sentiments, but helps ensure that we do not get fleeced by the Self Made Godmen who sit in their upscale and posh Aashrams to teach us religious wrong doings.....There have been several cases against so called self acclaimed Godmen  in recent times